Surprise That might take place on Next Week Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw
Credit WWE


Monday Night Raw
Credit WWE

This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW was a really pleasant surprise. we are not continually very happy once we’re done watching the show. However in the week, WWE really gave the fans what they needed to see and as a result, the viewership was strong. WWE Superstar Finn Balor’s ascent to the highest of the men’s division created several fans happy.

How will WWE continue this Change that they designed form of last week’s show? they may still do precisely the same issue they did last week. Or they may book a bunch of surprises that might probably build their fans terribly happy so.

Personally, I would choose the latter approach as a result of mix it up and keeping things fresh is usually a higher approach to take, particularly from the perspective of the WWE Universe. If somebody is putting in 3 hours of their time into watching the product, it’s WWE’s privilege to make it value their whereas, I think.

Here are some WWE Rumors:

Luke Harper Return

Last week, Bobby Lashley defeated Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to become the Intercontinental Champion in the upset of the year, thus far. we all know that the title is mentioned because of the ‘Workhorse Championship’. As a result, Lashley might not have a moment to breathe before somebody comes snapping at his heels.

Luke Harper

Enter Luke Harper. we all know that the Bludgeon Brothers are cleared for action. however rather than coming along, what if they attempt to go their separate ways that instead?

Luke Harper is also the most underrated massive man in WWE, from AN in-ring perspective. GIving him an endeavor at the Intercontinental Championship is also an awfully wise decision.

Sasha Bank Turns Heel

Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks are each babyfaces. and so, there’s an absence of heat between them, prior to their match. Last week, we saw the start of what might be a rift between them.

Sasha Bank
Credit WWE

If you’ve got seen Sasha Banks in NXT, you recognize that she’s at her best as a heel character. we all know that WWE isn’t going to create Ronda Rousey into a heel once the effort they’ve placed in, into building her character. however they might create Banks a heel to make heat before the match.

I know that Sasha Banks would do an excellent job as a heel as a result of she has modeled herself once Eddie Guerrero, WHO was one among the best heels of all time. By having her tap into her dark facet, Banks might lie, cheat and steal her way to success through nefarious suggests that against Ronda Rousey.

The Revival becomes Monday Night Raw Tag Team Champions

The Revival has been set-aside within the oddest kind of feud with Roode and Gable. Considering how sensible the 2 teams are, they must be set aside in one classic match when another. Instead, they are being set aside in a very storyline wherever they are obtaining cheated out of winning the Tag Team titles. Mind you, they’re the heels during this storyline.

The Revival
Credit WWE

We additionally know that The Revival isn’t happy with their position within the company and Vince McMahon. They might rather come to NXT than continue within the positions they’re in. In fact, AEW might come to knock for them terribly soon.

What is the most effective way to retain the services of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson? the simplest factor to try to would be to simply place the Tag Team titles on them.

This could keep them loyal to the company for a few time at least!

EC3 challenges John Cena

Anyone who’s followed EC3 in Impact Wrestling is aware of simply how wonderful a character he is often if reserved right. He failed to fare nearly further in NXT that is AN in-ring product however might do extremely well during a sports surroundings show like RAW. and there is no higher way to create a splash than by challenging the highest dog to a wrestling match. Well, John Cena is going to be on this week’s show.


Remember however Chris Jericho got an instantaneous rub by interrupting The Rock? John Cena may well be interrupted by EC3 resulting in AN altercation between the 2 men. you could not book a far better debut for the person.

EC3 does not even need to win a match within the following weeks. He might write Cena off the TV, with a brutal attack.

Drew McIntyre Comes in Universal Title Championship Match

We continuously knew that Drew McIntyre was the chosen one. sadly, his 1st run didn’t pan out in the simplest way that he would have likable. In his most recent run, he is been able to reinvent himself and really feels like a real top-tier sensation.

Drew McIntyre

WWE has with success managed to create him up into a very vicious heel. I feel that it is time for him to own a face-off with Brock Lesnar, to create to a future confrontation at some purpose. this can be as a result of they do not need another Braun Strowman on their hands, a person WHO challenges for the title however loses time and time once more.

McIntyre brutally place away Dolph Ziggler last week then cut a very intense promo. He proclaimed to the world that he was the ‘King of the Jungle’. He will copy his words on this week’s show.

If you think More Surprise will happen on this week Monday Night Raw. Let us know within the comments!



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