WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Becky Lynch is Suspended on WWE Raw Live

Monday Night Raw Live Results.

We Welcome you to the Monday Night Raw Live Results. You will get Raw Results, Raw Video, and Raw Highlights here from Feb 11th, 2019. This Episode of WWE Raw Live comes from the Van Del Arena in Grand Rapids, MI.

In Today’s Episode of Monday Night Raw Live Stephanie McMahon Invited Becky Lynch again to clear her for her Wrestlemania 35 Match for WWE Raw Women’s Championship as he wins the WWE Royal Rumble 2019.

We Go Right to the Ring and Triple H Is Already Waiting With Stephanie Mcmahon. Stephanie Takes the Mic and Welcomes Us. She Plugs Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Pay-per-view and Also the Chamber Match for the First WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Triple H Plugs the Chamber Match for the WWE Title With Champion Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Mustafa Ali, Jeff Hardy, and Aj Styles. Stephanie Then Plugs Ruby Riott Vs. Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Triple H Says Rousey Can Continue to Defend Her Title at Wrestlemania 35 Against Becky Lynch if She’s Able to Defeat Riott. They Lead Us to a Video Package With the Recent Happenings Between Becky and Triple H & Stephanie.

Fans Chant for Becky. Stephanie Says Despite What Happened Last Week, She and Triple H Can Do What Is Best for Business and Provides Us What We Would Like. Stephanie Desires to Listen to From Becky’s Doctors on Her Injury. She’s Close to Bring Them Out However the Music Interrupts and Out Comes Becky Instead. Cole Mentions However Despite the Plot Suspension, Becky Showed Up at Weekend WWE Live Events and “Invaded” Them While Not Permission. Becky Takes the Mic and Taunts Them for What Happened Last Week. Triple H Says Everything Happened Quick However He Desires to Move on. He Apologizes. He Mentions That Becky Saw Her Own Doctors However WWE Doctors Are on the Case. He Says They Found No Tear, No Structural Injury to the Knee. He Says WWE Doctors Believe They’ll 100 Percent Medically Clear Becky After a Couple of Additional Weeks of Rehab. Triple H Announces That as of Currently, Becky’s Suspension Has Been Upraised and Her Match at Wrestlemania 35 Is on. Stephanie McMahon Starts Hyping Up Lynch Vs. Rousey at Wrestlemania. Stephanie Says the Match Can Happen if and as Long as Becky Will Do One Thing. She Says Becky Could Be a Leader for Women Around the World and Actions Have Consequences. Triple H Agrees. He Says the Suspension Is Over, the Match Is Back on However Becky Needs to Apologize.

They Go on Concerning However They Each Apologized, Currently Becky Must Apologize for Laying Hands on Them Last Week. Becky Asks for What as They Wished Her to Travel to a Doctor and She Did. Stephanie Tells Becky to Not Be Stubborn. She Tells Stephanie to Shut Her Face. Becky Says She Does Not Trust Them or Vince Mcmahon Because the Family Has Been Screwing Individuals for Many Years. Becky Goes on and Tells Stephanie to Shove Her Apology Up Her Arse. Fans Pop. Stephanie and Becky Begin Yelling at One Another Face to Face. Triple H Gets in Between Them and Says They Have to Relax. He Says This Can Be Not Hill Becky Desires to Die on. He Tells Her to Place Her Pride Behind Her. He Goes on Concerning if She Desires to Try to It Here or the Large Stage of Wrestlemania. Triple H Is Giving Her Till the End of the Night. He Must Tell Her Then if She Desires to Fight for Her Dream if She Desires to Fight Rousey at Wrestlemania. Can She Show the World That She Is That the Man? Or Can She Favor to Throw It All Away? Triple H Says the Selection Is Hers. He Drops the Mic and Walks Off to Exit With Stephanie. He Stops on the Apron to Seem Back at Becky as Fans Chant Her Name.

Nia Jax & Tamina Snuka Vs.Sasha Banks & Bayley Vs. Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan

Liv Morgan Logan and Nia Jax & Tamina Snuka. The Winners of This Match Can Earn a Bonus in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Sasha Starts Off With Jax. Jax Overpowers Early and Will the Same to Liv Once She Tags in. Jax Taunts Liv. Liv Nails Jax However Quickly Makes the Tag to Logan Once Jax Stumbles Around. Logan Tries to Show It Around However Jax Decks Her and Drops Her With a Headbutt. Jax Tags in Snuka for a Few Double Teaming Within the Corner. Logan Sends Snuka Into the Corner and in Comes Liv Once More. Liv With a Two Count. Liv Tries to Take It to Snuka However Snuka Drops Her. Snuka Slams Liv Within the Middle of the Ring and Covers for a Two Count. Snuka Keeps Liv Grounded Currently.

Jax Comes Back in to Stay the Offense Happening Liv. Liv Finally Mounts Some Offense and Tries to Take the Legs Out. Liv Dropkicks Jax Down Against the Ropes and Goes to Follow-up However Bayley Tags Herself in. Liv Shoves Bayley at Jax and Jax Floors Bayley. This Ends Up in Logan Leveling Banks on the Surface as We Head to Commercial.

 Bayley Takes Logan With the Dropkick Through All-time Low Rope Within the Corner on the Surface. We See the Wwe Women’s Tag Team Titles on Show as Bayley Takes Jax Then Ruby. Bayley Brings It Back to the Ring and Appears to Place Liv Away. Bayley Nails the Top Rope Elbow Drop However Logan Breaks the Pin Down Simply in Time. Logan Charges However Bayley Drops Her. Liv Rolls Bayley Up for a Close Two Count. Bayley Catches Liv With a Bayley-to-belly Suplex However Snuka Breaks the Pin With a Superkick to the Face. Snuka Drags Liv to Jax in Their Corner. Jax Tags in and Nails a Samoan Drop on Bayley for the Pin to Win.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Nia Jax & Tamina Snuka

Lucha House Party Wants to Walk with Elias

Elias Was Within The Middle Of The Ring, However Before He Might Placed On His Performance, Finn Balor And Becky Lynch Were Backstage, As Balor Told Lynch That Pride Has The Higher Of The Many Men Which It Should Not Get The Higher Of Her. Elias Was Getting Ready To Begin And A Video Package Of Seth Rollins And His Crazy Year Compete. Elias Was Interrupted Another Time, The Third Time Within The Last Few Minutes As Lucha Party Created Their Way To The Ring. Elias Was Angry For Being Interrupted And In Addition As Not Being Nominative For The Grammys.

 Lucha Party Aforementioned That They Require To Entertain The Wwe Universe Which They Needed To Walk With Elias, As Well. Lucha Party Weren’t Pleased With Elias’ Song; Elias Asked The Lucha Party If They Might Do Higher Than Him As Kalisto Took Elias’ Guitar To Play A Song. Elias Needed A Duet With Kalisto However Elias Landed The Guitar On The Rear Of Kalisto And Ran Backstage.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Finn Balor

Finn Balor Was In Hassle Right Off The Bat As Drew Mcintyre Started Off With A Gentle Stream Of Offence. Mcintyre Threw Balor To The Turnbuckles Then Unloaded On Him. He Then Visited Work On Balor’s Left Hand. Balor Tried To Take Advantage When A Dropkick; Mcintyre Saw The Ring Post As Balor Stepped Aside. Balor Then Tried To Land A Suicide Dive On The Skin However Was Distracted By Rush And Lashley On The Skin.

 Balor Landed A Dropkick Then Came Upon Mcintyre For A Coup De Grace, However Was Interrupted By Bobby Lashley.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Finn Balor By DQ

Lashley And His Buddies Were On The Point Of Taking Their Frustrations Out On Balor When The Match However Kurt Angle Came Out And Cleared House Before Striking The Ankle Joint Lock On Lio Rush. Corbin Came Out Too Then Did Braun Strowman Before It Became An Complete Brawl Before The Heels People.

Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley Vs. Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman

Kurt Angle Hit Mcintyre With 3 German Suplexes And So The Angleslam However Corbin Broke The Subsequent Pin. Lashley Came In For A Number Of Seconds Whereas The Official Was Distracted Before Tagging In Formally. Lashley Charged Into A Giant Boot As Mcintyre Was Tagged In.

Balor Was Tagged In After The Commercials And Unloaded On Corbin However Took A Chokeslam Backbreaker. Lashley Came In However Took A Basement Dropkick. Balor Hit A Suicide Dive On Mcintyre And Corbin And Went For The Finisher On Lashley However Lio Dropped Him And Bobby Took Advantage, Obtaining The Pin Despite The Fact That Balor’s Foot Was On The Lowest Rope.

 The Match Was Determined However The Referees Argued Before Restarting The Match.

Balor Hit A Double Stomp To Lashley And Tagged In Braun Who Steamrolled The Opposing Team Before Angle Hit A German On Corbin On The Surface. Braun Hit Lashley With The Running Power Slam And Set Balor Up For The Coupe-de-grace And Therefore The Pinfall.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman

Kevin Owens Update

 Kevin Owens featured during a section wherever he was during a bowling alley and aforesaid he was one month off from returning to WWE tv.

Ruby Riott Vs. Niki Cross

Cross took down Ruby Riott so place her in a very sleeper. She then landed a crossbody and went for the pinfall however Riott kicked out. Riott threw Cross’ body into the turnbuckle as we saw Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey bully off backstage. Rousey told Lynch that they might create history and urged Lynch to apologize to the McMahons and Triple H.

 Back to the match, Riott dragged Cross to the ground so landed kicks to the facet of Cross’ breastbone. Riott then landed a large kick; Cross countered and sent Riott back 1st onto the ground. She went to the highest rope however Riott landed a Riott kick to induce the win.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Ruby Riott

Seth Rollins Addresses WWE Universe on Raw

Winner Of The 2019 Royal Rumble Match, Seth Rollins Was Out To Promotion His Universal Title Shot Against Brock Lesnar And Recalled However His Dreams Were Crushed Once Before With Six F5s From The Beast.

Paul Heyman Interrupted Rollins And Stressed On The Fact That Every One Men Weren’t Created Equally Which Chasing The Title Was A Mission For Rollins. He Referred To As It A Spoiler, Not A Prediction And Rollins Same He Simply Did Not Care If Wrestlemania Was A Mission And He Can Sell His Soul To The Devil To Check To The Actual Fact That Brock Does Not Leave The Stadium As Champion.

 Just As Heyman Turned Away, Dean Ambrose Showed Up To Talk With Rollins. He Aforesaid He Had Only One Issue To Say: “Go Bump Off The Beast”. A Giant Face Flip From Ambrose?

After Showing His Support, Dean Ambrose Went Seating To Prepare For His Rematch Against Ec3

EC3 Vs Dean Ambrose

Ec3 Started Hard And Had Dean Ambrose In Check Before Striking A Missile Dropkick From The Ropes. Dean Took A Vertical Suplex And Ec3 Didn’t Capitalize. Ec3 Landed An Elbow; Ambrose Stepped Aside As Ec3 Runs Into The Post. Ambrose Landed A Number Of Clotheslines Then The Facet Slam However Ec3 Kicked Out.

Ambrose Visited The Top Rope However Ec3 Hit The Ropes That Caused ambrose To Fall. Ambrose Then Got A Roll-up Cowl And Also The Pinfall As Ec3 Was Defeated For The First Time On WWE.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Dean Ambrose

Alexa Bliss Showed Up Backstage To Inform Becky To Not Apologize To The Mcmahons. Lynch Saw Through The Charade And Aforesaid That Alexa Simply Wished The Title Match To Herself. Alexa Tried To Deny The Allegation However Becky Aforesaid That She Did Not Have A Real Bone In Her Body.

The Revival Vs. Chad Gable & Bobby Roode – Raw Tag Team Championship

Dawson And Gable Kicked Things Off And Therefore The Revival Had The Favourable Position Early Before Gable Hit An Enormous Move. The Champs Hit Coincident Suplexes Causing The Revival Out Of The Ring Before Gable Hit An Enormous Moonsault Off The Top Rope.

After The Commercials, Gable Hit An Enormous German Suplex So Another One To Wilder So Dawson However Could Not Get The 3 Count.

 Dawson Fought Back With Suplexes Of His Own Before Causing Wilder Into The Champ In An Exceedingly Double Team Move. Gable Hit Another German Suplex On Town As We Headed For One More Break. Roode Lost The Blockbuster However Hit A Spine Buster On Wilder Within The Ring.

Dawson Hit A Facebuster On Roode And Got A Near-fall. Gable Came In With A Sunset Flip On Town However Took The Shatter Machine Before Taking The Pin.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: The Revival(New Raw Tag Team Champion)

Becky Lynch Decisions

Triple H And Stephanie Were Out To Hear Becky’s Answer And Pressured Her To Apologize So That They May Simply Go On. The Crowd Yelled ‘no’ And Triple H Told Becky To Shut Them Out As A Result Of Their Opinions Did Not Matter.

Becky Admitted That She Did Not Trust The McMahons And Apologized Terribly Quickly. She Then Warned Them That If Anyone Came Her Way To The Title Shot, She Wouldn’t Hold Back. Triple H Agreed And Shook Becky’s Hand after the Speech, ‘you’re Attending To Wrestlemania’ And Walking Off.

 Becky Was Eased And Visited Address Ronda Once Rousey’s Music Hit. Once Rousey Reached The Ring, Vince Mcmahon Interrupted And Suspended Becky For Unhealthy Behaviour, Saying That She Wasn’t The Person, He Was. The Suspension Would Last Sixty Days And Charlotte Flair Would Take Her Place At Wrestlemania.

Mcmahon Aforementioned That Charlotte Would Be The New Raw Women’s Champion At Wrestlemania, And He Raised Her Hand. She’s Formally The Company Star Now.


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