Monday Night Raw: New WWE Champion Crowned, Final Fued Before TLC

Monday Night Raw
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Welcome to the We Present you the latest WWE Raw Results. Tonight Monday Night Raw Show Comes from Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California.

Tonight WWE Raw Live Comes with WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins in the Ring. Later WWE Monday Night Raw Assistant Manager Baron Corbin Interrupted WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

WWE Fans boo as Corbin hits the ring. Corbin says his workplace is often open for a prime star like Rollins. Rollins tells him to chop the crap, everyone seems to be uninterested in hearing it. Rollins says RAW has sucked beneathCorbin’s leadership. it’s sucked as a result of Corbin comes out and makes it all concerning him. A “Corbin sucks!” chant starts up. Rollins says what Corbin has been doing isn’t alright, it’s wrong. Corbin says Rollins is annoyed however he is permitting Rollins to vent, thus Rollins ought to watch however he speaks to him. Rollins goes on and says Corbin has no plan what to try and do with the list he has. He brings up however The Revival ought to be competitory for the RAW Tag Team Titles however instead they are taking part in Lucha party rules matches. Rollins wonders what Lucha House Rules even ar. He conjointly mocks Corbin’s weekly segments with police officer Lashley and histrion McIntyre, and therefore the “pee” segments with Drake Maverick. Rollins says Corbin’s actions ar simply masking his insecurities. Fans boo once Rollins mentions however the WWE Universal Title was simply handed back to Brock Lesnar, a man UN agency simply shows up once he needs to indicate up. Rollins says the matter is Brock ne’er needs to indicate up. Rollins goes on concerning Lesnar not being here. Rollins says the last time Lesnar competed during a RAW match was 2002. Rollins says Corbin’s experimenting has been a vast failure. He points out however everything is at associate degree the bottom, as well as TV ratings, and it’s all thanks to Corbin.

Corbin appreciates the feedback however next time Rollins ought to save him your time, write it on a bit of paper and leave it on his table thus he will file it beneath the “I do not provide a damn” class. Corbin does not care what Rollins, the list or the fans assume. Corbin says RAW is his show and he is responsible for an extended time. Corbin says if Rollins thinks it’s dangerous currently, it’s going to get a lot worse for a guy like Rollins. Corbin says Ambrose will beat Rollins on Sunday at TLC and then Corbin will defeat Braun Strowman by forfeit. Corbin says he will then make Rollins’ life a living hell, starting the next night on RAW. Rollins asks why wait, why don’t they have a one-on-one match tonight? Fans pop. Corbin says he will be permanent General Manager as of Sunday… Rollins interrupts and points out how there are tables, ladders, and chairs all over… and Corbin just said he always wanted to have a TLC match, so why not have one tonight? Fans pop. Corbin goes on and says no. He keeps talking but Rollins calls him a coward every time he tries to speak. Corbin makes the TLC match for tonight and says the Intercontinental Title will be on the line. Corbin leaves as his music hits.

Raw Tag Team Championship Title Match 

WWE 205 Live chief Drake Maverick waits with RAW Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. Chad Gable and officer Roode square measure out next.

The bell rings and Akam clubs Gable out of the air and works him over. Rezar tags certain the double team. Rezar beats on Gable because the referee warns him to go into reverse. Rezar knocks Roode off the apron. Gable fights back however Rezar floors him with a cord. Drake tags certain a one reckon Gable. Rezar tags right back in and puts boots to Gable. Gable and Roode find yourself clotheslining AOP over the highest rope to the ground. they convey Drake within the ring and so launch him out onto Rezar and Akam. we tend to visit industrial.

Back from the break and Rezar has Gable grounded within the ring. Drake tags back in and nails Gable whereasRezar holds him. Drake with some trash talking and a slap to the face of Gable. Gable pushes him against the ropes however Rezar makes the save. Akam tags back certain some double teaming. Akam takes Gable back to the corner and splashes him.

Roode finally gets the tag and unloads on Akam, then decks Rezar from the apron. Akam sends Roode to the apron however Roode rocks him. Roode comes off the highest, however, Akam lands up countering and slamming him. Rezar tags back in and Roode goes down off another double team. Gable makes the save and breaks the pin. AOP hits the Super atom smasher. Gable counters his powerbomb however AOP drops him anyway. AOP hits the double team powerbomb on Gable currently. Drake needs to be labeled in. Drake comes in and mocks Roode. Drake wastes time and covers Roode however Roode counters and pins Drake for the win and also the titles.

WWE Raw Results

Bobby Roode and Chad Cable: The New Raw Tag Team Championship

We return to the ring and Natalya features a mic because the announcers plug her Tables Match with Ruby Riott on Sunday.

Natalya says sometimes she comes out with a smile as a result of she wears her heart on her sleeve however she must get one thing off her chest regarding Ruby Riott. She says Ruby does not respect someone or any factorduring this business. Ruby created this personal once she destroyed Jim Neidhart’s spectacles. Natalya says she tried to destroy The Anvil’s inheritance and she or he keeps talking regarding however Natalya was spoon-fed everything in WWE due to WHO her dada was. Natalya goes on regarding however she’s had to fight for everything she has. She brings up the urban center Screwjob and says she had to beat that and a lot of to urge to WWE. She’s damn proud to be a Hart and she’s damn proud to represent her family in WWE. Natalya says she’s getting to treat Ruby regarding respect at attention and can dedicate the match to her dada. Natalya starts crying. She says she is going to take each tear and each feeling to drive Ruby through a table and there is nothing she willdo regarding it. The music interrupts and out comes The Riott Squad – Ruby, 54 Morgan and wife Logan.

Logan and 54 head to the rear as Ruby takes the mic. She mocks Natalya for crying once more. Ruby says Natalya wants a decent counselor. Ruby says Natalya does not represent the Harts, she simply disappoints them. Ruby features a gift for Natalya. She takes the duvet off and divulges an oversized ikon of The Anvil on a table. Ruby says Natalya and her pappa are going to be nearer than ever once she puts her through this table on Sunday. Ruby mocks Natalya as her music hits. Natalya appearance on from the ring.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Drew McIntyre

Back from the break and out comesDrew McIntyre. Cole says Finn Balor isn’t here tonight as a result of  Drew Remember his last week. Cole says Balor are going to be back for the match with John Drew on Sunday. Charly meets John Drew within the ring and asks him regarding difficult Ziggler tonight. McIntyre goes on regarding not being unvanquished and the way that produces him a lot of dangerous. He says he can end Balor permanently on Sunday. John Drew says he’s creating RAW a stronger place for everybody, together with the fans. He does not care if they do not like him, they’re going to respect him. John Drew goes on and says Ziggler is near to get his head embarked on. Ziggler makes his reply next.

Ziggler hits the ring and goes to figure however John Drew simply turns it around and keeps management. we have a tendency to move to industrial with John Drew up to the mark.

Back from the break and Drew has Ziggler abreast of the highest. John Drew fights off a counter and brings Ziggler to the mat with a large slam from the second rope. Ziggler kicks out. John Drew sends Ziggler to the ground and follows, stalking him. John Drew tries to hit a suplex on the ground however Ziggler slides out and sends him into the ring post because the referee counts.

Ziggler makes it back to the ring whereas John Drew remains down on the ground. John Drew makes it back in at the nine count, barely beating the count. Ziggler goes to deliver a superkick however he collapses as his leg goes out. John Drew laughs at him. John Drew yells at Ziggler and taunts him to induce duplicate. Ziggler kicks Drew’s leg down and nails a Zig angularity for an in depth two count. Ziggler appearance to be going for a superkick however McIntyre levels him with a Claymore Kick for the pin to win.

WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre

Alicia Fox Vs. Bailey

We visit the ring and out comes Sasha Banks. Bayley is out next and that they head to the ring along.

Back from the break and out comes Alicia Fox with Jinder Mahal and therefore the Singh Brothers. Back and forth to begin the match.

Bayley finally makes a comeback and hits a back suplex. Bayley gets pink-slipped up currently, looking at Jinder and therefore the Singhs. Bayley with a running shot within the corner and a pollutant from the ropes. Sunil Singh and Samir Singh get on apron to distract Bayley by saltation around, permitting Fox to nail an enormous running boot to Bayley’s face. Apollo Crews’ music hits and out he comes. Crews will be replacing Finn Balor in tomorrow’s Mixed Match Challenge as Balor is injured, according to Cole.

Crews backdrops Sunil at ringside. Banks leaps off the apron and hits Sunil with a Meteora. Crews drops Samir and Jinder next, then sending Sunil into Jinder. Banks wants Crews to toss her onto the others and he does, taking down Jinder and The Singhs again. This leads to Bayley hitting a Bayley-to-Belly suplex on Fox for the pin to win.

WWE Raw Results: Bailey

We see Elias backstage along with his stringed instrument. He includes a special song for officer Lashley arising. Back to business.

Back from the break and Elias is within the ring along with his stringed instrument as JoJo will the introduction.

Elias introduces himself and plays the stringed instrument some as fans cheer. Elias talks regarding however officer Lashley did a radio interview earlier these days and aforesaid if he might he would move the San Diegos ports groups to a cool town like la. Elias says if it were up to the individuals, a loser like Lashley would not be allowed in San Diego to perform. Elias goes on and says everybody here is aware of what Lashley can resolve at care on Sunday – that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. we tend to see a photograph on the massive screen of Elias smashing the stringed instrument over Lio Rush last week.

Elias starts performing arts his latest song currently, taking an attempt at Lashley. The music interrupts and out comes Rush with Lashley.

Elias Vs. Lio Rush

Bobby Lashley talks Lio Rush up as they head to the ring. Back to business.

Back from the break and also the match is on the brink of begin once referee Heath woodlouse involves the ring to officiate his 1st match. Rush uses his speed against Elias to begin however Elias catches him. Rush counters and lands on his feet however Elias simply grounds him. Elias keeps management by Rush’s arm currently as Lashley appearance on.

Elias overpowers Rush once more and takes him to the corner. Elias launches Rush across the ring. Elias with a chop within the corner. Elias whips Rush into the other corner and he hits onerous, breach to the ground and clutching his back in pain. Elias rolls Rush back in. Lashley grabs Elias’ boot as woodlouse is distracted. Elias kicks him back however Rush takes advantage and works him over. Elias comes back in however Rush keeps delivering strikes. Elias catches Rush in an exceeding chair , turning that into a sitdown powerbomb. Lashley breaks the attach and pounds on Elias however woodlouse is not vocation the match.

Slater asks Lashley to depart the ring. Lashley gets in his face and intimidates him. Lashley grabs Elias and nails a giant chokeslam. Lashley stares back at woodlouse before waking Rush up, inform him to Elias’ stringed instrument at ringside seat. Rush brings the stringed instrument back to the ring. Lashley grabs the stringed instrument and smashes it over the rear of Elias as he tries to urge duplicate. Rush rolls back to the ring and covers Elias for the pin however woodlouse hesitates. Lashley turns to woodlouse and woodlouse slowly makes the count for the win.

WWE Raw Results: Lio Rush

We see Alexa seventh heaven backstage reproof a employee. she’s going to moderate the Jax vs. Rousey face-off next. Back to industrial.

We tend to get a glance at the sooner phase with Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin. we tend to additionally see however AOP born the RAW Tag Team Titles to policeman Roode and Chad Gable.

We tend to visit the ring and out comes Alexa seventh heaven, then Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka.

Jax takes shots at RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey to begin the phase. Jax goes on and appears at her mitt and talks regarding however she place SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky kill down with it. She says she’s going to do a similar issue with Rousey on Sunday at TLC however she will not stop with only one punch. Jax goes on regarding however she’s a strategian and the way she’s going to still defeat Rousey on Sunday if she blocks the punch. Jax screams out. The music interrupts and out comes Rousey.

Rousey says she did not kick off here to hit her poses and cite fighting. She came to fight. Rousey rushes the ring as Jax and Snuka revisit the ground. They regroup and hit the apron to stare Rousey down. coal Moon’s music hits next and she or he runs right down to be a part of Rousey within the ring. Jax and Snuka return to the ground.

Ember Moon Vs. Tamina

Back from the break and therefore the match is afoot. coal Moon counters and dropkicks Tamina Snuka into all-time low rope. Jax pulls Tamina to safety. Moon faces off at seating with Jax and Ronda Rousey comes over to face together with her. Jax backs down from Rousey. they are available back in and coal rolls Snuka up for a two count. Snuka comes back with a giant kick, causation Moon back resolute the ground.

Moon makes it back in at the five count however Snuka goes right to figure on her as Jax cheers her on from seating. a lot of back and forth within the ring currently. Moon unloads with kicks, taking Snuka down with a sweep to at least one knee. Moon drops Snuka on her face and covers for a two count.

Snuka comes back with a powerslam for a two count. Rousey cheers idle. Moon counters and drops Snuka with knees to the face. Moon goes to the highest however Nia Jax gets on the apron. Rousey pulls her off and sends her over the barrier. Moon goes copy and hits The Eclipse on Snuka for the pin to win.

WWE Raw Results: Ember Moon.

After the match, Rousey hits the ring to lift Moon’s arm because the music hits. Jax and Snuka look on from seating areawe tend to get a glance at Seth Rollins getting ready for the most event backstage. Back to industrial.Back from the break and Charly Enrico Caruso approaches Baron Corbin in his workplace. Charly asks regarding abuse of power and Corbin jokingly asks if she’s making an attempt to induce sent to SmackDown. Corbin says the WWE Universe would are bereft of seeing him use a table, ladder or chair if he did not settle for the challenge tonight. Enrico Caruso asks regarding rumors of Braun Strowman discovery at TLC on Sunday and he dismisses them. Corbin says this could be his initial TLC match however he can provide Seth simply a style, then he can expertise a lot of once he is permanent chief.

The announcers think again the TLC card currently. Elias vs. Lashley has been modified to a Tables Match and also the stringed instrument are hanging on top of the ring as a weapon.we tend to see tables, ladders and chairs round the ring as we tend to harden tonight’s main event.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

We move to the ring and referee Heath slater is waiting as JoJo goes over the rules. we tend to see the WWE Intercontinental Title hanging higher than the ring. The music hits and out 1st comes champion Seth Rollins. General Manager-Elect Baron Corbin is out next before JoJo will formal ring introductions.

The match starts with Rollins unloading, causation Corbin into the corner. Corbin fights back with strikes however Rollins turns it back around. Rollins sends Corbin to the ground and follows. Rollins grabs a steel chair as Corbin goes back to the ring. Rollins with a shoulder from the apron. Rollins tries to springboard in however Corbin decks him. Corbin orders slatter to bring a ladder into the ring. Rollins nails a springboard cord to send Corbin back out of the ring. we tend to attend industrial.

Back from the break and Corbin beats Rollins around with a chair. Corbin takes Rollins to the ground and sends him into the barrier. Corbin keeps management as fans boo him. Corbin brings a ladder into the ring however Rollins runs in and dropkicks it into him, causation Corbin back to the barrier. Rollins stands the ladder up beneath the title however Corbin comes back in and decks him. The ladder is leaning within the corner currently. Corbin suplexes Rollins onto the ladder within the corner.

Corbin wedges a chair into the corner however Rollins counters. Rollins tries to send Corbin into the chair howeverCorbin goes under that, runs back to the ring and nails Rollins to boos. Corbin mocks Braun Strowman and wastes a while. Corbin winds up back-dropping Rollins over the highest rope to the ground. Corbin positions a ladder and climbs for the title currently. Rollins springboards in and lands on the ladder. They fight up high currently. Corbin pulls Rollins down however Rollins kicks him within the gut. Corbin avoids the Stomp. Corbin winds up causationRollins face-first into the ladder to tip it over.

Corbin kicks Rollins to the ground beneath very cheap rope currently. we tend to return to industrial.

Back from the break and Corbin catches Rollins in a very Deep Six. Corbin with a mitt and a few trash talking. Corbin keeps Rollins down as referee slatter appearance on. Rollins fights back within the middle of the ring. Corbin with a knee to the gut. additional back and forth currently. Rollins grabs the steel chair that was compac twithin the corner as fans chant for tables. Rollins with steel chair shots to Corbin whereas he is down currently. Rollins unloads with chair shots. Corbin rolls out of the ring. Rollins runs the ropes and hits the suicide dive, causation Corbin into the barrier. Rollins runs back in and nails another dive to the ground. Rollins goes back tothe ring and tries for a 3rd dive however Corbin catches him. Corbin chokeslams Rollins through a table on the ground.

Corbin returns to the ring and climbs the ladder for the title however Rollins runs in with chair shots to the rear. Rollins accidentally hits slatter with the chair. slatter winds up on the ground. Rollins is additionally on the ground. Corbin follows and goes for finish of Days however Rollins counters. Corbin charges however Rollins moves and Corbin hits the steel ring steps. Rollins with a kick to the face. Rollins places Corbin on a table on the ground currently. Rollins goes back in and goes to the highest. Rollins nails a giant Frogsplash through the table as fans pop.

Rollins returns to the ring and climbs up for the title. Slatter returns to the ring and grabs the ladder, tipping it over as Rollins pleads with him. slatter stands the ladder duplicate and goes to the ground to assist Corbin up. Slatter rolls Corbin back to the ring and helps him up the ladder. Rollins runs back in and delivers a Buckle Bomb through the table within the corner to Corbin as fans cheer. Rollins drops Slatter and so Corbin once more. Rollins climbs the ladder and retrieves the title to retain.

WWE Raw Results: Seth Rollins



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