WWE Fans want changes in Matchmaking

WWE Universe
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WWE has announced a series of changes on Monday Night RAW, with the entire McMahon family taking charge of weekly WWE Shows. Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and her husband Triple H, alongside Mr.McMahon, can take over Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live moving forward.

WWE Universe
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The first show of the new era featured some attention-grabbing changes with a slew of call-ups declared, the Revival finally winning a match and therefore the imminent returns of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens teased.

All these changes signal a positive direction for the WWE Fans and WWE Universe, and therefore the new “Authority” has declared that the fans are in charge of the shows from currently on. Fans are the important “Authority” and that they can build the choices.

Although this statement is hyperbolic at the best, the fans do desire a few things and WWE should oblige and hear the fans.

Reinvent  Bayley

Bayley is one in all the most proficient women within the company nowadays. Bayley and Sasha Banks made one of the greatest women rivalries in WWE history back in NXT, resulting in an Iron Man match at Takeover.

WWE Superstar Bailye
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Bayley is a former NXT Women’s Champion, former RAW Women’s Champion and remains one in all the most beloved female superstars among the WWE Universe. Ever since she had a feud with Alexa bliss back in April 2017, she has been stuck in limbo.

Bayley has ne’er reached the heights of her NXT run and is presently wasted on the RAW list. Her gimmick was never the foremost intriguing one, however she had nice potential that wasn’t used properly.

Bayley was believed to be the female John Cena and she may have been for the Women’s Division what Cena was to the men’s.

Push Underutilized Superstar

The WWE roster has additional talent than ever presently. Superstars like Samoa Joe, Andrade Almas, Rusev, Sasha Banks, sanity didn’t even feature within the TLC pay-per-view. many superstars don’t even get an opportunity to feature on weekly programming because of the talent overload.

WWE Underutilized Superstar
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However, 5 hours value of tv is quite enough to have all of your prime superstars feature in some type or another. WWE has to create use of such talent available at its disposal, instead of that includes Baron Corbin and Nia Jax in each second section.

Fans have begged for a mega push for Rusev, whose natural charisma, wrestling skills and a dashing temperament scream “main-event run.” Andrade Almas is another talent WHO has struggled to find correct time on the main roster. He created a 5-star match against Johnny Gargano in January, that was WWE’s initial five-star encounter in over seven years!

Use of Quality Matches Over Quantity of Matches

WWE’s obsession with long PPVs isn’t an honest issue for anybody. WWE urgently has to take a page out of NXT’s playbook and have shorter PPVs, full of quality matches that get the WWE Universe talking.

WWE Quality Matches
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WWE Evolution was one among the best-made PPVs of 2018 just because it was shorter and had an NXT-like feel to it. NXT has consistently made fantastic Takeover events, that should be the gold normal in wrestling.

Five hours of PPV followed by 5 hours of RAW and Smackdown Live is just too abundant for even a die-hard wrestling fan, and WWE has to cut down on these.

A retreat to whole exclusive PPVs, with the occasional joint PPVs, is the correct move for WWE, and that they need to adopt an equivalent formula all over again.

WWE has to adopt the formula they had during the Ruthless Aggression Era and hamper on PPVs.


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