WWE Rumors: Why Finn Balor Replaced Braun Strowman in Universal Championship Match

Royal Rumble 2019

WWE Royal Rumble

What’s the story?

As per Wrestling Observer, Braun Strowman wasn’t off from the WWE Universal Championship match due to his injury.

In fact, they need explicit that a change within the opponent for Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble was the arrange right along.

In case you did not know

Brock Lesnar won the Universal Championship for a second time at the crown jewel show when he defeated Braun Strowman in fast fashion with some facilitate from Baron Corbin.

At TLC, Strowman defeated Corbin so as to become the number one challenger for the Universal Championship.

However, The Monster Among Men has been managing a shoulder injury and lots of believed he won’t be fit enough for a match with Brock Lesnar by the time Royal Rumble rolls out.

However, this doesn’t appear to be the explanation for Finn Balor replacement Braun Strowman within theUniversal Championship match at Royal Rumble.

The heart of the matter

While the backstage reason for Strowman being out of the match appears to be that this was the plan right along, it absolutely was AN on-screen spat with the top boss Vince McMahon – that saw him destroy McMahon’s limousine – that resulted within the former RAW Tag Team Champion being thrown out of the match and so losing his most wanted contender’s spot.

Finn Balor defeated John Cena, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin in Monday Night Raw to become the new challenger for Lesnar’s Universal Championship. the 2 can play at Royal Rumble in an exceeding dream match for fans.

What’s next?

Royal Rumble will happen on January 27, 2019, at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. aside from the Universal Championship match, we’ll additionally see 2 Royal Rumble matches – one for the men and one for the ladies.

Do you think Finn Balor was the proper option to replace Braun Strowman at Royal Rumble? let us know within the comments!


  1. I think WWE official’s are gonna be a bunch of jackasses if they don’t let Finn Balor win. They have an opportunity to make fans love wrestling again. So here’s my whole spew have Finn win the title and go to WrestleMania with it. Have Drew win the Royal rumble and them two faceoff at WrestleMania. Drew wins the title and face Balor one more time down the road. Then if Vince wants his dream boy get my dick wet match between Drew and Brock later on then go for it. In the meantime give fans what they want and not what you want Vince.

  2. Brock lesner is paper champ plan and simple he does not job to anyone and shows up when he wats to and hes no champ in my eyes bringing him back was a bad idea finn should have been champ or braun not lesner wwe should have made finn tje champ since he was never given the chance to be champ


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