Latest WWE Monday Night Raw Results: McMahons Family Reunites

WWE Monday Night Raw

We Welcome You to the WWE Monday Night Raw. You Will get Raw Results, Video, and Highlights here.  As Tonight WWE Raw Live Comes from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California as Michael Cole welcomes us to WWE Monday Night Raw Live.

The show began with AN look from the Chairman of WWE, Mr. McMahon who told that he had massive things to announce concerning the long run of RAW. Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Shane came out one by one and aforesaid that each one four of them will unite forward for the responsibility for the Raw Brand.

They were talking regarding however an entire lot of latest WWE NXT faces and new matches are to be introduced to the show. Triple H mentioned that the fans would be the new Authority once Baron Corbin came out requesting a second chance at being RAW General Manager.

Stephanie acknowledged the boos then did Shane however the family set that Corbin General Manager if he won the match against Kurt Angle that was up next. the gang was hyped for the Olympic gold medallist’s look tonight once Angle’s surprise come back last night at TLC.

Baron Corbin vs.Kurt Angle , Bobby Roode, Apollo Crews, and Chad Gable – No DQ Handicap match

As the match was getting ready to begin, Stephanie came out to introduce special guest referee, Heath slater. a moment and a German Suplex from Angle later, Triple H came out and declared that it had been a handicap match as bobby Roode, Chad Gable, and Apollo Crews were value-added to the match. Shane McMahon came out some moments later and mentioned that it had been a No DQ match also.

Angle landed the Angle Slam and therefore the team of Kurt Angle, bobby Roode, Chad Gable, and Greek deityCrews got the win. The WWE audience musical for tables and therefore the four WWE Superstars brought a table to the ring before Corbin took an Angle Slam through the table.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Kurt Angle , Bobby Roode, Apollo Crews, and Chad Gable

Finn Ballor Vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler had the upper hand timely however Balor hit a basement dropkick, gaining back some momentum. Ziggler replied with a large DDT however took a nasty kick to the top. Dolph hit an early zigzag angularity however Balor kicked out at 2. player McIntyre came in with a distraction and Ziggler attacked him. Balor hit a suicide dive on player and Dolph took advantage and nearly got the pin.

The match was near to come back to a conclusion when a lost Superkick and Balor getting ready for a finisher when McIntyre interfered. The match got a DQ end and McIntyre hit a Glasgow Kiss on Dolph before delivering the Claymore kick to each superstar before walking out.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: No Result by DQ

Dean Ambrose With Open Challenge

Dean Ambrose came bent on gloat concerning his conclusion against Rollins at Tables-Ladders-Chairs. He showed off the belt and demanded the fans’ respect. He told that once he is done, Seth Rollins can don’t have anything left.

He know himself the ‘Moral Compass’ of the WWE and unless Seth Rollins came out to the ring to mentionAmbrose was right, he would act on his threats. Dean then issued AN open challenge – to punch him within the face. Ambrose then issued a true open challenge (which may well be answered by anyone however Rollins) and Tyler Breeze answered.

Tyler Breeze Vs. Dean Ambrose – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Breeze went on the offensive and hit a dropkick, however Ambrose chucked him out of the ring as we headed to business break. we returned to check Ambrose was on top of things and had Breeze during a rest hold. Breeze hit a improve Enzugiri then a crossbody lateral press, however Dean Ambrose still kicked out. Ambrose finally hit the Dirty Deeds for the win.


WWE Monday Night Raw Results:  Ambrose def. Tyler Breeze 

Ambrose was self-praise once the win and Rollins’ music hit. seems one in all the fellows in gas masks that came in to Ambrose was Seth Rollins as he took off his mask and attacked Ambrose. Dean quickly fled the ring as his Rollins destroyed his goons.

Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, heavy Machinery, EC3 and Nikki Cross were proclaimed as the six next NXT call-ups onto the main roll.

Bobby Lashley Get a Surprise

Bobby Lashley was within the ring holding one among Elias’ guitars, alongside Lio Rush. Lashley went on to egoistic physique with a statement from Lio Rush as a part of his ‘Greatest Hits’ before Elias appeared out of nowhere with a second guitar and smashed it on Lashley’s back before creating a hasty exit.

Fatal-4-Way Match – No 1. contenders for the RAW Tag Team Titles

B-Team and Lucha House Party started off the match before Dawson from the Revival was tagged in. Kalisto took some hits from Dawson WHO mocked their team. AOP hit a giant cover move to Kalisto’s tag partner before we go for commercials. we came to see Wilder accidentally labeled in Bo Dallas. Dawson and Dallas were squaring it off once Wilder interfered.

Dallas and Dawson teamed up to throw the Lucha party at AOP. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Bo and got the win.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: The Revival

Backstage, Rollins tells us that he was about to finish Ambrose before Baron Corbin blame Seth Rollins for turning the Whole Locker room against him. Rollins punched Corbin within the head and left.

A video was shown saying the come back of Kevin Owens…soon.

Rounda Rousey issues an Open Challenge

Ronda Rousey came out and issued an open challenge for her title. The RAW Divas were run-in backstage concerning WHO would attend the ring once Stephanie screamed at them and took them a ringside seat before saying the eight lady Gauntlet match for Ronda’s Title beginning with Alicia Fox and Bayley.

Alicia Fox went for an early pin on Bayley however it absolutely was a 2 count. Bayley got the 3 coun0 when a small amount of back and forth. Danu Brooke was the next one fast in a submission before Bayley hit a Bayley to Belly suplex and got another pinfall.

Mickie James came in fourth and hit a large neck breaker on Bayley WHO was troubled at this time. James uncomprehensible a high flying move however connected with a superkick for a close to Pin-fall. Bayley came back with a large suplex and also the flying elbow drop however James kicked out. James hit a large DDT and got the pinfall.

Ember Moon was in next and Mickie wasted no time happening the offensive however took a crossbody from Moon. ember hit the Eclipse presently when for the three-count. Natalya was following one in and took an enormous suplex from Moon. Natalya got a fast roll-up and got the 3 counts. Ruby Riott came in and was eliminated too, shortly when.

Sasha Banks was the last entry to the gauntlet and came in strong. Natalya speared her into the turnbuckles then hit a basement dropkick on Banks. Natalya hit the Sharpshooter on Banks creating her tap out.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Natalya

Rousey vs Natalya
Credit WWE

Rousey vs Natalya for the RAW Women’s title is ON next week!


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