4 Biggest Problem WWE Are Facing in the New ERA

Credit WWE
Credit WWE

It’s no secret that WWE has done plenty of wonderful things since the start of the new era late last year, however not all that glitters is gold and not everything the company comes up with pans out. whereas these issues are nothing compared to the hole that the company dug a couple of months past, they’re still necessary to spot and fix.

Again, this does not mean WWE hasn’t hit loads of home runs late, particularly with Bobby Lashley becoming intercontinental champion, Finn Balor obtaining another shot at The Universal title and Daniel Bryan’s heelflip, however that does not mean all of WWE’s issues are   moreover, it does not imply the company cannot fall back to the hole it absolutely was in either.

With that being aforesaid and WWE apparently still in a very transition mode with their new era, here are 5 of the most important issues with the company straight away. As always, let {us|allow us to} recognize your thoughts within the comments below and make certain to inform us what you think that the most important issues with WWE is right currently.

No Big Face for United States Title Face

Is the united states title changing into irrelevant? It actually looks that approach, particularly once Shinsuke Nakamura’s infested run with the title, however different superstars before him did not truthful that well either.

United States Championship
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Beyond that, feuds involving the title haven’t gotten very personal recently and therefore the company continues to drop the ball on that anytime they get an ounce of momentum.

If nothing else, WWE features a probability to vary all of that with Rusev as champion, however it’s going to need them to get higher with their storytelling. They also ought to create storylines involving the title a bit more personal within the same method they did with the feud between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental title.

Commercial Breaks

This most likely is not one thing WWE will facilitate right away, particularly with attendance, ratings and a few merchandise sales down, however the constant barrage of commercials is actually annoying now and then. The commercial breaks conjointly happen at the worst possible time throughout a match and extremely takes away from the flow of things.

WWE Commercial Break

Vince McMahon tried to remedy this by doing a split screen of commercials and also the action, however the ad audio was the sole factor that would be detected. In the end, its nothing the company goes to be able to stop anytime presently. it would be nice but if WWE picked their commercial breaks a bit more carefully though.

WWE Universe

For example, 3 commercial breaks throughout a 30-minute match extremely take faraway from the flow and also the story being told. It also simply makes things drag on for longer than required that also makes it tougher to follow. perhaps WWE will correct this by doing an additional side by aspect breaks, however without the audio, it’s still hard to work out what is going on now and then.


The absence of Roman Reigns

Believe it or not, WWE is suffering greatly from Roman Reigns‘ absence.

In all honesty, WWE lacks a great deal of star power on Monday Night Raw while not Roman Reigns and its changing into a lot of and a lot of obvious as time goes on. beyond that, it’s becoming extraordinarily obvious that WWE didn’t have a backup plan for a chronic Reigns absence, that is merely creating things worse.

Roman Reigns
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In the end, it appears like everything WWE is doing at once remains a reaction to Roman Reigns happening hiatus. In fact, it does not even feel like WWE is anyplace close to being on solid footing within the Universal title image and will not be till the big red belt finally switches hands.

Whether they really do this or not remains to be seen, however they are not creating a lot of progress with Lesnar holding onto the title.


How long will the McMahon family be appearing on television?

While bringing the Stephanie McMahon family on tv is a strong tool to each boost ratings and build some pretty unforgettable moments, it additionally loses its effectiveness if done too again and again. with that being same, and WWE solely introduction the new era a short time ago, they need already used the McMahon family manner too again and again.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Beyond that, a number of the storylines that the WWE has The McMahon family concerned it makes no sense. for instance, the company started having AJ styles butt heads with Vince McMahon, however never really followed up on it. What was most freaky about it had been that it had all the makings of one thing huge, however was tossed aside and forgotten about!

In all honesty, a McMahon showing up on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live is meant to mean one thing. It’s speculated to be that OMG moment that brings fans to their feet and makes them listen. sadly for WWE, it isn’t aiming to have that result any longer, if WWE trots them out every week.

What are the more problems WWE is Facing tell us within the comments Section!


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