WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Matches, Results & Highlights

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 go on pay-per-view (PPV) and also the WWE Network tonight (Sun., Feb. 17, 2019) at seven pm ET from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. However, the promotion is additionally giving a free live stream of its Kickoff show beginning at 6:00 pm ET.

This one can feature Buddy Murphy defensive the cruiserweight championship against Akira Tozawa.
There will even be previews of all the matches on the card, analysis, breaking news, and more. The pre-show panel of analysts will be a part of host Jonathan driver to interrupt down all the action before the PPV goes live.
The show starts at 6:00 pm ET, thus keep in mind to return back and be a part of US here for the live stream you see above!

Akira Tozawa Vs. Buddy Murphy

Excellent match, in spite of the actual fact that they cut away, picture-in-picture, halfway through for a brand new day interview. however Buddy Murphy is certainly a star.


Again, I am a regular watcher of 205, however, I do know enough to acknowledge that no one’s beating Murphy till there is a huge stage, sort of a WrestleMania. Crowd was conjointly way into it, thus we could have a hot horde tonight.

Elimination Chamber Winner: Buddy Murphy

Women’s Tag’s team Championship in a Elimination Chamber

Sasha Banks and Bayley started things off with Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose. Sasha and Bayley started off sturdy with Bayley holding Sasha’s hand whereas she walked the tight rope and landed on each opponent.

The Riott Squad were out 1st ANd it becomes a complete brawl.

The IIconics were in next and tried promise all the Superstars however could not get lucky. They wasted a whole difference of opinion with the official before happening the offense. Bayley was nearly stapled by the Iiconics however Sasha Banks stony-broke it up.

Naomi and Carmella were in next and also the Fabulous Glow kicked the Iiconics at a similar time before Naomi hit a splash. Carmella sent Kay into the chains and shortly everybody started assaultive one another and taking each other down.


Amidst the execution, Carmella tried to travel for the code of silence however it got shifting by Mandy Rose. Naomi confronted Rose and hit her with an out of this world rear view. The IIconics were encircled by all groups once Nia Jax and Tamina came out.

The Iiconics were eliminated.

The Riott Squad did a good job in attempting to take Jax and Tamina out. They managed to try and do thus and Sasha Banks and Bayley began their unbelievable cooperation on them. Nia Jax hit the Samoan drop on Morgan and Tamina splashed on each member.

The Riott Squad were eliminated.
We were right down to three groups and everybody was focusing on Tamina currently. DeVille attacked her, Sasha Banks too, ANd Bayley finished it with an elbow drop. All four members stapled Tamina.

Nia Jax and Tamina were eliminated.

DeVille tried to spear Sasha, WHO detached, property Mandy Rose take it. Sasha Banks landed a Bank’s Statement and it absolutely was over.

 Elimination Chamber Winner: Bayley & Sasha Bank

The Usos Vs. The Miz & Shane McMahon

The champs were up to the mark and therefore the Miz hit the ‘it’ kicks ahead of time however the Usos managed to induce the momentum by when hit a double team move The Miz. Jey hit a large lariat and tagged in Jimmy WHO visited headlock position. Jimmy hit one amongst the Miz’s trademark cord within the corner on him and Miz managed to recover and create the tag to Shane McMahon.

 McMahon cleared house by hit 2 DDTs and so originated for 2 Coast to Coasts to the 2 challengers WHO were in either corner. Jimmy took the shot however Jey countered with a Superkick and got a close to fall on Shane. Miz came in with a tag and took a Samoan Drop. Jimmy took out Jey accidentally before Miz set Jey up on the announce table. McMahon hit the Leap of faith and each Superstars were wiped out.

Miz hit a skull Crushing Finale on Jimmy within the ring however Jimmy reversed the pin try into a roll-up and got the massive win.

Elimination Chamber Winner: The Usos

Finn Balor Vs. Lio Rush & Bobby Lashley

Rush was close to begin the match however tagged in Lashley before it began. bobby Lashley completely dominated Balor however Balor managed to launch Lashley over the top rope. He went for the charge and Rush ran round the ring to prevent him. Balor chased Rush however got caught by Lashley, WHO drove him spine 1st into the barricade.

 Lashley tagged back in and gets able to spear Balor, however Lio Rush tagged himself in. Finn Balor unrolled of the means and Lashley wasn’t happy. Balor smiled at Rush as he tried to induce to Lashley. He was attempting to corner Rush, understanding his pace. Rush was fingertips away however Balor prevented the tag. He knocked Lashley down and sent him out. He sent burst forth and took each Superstars out. He went right when Rush and hit the sling blade and therefore the Coupe-de-grace for the win

Elimination Chamber Winner: Finn Balor

Charlotte came out and same some things regarding however she is best than Becky Lynch before the match started however the crowd wasn’t having any of it.

Ruby Riott Vs. Rounda Rousey

Ronda Rousey was dressed as Sonya from Mortal Kombat, WHO she voices within the new game. Riott kicked Rousey within the gut and came out of the box quickly, catching Ronda off guard.

Ronda quickly took control and slammed her with mini-judo throws onto the mat. Riott stepped out of the ring and kicked the barricade in frustration. Ronda Rousey hit the Piper’s Pit on Riott and looked to quickly end things. Riott tapped and it absolutely was over.

Elimination Chamber Winner: Rounda Rousey

Charlotte Flair came into the ring as Rousey looked on into the space and it absolutely was Becky lynch, walking in on crutches. Becky struggled to induce within the ring and she wobbled a touch. The 3 had a staredown and therefore the crowd chanted “She’s the man”. It looked they were teasing the important WrestleMania main. Becky attacked Charlotte with a crutch over and over and over. Ronda Rousey stared at what is happening and smiled.

Rousey picked up a crutch and was close to attack Becky lynch. Ronda looked towards Charlotte, memory what happened at Survivor Series last year. Ther champ attacked Charlotte however Becky attacked her too! She slammed the crutches against Rousey’s back over and over before security came out.

Baron Corbin Vs. Braun Strowman – No DQ Match

Corbin threw his vest at Braun Strowman and left the ring because the match started. Baron hit Strowman with a kendo stick however was flooded by The Monster Among Men. Braun aforesaid he did not need a kendo stick with beat Corbin. Baron threw a chair at Braun however he brushed it off before Corbin came at him with the steel steps before mocking the down Monster.

Braun recovered and powerslammed Corbin through a table within the ring. Drew Mcintyre’s music hit as he and bobby Lashley attacked Braun from behind with steel chairs. Braun fought back before Corbin hit him with a chair. The trio stacked 2 tables within the ring and powerbombed Braun through them before Corbin got the 3 count.

 Elimination Chamber Winner:  Baron Corbin

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Kofi Kingston Was the First to Enter the Pods Followed by Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Aj Styles, Samoa Joe, and ‘the New’ Daniel Bryan. The Champ Went on an Extra of His Rants. The Officers Sent Rowan Backstage and Bryan Protested by Sitting on the Ramp, Expression He Was a Martyr for ‘suffering for the Bigger Good’.
Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan Began the Match and Daniel Tried Avoiding Any Contact for as Long as He May. Bryan Went on the Offense Finally, and Joe Laughed It Off Before Lockup in a Very Submission. Joe Went for a Boston Crab and So a Crossface However Had to Quiet Due to His Own Broken Knee. They Listed Chops Before Joe Style of Hit the ‘it’ Kicks on Bryan.

Kofi Kingston Came in and Engaged Joe Before Bryan Attacked Him From Behind. Joe Recovered and Targeted on Bryan Who Climbed Up the Pods Belongings Kofi Take the Warmth. Kofi Climbed Up Once Him and Attacked the Champ Who Tried to Run Away.


Joe Brought Them Each Down Once Kofi Kicked Joe Within the Face.

Aj Styles Was in Next and Went Once Daniel Bryan Right Off the Bat. Styles Hit a Double Ddt on Kingston and Bryan and Therefore the Crowd Chanted His Name. Styles Hit Joe With a Forearm and So Went Once Bryan Who Was Rising to the Highest of the Cage. Aj Hit an Outstanding Forearm in Mid-air Taking Down Bryan as They Each Came Flaming Down. Joe Went for a Coquina Clutch on Kofi However Aj Came in With the Forearm and Got the 3 Count.

Samoa Joe Was Eliminated.

Jeff Hardy Was Following One in and Took Out Daniel Bryan Before Aj Hit a Pele Kick. Hardy and Styles Were Fighting on the Ropes Before Hardy Hit a Swanton Bomb on Aj From the Highest of the Pod. Bryan Hurried in With a Running Knee and Eliminated Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy Was Eliminated.

Randy Orton Came in Last and Hit an Rko on Styles Eliminating the Previous Wwe Champion.

Aj Styles Was Eliminated.

Kingston Went Once Orton and Was Hit With a Snake Eyes Within the Corner. Orton and Bryan Were Sparring Once Kofi Hit the Difficulty in Paradise Before Eliminating Orton.

Randy Orton Was Eliminated.

Kofi and Bryan Went on With the Match and Neither Wished to Back Off. Kofi Hit the Sos However Bryan Got Out Straightforward. The Champion Hit the Kicks Within the Corner and Kofi Was Still Not Done. He Came in With a Dropkick and Got a Close to Fall on Bryan. Kofi and Bryan Climbed Up the Cage Wall Wherever Kingston Smacked the Champion’s Face Into the Grates. Bryan Sent Kofi Into the Glass Pod to Induce Even I Assume.

Bryan Hit the Running Knee Within the Middle of the Ring However Kofi Kicked Out as the Crowd Went Wacky. Daniel Stomped Kofi’s Face Out of Existence and He Still Managed to Kick Out and Hit the Trouble in Paradise. Each Men Were Exhausted and Bryan Climbed to the Highest Rope and So to the Pod. Kofi Met Him Up There and Was Searching for a Superplex However Was Denied.

Kingston Kicked Bryan Off the Pod and Went for the Splash However Bryan Extended. Bryan Hit the Running Knee Obtaining the Pinfall and Preserved the Title.

Elimination Chamber Winner: Daniel Bryan


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