Monday Night Raw Live Results: Jan 22nd, 2019 WWE Raw Highlights

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We Welcome you to the Monday Night Raw Live Results. You will get Raw Results, Video, and Highlights here from 21st Jan 2019. This Episode of WWE Monday Night Raw Live comes from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.

In Today’s Episode of Monday Night Raw Live a return made by WWE Brock Lesnar to Create the Fued Between Brock Lesnar and Finn Balor before the WWE Royal Rumble.

An update comes from WWE Raw Today that Injury Happened with John Cena but there is no Confirmation about his part in Royal Rumble 2019.

Monday Night RAW started with a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and Brock Lesnar showed up right after. Paul Heyman place over Finn Balor. Any time his name was mentioned, the crowd went wild.

He talked regarding however Balor took the instant, such a lot in order that John Cena, “the second greatest of all time” supported him. Heyman appeared happier that Balor was Lesnar’s opponent instead of the “controversial” Braun Strowman.

Not long into the rant, Vince McMahon interfered. Vince still did not seem to believe in Balor. He compared things to David & Goliath. McMahon told the crowd that if they really believed that Finn Balor may beat Lesnar, then they most likely believed in fairytales too.

Braun Strowman interfered and said last week was the worst night of his life which it had been the best of Lesnar’s – as a result of he got off from the beating he would have gotten. He vowed to tear Lesnar apart if he was still champion once Royal Rumble.

Balor reminded McMahon that he faced 3 other superstars to earn the chance. He told Vince that he knew he does not believe he’ll beat Brock Lesnar, and McMahon said he does not believe fairytales. Braun Strowman said that he did not understand if Balor will beat Lesnar, however he damn well better. Balor told Strowman to stay his scent out of his business and Lesnar was about to go forth however McMahon told Lesnar to take a ringside seat for a true David vs Goliath match.

Finn Balor Vs. Braun Strowman

Finn Balor dropkicked Strowman and stopped him in his tracks. Balor slapped Strowman and told him to concentrate on him. Strowman started bulldozing through Balor till he was caught during a surprise sling blade. Balor had Strowman during a sleeper hold and it’s broken apart however Balor drove the monster down with elbows to the top and a stomp to the chest. He climbed up to the dropping zone however Strowman caught him and threw him on Lesnar. Lesnar caught him and took him to suplex city.

Lesnar was taken down by Balor as he got ready to confront Strowman. Balor hit a suicide dive onto Lesnar and lured Braun Strowman in and took him down before yet again dropkicking Lesnar into the barricade. He forgot regarding Strowman, WHO force him into the ring. He evaded Braun’s charge and sent him into the ring post. He hit a coupe DE Grace before Lesnar came in and hit the F-5 on Balor.

Monday Night Raw Live Results: Finn Balor Deft. Braun Strowman by DQ

Almighty Bobby Lashley’s WWE Intercontinental Championship celebration

Lio Rush started off by saying that Lashley was better than Rollins and Ambrose before Apollo Crews interrupted. It seemed like Apollo might be Lashley’s next IC title competition. Crews said nobody came to see Lashley pose, however compete. Lio Rush challenged Apollo Crews to pose off with Lashley.

Apollo Crew Vs. Bobby Lashley

Apollo was up to the mark of Lashley, as he tried to deadlift him. He got him up high however Lashley was simply too huge. Lio Rush kept inflicting distractions. Crews deadlifted Rush till he Ate a spear. Lashley went for the pin and picked up a simple victory.

Monday Night Raw Live Results: Bobby Lashley Deft. Apollo Crew

Rollins cut a promo regarding his passion for the wrestling business, vowing to win the Royal Rumble this Sunday, despite the chances. Drew McIntyre came out and said that he had a rebuttal of his own. He told Rollins he had no likelihood of winning the Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins Vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre dropped Seth on the mat after the commercials because the match started and control him down by the neck. Seth Rollins fought out of it however took a giant elbow from Drew for a close to fall. Rollins was sent into the turnbuckles before McIntyre went back to the rest hold. McIntyre sent Rollins to face 1st onto the ground outside as we headed to another commercial break.

Rollins hit a large Falcon Arrow however didn’t capitalize. McIntyre had Rollins on his back and hit him with the white noise off of the highest rope. Drew got only a 2 count before striking a powerbomb. it had been again a 2count as Rollins caught McIntyre in a dangerous position and used his body pressure to pin McIntyre and obtain the win.

Monday Night Raw Live Results: Seth Rollins Deft. Drew McIntyre

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The Revival was backstage complaining to Vince McMahon regarding the conflict in their title matches previously. McMahon did not appear too interested, saying he was busy. Curt Hawkins came in however McMahon told him to go since he loses too several matches. However, McMahon agreed to create Hawkins the special guest referee within the WWE RAW Today Tag title match.

The Singh Brothers & Jinder Mahal Vs. Lucha House Party

Lance Dorado started off with Jinder Mahal and Samir Singh was shortly tagged in. Sunil Singh was then tagged in and Dorado and Kalisto used unbelievable double-team work. Kalisto began to dominate Samir Singh howeverJinder was tagged in. Jinder started dominating and he and therefore the Singh Brothers were looking like a cohesive unit.

Gran Metalik came in and dropkicked Jinder and Sunil Singh. Metalik went for a pin and really got it after what appeared like a clear botch. The commentators were clearly confused.

Monday Night Raw Live Results: Lucha house party Def. Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers


Elias Sings a Special Song

Elias was in the ring able to play his song till he was interrupted by former Acting RAW general Manager Baron Corbin. Corbin insulted the crowd and Elias aforesaid he wasn’t the General Manager any longer and he’ll play anyway. He got Corbin’s mic cut. Elias began to sing and rip Corbin apart, however Corbin came in, just for Elias to swing his guitar.

Elias Vs. Baron Corbin

Elias used Undertaker’s tight-rope walk, aka the old style. Baron Corbin took control and Elias countered him and hit the swinging neck breaker onto Corbin, however Corbin kicked pout. Corbin soon got the tip Of Days after a cheap shot to the throat and place Elias away in an exceedingly fast fashion.

Monday Night Raw Live Results: Baron Corbin def. Elias

A Moment of Bliss

Nia Jax was Alexa Bliss’ guest for the night. They were interrupted, however, by ember Moon the instant Nia Jax started talking. Moon declared that she is going to win the Rumble, and Alicia Fox interfered, proclaiming the same herself. Mickie James came out, then the Riott Squad, then Tamina, and at last Nikki Cross.

Alexa bliss had had enough. bliss aforesaid that if it broke into a brawl her name as a talk show host would be ruined. She requested they settle down for her. Nia Jax put on to try to calm things down however pushed ember moon. Of course, a brawl broke out.

It spilled backstage. Alexa Bliss officially declared her come back which she is going to be within the Rumble match. She was then interrupted by the debuting Lacey Evans WHO proclaimed her own entry to the Royal Rumble match.

Heavy Machinery Vs. The Ascension

Heavy Machinery created their main roster debut on RAW. They started with Otis Dozovic and he soon tagged in Tucker Night. The were decimating The Ascension, WHO had gotten solely seconds of offense. They double-teamed on Viktor and Konnor and were trying to finish things. Otis was dancing ANd hit an elbow drop.

Dozovic did the caterpillar and that they cover slammed to get the win.

Monday Night Raw Live Results: Heavy Machinery defeats The Ascension

The Revival Vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Cable – WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Gable started with Dash Wilder. Hawkins did a decent job by preventing Bobby Roode from returning in, despite not being tagged. Dawson was tagged in and began to dominate Chad Gable. Gable and Roode finally managed to fight back and Gable flew to require down Wilder.

Dawson clotheslined Gable down however Roode got tagged in and started to clear the ring. Wilder got suplexed onto Roode. Hawkins did an excellent job catching 3 totally different moments wherever The Revival was cheating. They tried a fourth time and now, Gable managed to pin Dawson clean. Hawkins did an excellent job as a referee.

Monday Night Raw Live Results: Gable & Roode def. The Revival to retain the RAW Tag Team Championship

The Revival attacked Hawkins however Zack Ryder came and makes the save. Ryder offered his hand in facilitating bond after ten years the team has reunited.

Rousey started talking trash and could not wait to induce her hands on Sasha. Natalya was attempting to be the voice of reason and was attempting to calm her down. Sasha asked Rousey WHO the hell she was which she did not want Rousey to mention she was a worthy rival, as a result of everybody already is aware of. She lit a fire under Rousey and got under Rousey’s skin. Natalya yet again had to calm Rousey down.

Sasha Banks & Bayley Vs. Ronda Rousey & Natalya

Natalya and Sasha Banks began, and Banks hit a cheap shot on Rousey. Banks and Bayley began to dominate Natalya with smart double team work. Rousey came in and hit judo throws on them each. Bayley was outside the ring, obtaining beaten up by Natalya. Bayley went for the tag however Natalya prevented it. She could not get the pin either. Bayley managed to move to her side and got the tag. the 2 isolated Natalya, ensuring Rousey wasn’t tagged in. Banks went to Rousey and commenced talking trash.

Natalya had Sasha raised up and Rousey took the tag. Rousey went for Piper’s Pit however Banks quickly escaped and landed the bank statement and Natalya was forced to interrupt it up. Natalya had the sharpshooter locked in however Bayley broke it up and took out Rousey. Natalya took out Bayley however Sasha managed to urge the backstabber and therefore the bank statement before Natalya tapped out.

Monday Night Raw Live Results: Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Ronda Rousey and Natalya

Babyface Ronda Rousey faced her 1st defeat since joining WWE.

After the match, tensions ensued as Rousey and Banks were talking trash face to face.

Who will  Win 30-Man Royal Rumble 2019 Match and Will Finn Balor Defeat Brock Lesnar for WWE Universal Championship, Let us Know and Drop your Comment.


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