WWE Moday Night Raw Highlights: Rounda Rousey In Main Event 03 December

WWE Monday Night Raw Results
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Welcome to the WWE Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights from 3rd December 2018 as tonights show coming from Houston, Texas.

Jojo drives a 10-Bell salute for President George Herbert Walker Bush, who passed away at 94 years old on Friday. The 41st President lived in Houston.

– Michael Cole invites us to RAW as we go to the ring for this evening’s first match. Cole is joined by Corey Graves and Renee Young.

Natalya and Rounda Rousey Vs. Tamina and Nia Jax

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey is out first to kick things off. Natalya is out straightaway. Nia Jax is out first for her group. Tamina Snuka is out straight away and they go to the ring together while Jax’s music proceeds.

The chime rings however outcomes The Riott Squad’s Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan with a table. This occupies everybody, permitting Jax and Snuka to strike. They wind up hauling Rousey out of the ring and twofold joining her, devastating her and sending her into the steel ring steps. Natalya endeavors to ward off The Riott Squad yet they triple group her on the opposite side of the ring. They set the table up on the floor and convey Natalya in to hammer her from the cover however Rousey slides into the ring and comes to make the spare. Jax and Snuka stop Rousey and assault her.

Jax drops a leg on Rousey while The Riott Squad giggles. The Riott Squad puts Natalya through the table with a superplex from the cover. Natalya is moving around in torment to what’s the left side of the table as Rousey gradually gets to her feet. The foot sole areas back up the slope giggling as Rousey and refs keep an eye on Natalya at ringside. We go to business.

Back from the break and we see what simply happened to Natalya and Ronda Rousey. We slice backstage to Natalya gripping her arm while strolling with Rousey. Rousey calls for coaches to come to keep an eye on Natalya. Rousey gazes off and she’s not upbeat.

We go to the ring and out comes the new leader of the red brand ladies’ division, Alexa Bliss. There are two seats in the ring.

Delight discusses how General Manager-Elect Baron Corbin set her in control last week. A few fans boo. She goes on and says a week ago’s Open Forum went poorly well, so we will attempt again this week. Happiness has Charly Caruso at ringside with a mic once more. Like a week ago, Bliss acquaints Sasha Banks and Bayley with taking an interest in the discussion. Sasha is out first, trailed by Bayley. They go to the ring together.

Alexa Bliss says she didn’t think about Dana Brooke, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox assaulting a week ago however they have been condemned. Euphoria picks a male fan at ringside to make an inquiry. Charly approaches with the mic and the folks get some information about web-based life remarks on Sasha utilizing Bayley. Banks jokes that Bayley should discover she’s anticipating cutting her in the back. Banks say they simply had a fabulous time end of the week together in Texas, they are closest companions and will be label group accomplices for eternity. Delight picks a female fan from the group alongside ask who they would pick to conflict with. They both name WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Lita. There’s more pressure among Bliss and Banks. Another male fan is picked and he says he’s from Houston. He asks what superpowers they would have in the event that they could pick. Bayley would influence things to vanish, beginning with Bliss. Rapture says they were simply beginning to get someplace, however, Bayley dependably baffles her. Banks reacts and Bliss tackles beating her for the title some time ago.

A female fan is picked straightaway. She gets some information about changes they will convey to the division in 2019. Bayley says they need to be the first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Fans pop. Dana surges the ring with Mickie and Fox. They hit the cook’s garment and Bliss backs them off, saying this won’t occur again on her watch. Delight admonishes them and declares a counterpart for today. Joy says Dana can remain over here on the off chance that she needs yet it will be Banks and Bayley versus Fox and Mickie, at this moment.

Bayley and Sasha Banks Vs. Alicia Fox and Mickie James

Alicia Fox runs at it with Bayley. Dana Brooke watches from ringside. Fox with a Northern Lights suplex for a mid 2 tally. Alexa Bliss is viewing from a seat close to the hosts.

Mickie labels in and conveys a running boot to the face while Bayley is down. Mickie with a knee to the gut. Mickie keeps Bayley grounded now. Mickie winds up on the floor as Bayley moves off the beaten path. Fox comes in and hits a kick. Bayley counters Fox and makes the tag to Banks.

Banks gets the hot tag and empties on Fox. Banks moves through a counter and hauls her back for the Banks Statement amidst the ring. Mickie keeps running in and splits it up. Mickie labels in now as fans boo. She kicks Banks and punches her, talking junk. Banks gets up and fires back with lower arms. Mickie counters and drops Banks out of the corner for a 2 consider Bayley breaks the stick. Bayley with a back suplex to Fox as she keeps running in. Bayley rocks Dana off the overskirt. Mickie kicks Bayley and hurls her out of the ring. Banks moves Mickie up from behind. Mickie counters the DDT and labels in Bayley. Saves money with the Backstabber into a Bayley-to-Belly suplex for the stick to win.


Bayley and Sasha Bank

Ronda Rousey gets up to speed with Alexa Bliss backstage and shouts at her for how she’s dealing with the ladies’ division. Euphoria guarantees to address Nia Jax and her activities. Rousey says that is fine however she will get Jax and Tamina Snuka today around evening time. Delight acts concerned and says she can’t let Rousey do that, however she will discover Rousey another label group accomplice now that Natalya is harmed. Rousey doesn’t confide in Bliss and says she has no inner voice. Rousey strolls off.

  • The hosts lead us to a video bundle taking a gander at General Manager-Elect Baron Corbin and his ascent to control on the red brand.
  • The commentators are as yet advertising Corbin versus the harmed Braun Strowman for TLC.
  • Corbin is backstage when Bobby Roode and Chad Gable stroll in. Roode is enraged about Drake Maverick urinating on his robe a week ago. Peak and Roode will successfully get a rematch from RAW Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain. Corbin comprehends Roode is “ticked off” over what occurred. He says they will get another shot if Roode can beat Drake in a match this evening.

Lucha House Party Vs. Scott Dawson

We go to the ring and out comes The Lucha House Party – Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik. They’re doing pinatas and giving the treats to fans at ringside. We return to business.

Over from the break and we see late happenings between The Revival and Lucha House Party. Back to the ring and out comes The Revival – Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Dawson takes the mic and goes ahead about how Lucha House Party doesn’t regard label group wrestling. He’s prepared to show a thing or two in this one-on-one match. JoJo declares that this match will be challenged under Lucha House Rules, which means every one of the three individuals can take an interest. The Revival isn’t upbeat.

Dorado slides out and goes for a tag however Dawson stops him. Dawson strives for an unfair attack to the cook’s garment however Metalik comes in and kicks him in the face. Dash gets on the smock however Metalik dropkicks him off. Dorado catches up with another enormous kick to Dash. Kalisto comes in and flies out, bringing Dash down on the floor. Dorado with a major flying crossbody to Dawson. Kalisto labels in and hits Salida del Sol on Dawson. Metalik falls off the best with a major senton to get the stick on Dawson.


Lucha House Party

  • We go backstage to Baron Corbin in his office. Corbin has been searching for something throughout the night lastly has it, and he adores it. He advises a staff member to prepare everything for Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night. Back to business.
  • Back from the break and Michael Cole touts Titus O’Neil being regarded on the Ebony Power 100 rundown this previous week.

We go to the ring and General Manager-Elect Baron Corbin is out with a mic. The commentators publicity Corbin versus the harmed Strowman at TLC. Corbin discusses winning at TLC in fourteen days to end up the lasting RAW GM. Corbin boasts on his adventure to the best and says of late things have been less demanding for him because of this one individual. He has named today around evening time Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night to pay tribute to this individual. Corbin drives us to a video bundle with McIntyre features.

Corbin presents McIntyre and out he comes as the commentator’s publicity McIntyre versus Finn Balor at TLC. Corbin has a little box with a present for Drew. Corbin says thanks to Drew for the majority of his diligent work, his enduring help. Corbin says Drew has demonstrated he’s on the correct side of history. Corbin says this night can’t finish up without something to remember all Drew has done. Corbin opens the case and gives Drew a gold decoration. Corbin says RAW needs another gold medalist now that Drew has freed us of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. Corbin says this is the new RAW Gold Medal of Excellence.

Drew says thanks to Corbin and says this means the world to him however he was simply doing what nobody else was sufficiently able to do. Attracted says he came to RAW to step out a shortcoming, and they were smug. He returned to RAW months prior and individuals were simply playing computer games in the back, with no longing to achieve anything, investing more energy in web-based life. Drew says he at that point chose to re-frame RAW in his picture, the home of the solid and strong, with the longing to give 100% for 7 days seven days, not simply Mondays. Drew says evidently he’s working to perfection, indicating the decoration. Drew addresses Balor next, saying he’s only a kid in a man’s reality. Drew goes ahead about how he will break Balor at TLC however the music hinders and out comes Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler says he and Drew ruled RAW together so his welcome to this little gathering must have lost via the post office. Drew says in all actuality, Dolph was never welcomed. Drew says Dolph simply doesn’t meet the tallness prerequisite, for one. Fans boo. Drew inquires as to whether this is beginning to offend Ziggler. Drew says he was dependable the minds, the power and the ability of their group as he’s the entire damn bundle. Drew goes on and says Ziggler’s job was to get Drew into a noticeable position and take a gander at him now. Drew says Ziggler prevailing for once in his life. Drew says thanks to Ziggler in the interest of Corbin and himself. Attracted movements for Ziggler to leave the ring. Drew continues provoking Ziggler. Drew says Ziggler ought to kiss his feet since he’s the reason Ziggler wound up significant without precedent for a long time. Ziggler goes to leave yet he turns and empties on Drew with strikes. Dolph drops Drew with a Zig Zag. Ziggler exits the ring as his music hits. Drew looks on from the tangle. Corbin says Ziggler wouldn’t turn out and demolish Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night. Corbin says Ziggler has a battle on the off chance that he needs it at the present time. An arbitrator keeps running down as Ziggler looks on. Back to business.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Drew McIntyre

Once again from the break and the match is in progress. Drew McIntyre talks junk as he backs Dolph Ziggler into the ropes. Ziggler kicks him and battles back.

McIntyre drops Ziggler and launches him into the turnbuckles. Ziggler flies over the ring post and grounds on the floor. Drew winds up bringing Ziggler over into the ring and holding him down, concentrating on the arm. Ziggler battles back and hopes to make a rebound yet McIntyre obstructs the DDT, at that point dispatches Ziggler over the ring. Moved sends Ziggler to pull out of the ring.

Drew stands up and hollers out over Dolph. Stepped brings it once again into the ring currently, talking garbage and stalking Ziggler as he battles to get up. McIntyre lets Ziggler swing however he squares it and cleaves him back to the tangle. Fans fly as Balor comes exiting to the stage now. Attracted directs his concentration toward Balor, however glances back at Ziggler as he gradually gets up. Balor strolls down the slope as we return to business.

Drew winds up on the floor. Ziggler with hacks against the boundary. Drew with a headbutt. Stepped sends Ziggler back in and the official winds up going down. Balor exploits and dropkicks Drew.  Ziggler hits a superkick and spreads for the stick to win.


Dolph Ziggler

Once more from a break and Charly Caruso approaches Drew McIntyre backstage. Drew says Dolph Ziggler was never his companion yet he’s unquestionably an adversary now. Drew says Ziggler knows exactly how wiped out and wound he can be. Drew goes on and says he’s a mountain and he will come slamming down on Ziggler soon. To the extent Finn Balor goes, he’s a checked man. Drew storms off.

We go to the ring and Elias is out with a spotlight and his guitar.

Elias makes reference to how Bobby Lashley will discover that WWE represents Walk With Elias at TLC. Elias goes on and starts playing out his most recent melody however Lio Rush rapidly hinders on the mic. Surge is on the phase with Lashley. Surge says Elias felt exactly how solid Lashley is a week ago, however he will feel it again and again at TLC. Surge says Lashley has a wonderful body, similar to an oddity God. Surge has Lashley posture and hotshot on the stage now. Elias has seen enough. He heads up the incline with the guitar. Lashley decks Elias at the highest point of the slope and beats on him. Elias counters and sends Lashley into the LED screen. Elias goes to hit Lashley with the guitar yet he dismisses and pursues Rush rather until the point when he withdraws. Elias swings back to Lashley however Lashley retreats to the back. Elias returns exiting. Balor shows up in favor of the stage and tosses Rush back up. Elias crushes the guitar over Rush’s back.

– We see Baron Corbin backstage with Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers. Jinder advises Corbin not to give that pressure him a chance to out, and to overlook the bits of gossip on Braun Strowman showing up this evening. Jinder offers to deal with Balor today around evening time. Corbin says the Strowman bits of gossip are only that, and they joke about him being a one-furnished man. Corbin says Jinder can take out Balor for him today around evening time. Jinder clears out. Corbin brings Heath Slater and Rhyno in next. He comprehends they are companions and the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions however he’s getting ready for his job as lasting GM, and he’s been doing the math. Corbin says he’s arrived at the resolution that there is just room enough on RAW for one of them. He says he will be reasonable and given one of them a chance to stop to spare the other’s activity. Corbin asks who it will be. Slater says he can’t stop since he has children. Rhyno says he’s buckled down for his vocation and he can’t simply stop. Corbin reports Slater versus Rhyno for today. The champ remains on RAW and the washout gets let go.

Drake Maverick Vs. Bobby Roode

Once more from the break and out comes Bobby Roode without his robe. Roode and Chad Gable will acquire a RAW Tag Team Title shot on the off chance that he can win this match. WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick is out beside The Authors of Pain’s signature music.

Drake looks scared and reluctant before the chime. Drake strives for a shameful move however Roode rocks him to begin. Roode takes Drake to the corner and empties on him. The cameras slice to the backstage territory and we see Gable getting beat somewhere near RAW Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain. Noble Corbin appears with authorities. Corbin says he neglected to declare this was a 2-on-3 Handicap Match. Corbin sends Akam and Rezar to the ring. Corbin discloses to Gable he better rush and get to the ring too.

Peak comes in and tires to fend off both of the champs however they hit a major twofold group boot to the face. Rezar sprinkles Roode in the corner. AOP hits the Super Collider amidst the ring now as Drake connects for the tag. Drake labels in and covers Roode for the stick to win.


Authors of Pain And Drave Maverick

We go to the ring and out come a few men wearing gas veils, dressed like security or a SWAT group. Alarms are going off in the field. Dignitary Ambrose’s music hits and out he comes, additionally wearing a gas cover. The alarms proceed. Ambrose has the men encompass the ring to secure him.

Ambrose apologizes for the uncommon estimates he’s taken today around evening time yet you can’t be excessively protected in a perilous ghetto like Houston. Ambrose is shielding himself from the general population and their maladies, and from the psycho Seth Rollins. Ambrose takes his cover off. Ambrose says last time he was in this ring he was violently assaulted by Rollins, unwarranted. Ambrose goes ahead about Rollins and says he’s glad to remain here as the ethical compass of WWE. Ambrose says he would take the Intercontinental Title by power at TLC however that’ll be too simple. Ambrose advises Rollins to focus since he knows he’s backstage viewing. Ambrose goes ahead about how Rollins will lose control of himself at TLC, and after that lose control of the title. Ambrose advises Rollins not to stress since his renowned title will fall into his hands. The music hinders and out comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion through the group from behind.

Rollins decks two of the gatekeepers as others went to the slope to sit tight for him. Ambrose withdraws as Rollins hits the incline. Rollins cleans house as the gatekeepers come after him. Rollins jump starts one protect out over the others. Rollins runs the ropes for a suicide jump to Ambrose on the floor yet Ambrose pushes a watch in the way. Rollins pursues Ambrose through the group and beats on him when he gets him. Ambrose battles back and they fight. Rollins recovers the upper hand and hurls Ambrose over the boundary. Rollins jumps off the hindrance however Ambrose smacks him in the face with a gas cover. Ambrose empties on Rollins while he’s down. Fans serenade “you suck!” at Ambrose now. Ambrose drops Rollins on the floor with Dirty Deeds as the boos proceed. Ambrose arranges a portion of the watchmen to toss Rollins once more into the ring. Ambrose lifts Rollins and drops him amidst the ring with another Dirty deeds as fans boo. Fans serenade “once again” yet Ambrose leaves the ring as the alarms begin back up. Rollins is spread out all over in the ring.

Heath Slater Vs Rhyno-Winner takes Job 

We go to the ring and out comes accomplices Heath Slater and Rhyno. The washout of this match gets let go from the red brand.

Rhyno drops Slater with an underhanded move and empties on him to begin the match. Rhyno with more offense in the corner. Slater winds up moving in the corner as Rhyno keeps running into the ring post. Slater goes on and hits a neckbreaker for the stick to keep his activity.


Heath Slater

Finn Balor Vs. Jinder Mahal

We come back to the ring and out comes Finn Balor to take. Jinder Mahal is additionally out with The Singh Brothers.

Forward and backward to begin the match. Balor takes control however Jinder turns it around and grounds him amidst the ring. Jinder with more offense and some playing to the group while standing tall as we return to business.

Again from the break and Balor begins making a rebound. Balor with a twofold step to the chest amidst the ring. Balor with an enziguri and more offense. Balor dropkicks Jinder back. Balor scales yet The Singh Brothers get include and send Balor to the tangle as the ref is occupied. The Singh Brothers move at ringside.

Apollo Crews keeps running down and takes out The Singh Brothers at ringside. Apollo pivots to Jinder spreading him out on the floor. Balor runs the ropes and jumps out, bringing Jinder down on the floor. Balor brings Jinder back in and hits the corner dropkick. Balor trips to the best and hits a Coup de Grace on Jinder for the stick to win.


Finn Balor

Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax Vs. Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon

We go to the ring and out comes Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka for this evening’s headliner. Crude Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey is out first for her group. Rousey hits the ring, gazing her adversaries down as they exit. Rousey swings to sit tight for her accomplice Ember Moon as the music hits. Jax and Snuka enter the ring to thrash her from behind.

Moon surges the ring and flies at Jax with twofold knees. Moon jumps out and brings Snuka down at this point. Rousey runs the cover and bounces down to the floor at Jax, bringing her down. Rousey and Moon get started up together in the ring now.

Once again from the break and the match is in progress. Jax hurls Moon and talks some junk to Rousey. Snuka labels in and decks Moon, at that point shakes her with a correct hand. Moon counters leaving a move. Rousey at long last gets the tag as fans pop. Rousey nails Snuka and knees her as Moon labels back in. Moon drops Snuka all over and covers for a 2 check. Moon shouts out and flips into the corner with the enormous right hand to Snuka. Jax comes in and occupies Moon and the official. Moon pivots to a major kick from Snuka for a nearby 2 tally.

Rousey surges in and empties with clotheslines to Snuka. Rousey with knees and more strikes. Rousey orders Snuka to tag Jax in. Jax advises Rousey to go get her in the event that she needs her. Jax looks somewhat astounded before coming in yet she instantly labels Snuka back in. Fans boo Jax. Rousey yanks Jax into the ring. Snuka is legitimate and she comes I yet Rousey hits her with body shots into the corner. Rousey with a flying elbow. Rousey with another enormous takedown for a nearby 2 considers Jax makes the spare. Moon comes in and they bring Jax down with strikes. Snuka moves Rousey up from behind for a nearby 2 check. Moon winds up hitting The Eclipse on Snuka. Rousey gets Snuka’s arm and drops her into the armbar. Jax looks on from the floor as Snuka taps out for the wrap up.


Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon


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