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AJ Styles
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Allen Neal Jones is the Real Name of WWE Superstar AJ Styles. Smackdown Live AJ Styles borned on June 2nd, 1977 in Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States.  AJ Styles Studied at Anderson University and he is Christian.

Aj Styles
Credit WWE is an American skilled fighter. He has proven his wrestling superior skill in all of the American major wrestling brands. Presently, he’s signed with WWE and performs on Smackdown slot. Although, he falls a bit short compared to different legends once it comes to title wins in WWE, however in no means does it imply that he’s less respected. well-known for a rare combination of speed and strength, styles perform a sort of a beast within the ring and has managed to induce his hands on WWE Championship Title in 2016. Before WWE, styles was a part of TNA, Ring of Honor and New Japanese Pro*Wrestling, where he has performed well enough to be thought of one among the most effective wrestlers of present times. whereas in TNA, he has been the four times World Heavyweight Champion, and at NWA, he has been a World Champion thrice. within the independent wrestling circuit also, styles have won various titles, establishing him as a professional level fighter. Upon winning the WWE championship in 2016, he became one in all the 3 wrestlers to carry a WWE Championship and NWA World Heavyweight Championship at a similar time in history.


Childhood Life

A.J. Styles was born Allen Neal Jones on June two 1977, in North geographical area, USA. Born in poverty to AN alcoholic father, styles describes his childhood as ‘worse than hell’ and admits that originally he unloved his father for several years because of his abusive behavior.

Styles entered a wrestling school whereas at school, simply out of fun, as a result of his friends were trying their hands at that. He didn’t even love it at first however slowly, wrestling grew onto him and he started taking it a lot of seriously.

Styles graduated from Johnson high school in Georgia, and attended a university in South Carolina, on a scholarship he received due to his wrestling superior skill. At the initial stage of his career, while wanting to sustain himself as a fighter, styles did odd jobs, like driving and supply water to homes, to make the ends meet.




  • At the 1998 National Championship wrestling in Georgia, styles got his 1st huge break, where he was trained by a legend Rick Michaels however lost his very 1st single match. However, in 1999, he emerged as the winner of the Promotional Tour’s tv championship. styles then went on to participate in many independent wrestling tournaments within the USA and outside.
  • In February 2002, styles created his debut in Australian promotion of WWA and got his terribly 1st title in a type of WWA International cruiserweight Championship when defeating Jerry Lynn. styles spent a while with East Coast Wrestling Association, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling, and also happened to made 2 temporary appearances in World Wrestling Federation (WWF).
  • Styles had a stint with TNA wrestling in middle 2002 and he all over up winning the inaugural TNA X Division Championship and shortly got his hands on the Tag Team Championship also. a couple of months later, he lost the X Division Championship to Low Ki and made many tries to win it back, but failed. He somehow regained the title in Oct, solely to do once more weeks later.
  • Upon his debut in Ring of Honor, styles quickly became the fighter to play within the main events of the show and lost his very initial title shot for the ROH World Championship, eventually changing into the quantity one contestant for identical later. In 2003, he round-eyed the ROH Tag Team Championship and partnered with wonderful Red for a similar and over up taking the title from The Prophecies.
  • Styles became the ROH Pure Wrestling Champion after defeating a variety of wrestlers during a one-night event including CM Punk. However, the title became vacant once his contract with ROH terminated in 2004. Upon his come back to ROH in 2005, he created many tries at scoring the ROH World Championship title, however, was unsuccessful.
  • A 2007 TNA, styles won the TNA World Tag Team Championship alongside Tomko, that they lost in 2008 and styles, together with Samoa Joe created TNA battlefront, a team of youngsters and took on the Main Event Mafia, having huge names like Booker T and Kurt Angle. His feud with the then World Champion, Sting, started and styles over up losing many matches for the title shot. however somehow, he managed to defeat Booker T to secure Legends Championship.
  • In 2009, styles won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a very 5-way grand match against the likes of Matt Morgan, Sting, Kurt Angle, and Hernandez. He defended his title many times, eventually turning into a storyline villain, because of his cheats wherever he took the assistance of Ric flair within the matches. However, Rob Van Dam finished Style’s Reign in 2010. several tries were created by styles to regain the title but in vain.
  • In July 2010, styles defeated Terry to get his hands on international Championship, that he over up losing shortly after. In 2012, he teamed up with Kurt Angle during a tag team and defeated Daniels and Kazarian to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship, that they lost to the same team many weeks later and finished up unsuccessfully challenging the tag team champions many times.
  • Styles created a come to Ring of Honor in 2014 and defeated Roderick strong in his very initial match upon his come and quickly became the first challenger for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship, however in the match he was defeated by champion Jay Lethal.
  • It was confirmed by WWE officials in January 2016 that styles were joining WWE and in the title shot at a Royal Rumble Match, he was eliminated in under half-hour, losing the title and started a long-lasting feud with Chris Jericho, WHO was bitter at styles for losing a tag team match, that they fought along.
  • It didn’t take styles enough time to become the number one challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Title and in July 19, styles were drafted to Smackdown. On Sept 2016, styles defeated Ambrose to become the WWE World Champion and successfully defeated the title against John Cena and Ambrose in a very 3-way match.
  • However, he lost the Championship to John Cena at the Royal Rumble and round-eyed WWE Championship at the start of 2017. In April, styles became the first challenger for the united states Championship and lost the title shot against Kevin Owens.
  • Styles has additionally been related to New Japan professional wrestling and has been self-made in winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. He was additionally the leader of the Bullet Club. Among his different independent circuit wins is PWG World Championship together with RPW British Heavyweight Championship.
  • Aj Styles was one of the top Longest Champion for WWE Championship. As he Lost his Title just before the Survivor Series 2018 to Daniel Bryan, in Smackdown live Event as Daniel Bryan uses “law of Blaw”.


Personal Life:

A.J. styles married his high school girlfriend, Wendy, in 2000, WHO works as a school teacher. he’s the daddy to 3sons – Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, and Albey Jones and a girl, Anney Jones. styles are just too keen on his kids and includes a large tattoo marking the date of births of all his kids.

Aj Styles Wife
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Styles once admitted in AN interview that in his childhood, they were so poor that they couldn’t afford a tv and styleswont to watch wrestling matches at his friend’s homes.


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