Surprises That could Happen on This Week WWE Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

Last week, WWE RAW Brand placed its best foot forward. Not solely did John Cena and Lesnar come back, but also Hulk Hogan came back similarly to pay tribute to ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund in an exceedingly rather touching section. The ratings saw an increase, but not a major one, to be quite honest. What will RAW do to really influence us that we’re on the road to WrestleMania 35?

WWE Monday Night Raw Rumors

Bobby Lashley wins  Intercontinental Championship Title

Royal Rumble 2019 Intercontinental Championship
Credit WWE

WWE declared after Last Episode Of Monday Night Raw that Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Bobby Lashley would take one another on in an exceedingly Tripe Threat match for the prestigious Intercontinental Championship. each Ambrose and Rollins are already well-established WWE superstars. If there is anyone WHO wants the title to urge to successive level, it’s the Almighty Bobby Lashley, whose come back has been underwhelming.

Lashley conjointly doesn’t get to win the match clean, considering that Lio Rush is at seats to supply him his support. however, with Lashley as Champion, superstars like Elias may probably have a title to challenge for. Lashley must be remodeled into the monster that he ought to are once he was 1st signed.

Nobody takes Bobby Lashley seriously any longer. If we wish the Lashley vs. Lesnar dream match, this title amendment must happen.


Drew McIntyre makes John Cena out of the Royal Rumble

Drew McIntyre Vs. John Cena
Credit WWE

So, In the last week of Monday Night Raw episode, we saw John Cena make sure that he is going to be a part of the Royal Rumble 2019 match. Soon after, he got into a verbal spat with Drew McIntyre that LED to a 6-man tag team match. I’m not entirely convinced that John Cena can wrestle within the Royal Rumble.

Earlier, reports had emerged that Cena can miss the Royal Rumble due to film commitments. I actually have a feeling that he could fight Drew McIntyre during a match that ends with McIntyre laying out Cena out from Royal Rumble 2019 like he arranged Ziggler out earlier. this could establish McIntyre because the ‘King of The Jungle’ that he with pride proclaims he’s.

Cena may come back at WrestleMania to take on McIntyre. this could be the setup for the Grandest Stage of all – Wrestlemania 35.

Returns of Alexa Bliss for wrestling

Alexa Bliss
Credit WWE

We saw Alexa bliss debut her ‘Moment of Bliss’ program last week. Ronda Rousey was the inaugural guest on the show. All of this might make us suppose that she has retired from the ring. bliss may come back to the ring as early as this very week.

Alexa Bliss’ come back would be a much-needed boost to the women’s division. The RAW Women’s Championship program consists of 2 babyfaces in Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey. the remainder of the cardboard, like ember Moon, may benefit from taking a heel like Alexa bliss on.

Alexa bliss and a possible partner, say, Alicia Fox, may additionally set a series of events into motion that results in the disclosing of the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles. they may feud against the likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley in due course of your time.

For any of this to happen, Alexa bliss has to come back to the ring.

Finn Balor turns heel

Finn Balor
Credit WWE

Finn Balor’s heelflip may happen during this Week on RAW. within the Intercontinental Championship main event on RAW, Seth Rollins might appear as if he has things under control. so Finn Balor returns to cost him the massive one.

Balor’s clarification can be that whereas he is invariably putting on nice shows, he is unnoticed of title matches, week after week. And this has caused him to snap and unleash his dark aspect upon the world. Let me justify why this might be the simplest factor ever for Finn Balor’s WWE career.

I think Balor has reached the ceiling to what quantity he will probably accomplish as a babyface. As a heel, he may feud with the likes of Seth Rollins and really pass on to the consequent stage of his WWE career. Else, his career may become quite stale.


Ronda Rousey  attacked by Nikki Cross

Niki Cross
Credit WWE

If you are arising from NXT, you have to go to the top dog. we saw Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn go straight for John Cena. each man are now on high tier WWE superstars at this moment. Nikki Cross has to track Ronda Rousey to create an impact.

Sasha Banks ANd Ronda Rousey won’t get into words before their Royal Rumble match, as they’re each extremely beloved babyfaces. What will Rousey knock off the weeks leading up to her match? I believe once she’s within the ring cutting a promo, Nikki Cross should attack her.

Cross would thenceforth proclaim that she is getting into the Royal Rumble match. this could be the proper way to build an enormous debut.


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