Seth Rollins- WWE Superstar lifestyles, Age, Height and Carrier

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is AN American skilled fighter turned actor. He performs wrestling within the WWE underneath the RAW brand. His real name is Colby Daniel Lopez. He started his wrestling career in 2003 and therefore the WWE Career in Dec 2012. The six feet 1” fighter weighs around 216 pounds. He has been the WWE Heavyweight Champion twice. aside from this, he has won several competitions within the WWE RAW. Seth Rollins is understood for his masculine look with long hair bleached black and blonde and natural dark brown eyes. His favorite finishing moves in wrestling are the Pedigree and also the Curb Stomp. it’s believed that his career took a significant flip within the right direction once he won the ‘Money in the Bank’ go for the WWE, in 2014. In 2016, he created his film debut and is anticipated to seem in returning times. He created his game debut in WWE 2K14, that was followed by 3 additional upgrades.

Child Life

  • Seth Rollins was born Colby Daniel Lopez in Buffalo, Iowa, on 28th May 1986. He has American, German, and Irish ancestry.
  • His real surname, Lopez, comes from his father figure WHO had a Mexican-American descent. His ring name is Seth Rollins. The Rollins part comes as a tribute to Henry Rollins, the known former black flag singer. Colby could be a large fan of him.
  • Colby was a complete introvert as a young guy. He dispensed a traditional life till his wrestling career. He loved rock ‘n’ roll since his childhood.

Wrestling Career

Seth Rollins
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  • Colby’s wrestling career started in 2005 below the mentorship of Danny Daniels once he 1st entered to play the tough guy Petty Invitational Tournament for Scott County Wrestling (SCW). though he was eliminated within the Qualify, he later conquered the title of the Champion and marked his prize belt black to mark the “The Black Era” in SCW.
  • Later, he joined the NWA Midwest and teamed alongside Marek Brown to defend the title with success.
  • He created temporary appearances in TNA Wrestling, Full Impact professional, and pro-Wrestling Guerilla.
  • He was called Tyler Black then and shortly became a part of the ROH (Ring of Honor) at the side of teammates, Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher. In 2007, they put together won the ROH Tag Team Championship. once losing to the then well-liked fighter McGuiness, Jacobs broke the partnership with Colby (Tyler). However, in June 2008, Tyler defeated Jimmy Jacobs during a steel cage match.
  • In September 2009, he defeated many wrestlers like Chris Hero, Colt Cabana, and Austin Aries to win the title of ROH World Championship. He defended his title seven consecutive times before losing it to Roderick strong in 2010.
  • In 2010, Colby joined WWE below the ring name Seth Rollins. He defeated Trent Barreta in his debut match. On January 13th in 2011, he won the inaugural FCW 15 Championship.
  • After obtaining involved in an exceedingly feud with Dean Ambrose, Rollins fought with him 3 consecutive times for a draw. the final time, he won against Dean pinning him on 3-2. Later, he lost his title to Damien Sandow as Ambrose intervened to beat up Sandow and disqualify Rollins.
  • He was featured in John Cena’s gymnasium video and won the FCW Heavyweight Championship. Later, once FCW was remodeled into NXT, he won the Gold Rush Tournament by defeating Jinder Mahal within the finals.
  • Rollins debuted alongside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, wherever they attacked Ryback to permit CM Punk pin, John Cena, himself. The trio started line of work themselves ‘The Shield’. it had been later disclosed that CM Punk had quietly associated The shield with himself. However, later, The shield set to finish this and commenced enjoying severally.
  • The shield continued its journey along beating several superstars in six tag team matches. However, their run was led to 2014 once Triple H asked Rollins to attack his teammates and be part of ‘The Authority’.
  • Later in 2014, Rollins won the money in the Bank contract when Kane helped him defeat Ambrose in an exceeding ladder match.
  • Rollins competes for a Triple threat match with John Cena and Brock Lesnar, that was won by Brock Lesnar. However, Rollins cashed his money in the Bank contract to convert a match between Lesnar and Reigns into a triple threat and won it by pinning Reigns and getting the tile of World Heavyweight Champion.
  • He won the United States Championship when defeating John Cena in August 2014. He was the primary man to win each the titles at the same time.
  • In early Nov 2014, he had a knee injury and was asked to rest for six to eight months.
  • He created a come back in an exceedingly match with reigns and once more won the Heavyweight Championship title. However, he lost it minutes later to Ambrose in another match. He had a feud with Triple H and Samoa Joe in early 2017.
  • He created his game debut in WWE 2K14, followed by 2K15, 2K16, and 2K17.
  • His created his film debut with ‘Sharknado: The fourth Awakens in 2016’. he’s additionally a vicinity of ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘WWE: Robo WrestleMania’. he’s presently acting within the film ‘Armed Response’.
  • He appeared as himself in TV shows like ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘Extreme Makeover’ in 2015.


  • Rollins has won the Slammy Award nine times within the WWE.
  • He additionally won awards just like the Best in brief revived plot line, Most Painful Injury of the Year, Most Puzzling New Finisher, Most Smothered In-Ring Potential and therefore the second best fighter of the Year in Rolling Stone.
  • Rollins won the ROH World Championship, ROH World Tag Team Championship, ROH World Tag Team Championship Tournament and therefore the Survival of the Fittest within the ROH.
  • He with success conquered the FCW FL Heavyweight Championship, FCW 15 Championship, FCW FL Tag Team Championship and therefore the 1st FCW slam Champion within the FL Championship Wrestling.
  • He won the Feud of the Year, Most unloved fighter of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, fighter of the Year and was hierarchic No. one of the highest five hundred singles wrestlers within the PWI five hundred in 2015.
  • In WWE, he was the WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE us Champion, WWE World Heavyweight Champions and won the cash within the Bank.
  • He additionally won the WWE NXT Championship and Gold Rush Tournament.

Personal Life Facts and Trivia

  • Seth has no interest and religion in faith and God. He presently lives in Iowa.
  • His favorite sport if soccer and is a large fan of Chicago Bears.
  • He had co-founded the ‘The Black &the Brave Wrestling Academy’, an expert wrestling school placed in town, Illinois with Marek Brave, his former associate.
  • Rollins dated his former NXT costar, Zahra Schreiber.
  • He was in a relationship with Leighla Schultz, however, nude photos of Rollins’ reported girlfriend on his social networking account LED to their separation.
  • His favorite film is Fight Club and draws inspiration from fellow fighter, choreographer Michaels.
  • He is illustrious to quote that individuals believe the future and that they believe him as a result of he’s the long run.
  • Seth Rollins signature moves is Corner forearm smash, Falcon Arrow, Phoenix splash, and others.
  • Finishing moves are Avada Kedavra, Kingslayer, and others.


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