WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Roman Reigns, Dave Batista Returns on Raw

Monday Night Raw

We Welcome you to the Monday Night Raw Live Results. You will get Raw Results, Raw Video, and Raw Highlights here from Feb 25th, 2019. This Episode of WWE Raw Live comes from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

In Today’s Episode of Monday Night Raw Live Roman Reigns Announces his return after his Leukemia.

Roman Reigns came intent on the ring the kickoff RAW to an enormous response from the crowd as he greeted them, barrel hands and took some footage with the front row. Roman aforesaid that he was inactive and also the crowd erupted. it’s been four months since he proclaimed that he had been battling leukaemia and had to require day off from competitive within the ring. Roman added that the large Dog was back and aforesaid that he can use the WWE platform to lift awareness and facilitate people.

As Roman was walking out, Seth Rollins came in and also the 2 former teammates smiled at one another before the 2 shared a hug.

The first match of the night was a tag team match wherever the recently drafted Superstars Ricochet & Aleister Black faced off The Revival.

Ricochet & Aleister Black Vs. The Revival

The Revival attacked Black and Ricochet right off the bat before the bell was even rung. each Ricochet and Black sent the Revival outside and followed up with immense dives over the ropes as we tend to headed to commercials. The match was afoot as we tend to came back and Wilder was within the ring with Ricochet before Black was labelled in.

After a small amount of back and forth, Dawson was the legal man and went once Ricochet WHO free the ring. Black came in from behind and hit the Black Mass for the fast pinfall.

Monday Night Raw Results: Ricochet & Aleister Black

The Riott Squad Vs. Natalya & Rounda Rousey

Logan and Natalya began the match and Riott tags in too soon. Natalya was in bother for a second before she managed to create a tag to Rousey WHO came in and clean house. Morgan interfered and Rousey and Natalya hit a cover advance her on the surface.

After we tend to came from commercials Ronda was going at Riott once she came to the aide of Sarah Logan. Riott had Logan on her shoulders and hit the Piper’s Pit however before she may opt for the pin Becky lynch jumped the barricades from, the crowds carrying a ‘Kill Bill-esque’ tracksuit and attacked Rousey along with her crutch.

Monday Night Raw Results: Natalya & Rounda Rousey By DQ

The Atlanta police department were out once the officers did not contain the 2 and had to handcuff Becky before escorting her out of stage.

After the slaughter, Rousey demanded Vince McMahon to point out up however Stephanie came out instead.

Rousey told Stephanie McMahon to ‘just reinstate’ Becky to her WrestleMania match as a result of she was at her ‘wit’s end’. Stephanie aforesaid it had been impracticable since Becky was inactive and she brought it on herself by being ‘unprofessional’. Rousey pleaded with Stephanie to place Becky and Charlotte each within the WrestleMania title match against her however Stephanie still aforesaid no.

Rousey same she demands Becky be reinstated and placed the title at her feet and same “it’s time for you to create the correct decision” before walking out.

Jinder Mahal Vs. Kurt Angle

Mahal landed an enormous kick right at the beginning and went for the pinfall however Angle kicked out. Mahal landed a couple of kicks then a chin lock on the WWE Hall of Famer. Angle fought back then landed an ideal German suplex, followed by 3 a lot of German suplexes.

He then landed a punch on each Singh Brothers then the Angle Lock on Jinder Mahal WHO tapped out.

Monday Night Raw Results: Kurt Angle

A Moment of Bliss with Finn Balor

Alexa walking on air started by expression goodby to Ronda which she would ne’er disrespect the RAW Women’s title. Finn Balor came in and Alexa congratulated him for the title win. Lio Rush interrupted this section.

Lio challenged Balor to a title match to settle things and Balor agreed however added that Rush would not have time to organize since the match was right then.

Finn Balor Vs. Lio Rush (Intercontinental Championship)

Balor started off sturdy and Lio countered with a giant knee strike once he was taken out by a sling blade Rush went for the submission by extending the injured knee of Balor. Rush got a close to fall right once an enormous kick.

Balor was having bother walking however managed to hit a 1916 off a reversal. Finn went up high for the coupe DE Grace and picked up the win.

Monday Night Raw Results: Finn Balor

Bobby Lashley Vs. Braun Strowman

Lashley Went on the Offensive Even Before the Bell Rang So Went to Work on Strowman’s Knee. He Tried to Suplex Strowman However the Monster Was Simply Too Massive. Lashley Landed an Elbow However Strowman Countered With a Giant Boot, a Splash, So Clubbed Lashley to the Ground.

Lashley and Rush Were Shoulder-tackled to the Ground by Strowman Within the Outside, However the Match Was Called Off Thanks to the Slaughter as Strowman Walked Backstage.

Monday Night Raw Results: Braun Strowman Vs. Bobby Lashley Was Canceled Because of Injuries

Backstage, Seth Rollins Was Being Interviewed and Aforesaid That He Was Getting to Win at Wrestlemania, However Tonight Was Concerning Celebrating Together With His Brother, Roman Reigns.

We Additionally Saw the Arrival of Ric Flair Who Drove Up to Stage Together With His Married Woman Before the Celebration of His 70th Birthday.

Dean Ambrose Vs. Drew McIntyre

Ambrose attacked Drew outside the ring before his entrance was over and therefore the 2 brawled their way to the ring because the match began formally. Dean took off his belt however McIntyre went on to demolish him with it instead. Dean Ambrose sent McIntyre into the steel steps then hit a neck breaker within the ring before going ham on him with the belt.

 McIntyre hit the Glasgow Kiss and charged at Dean with the steps in hand. Ambrose dodged the attack and bounced Drew’s leave the steps however Elias smashed a guitar on Ambrose. Drew went for the pin and got the 3 count.

Monday Night Raw Results: Drew Mcintyre def. Dean Ambrose

Baron Corbin and bobby Lashley came intent on attack Dean and Elias joined then however Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns came intent on save the day. Reigns and Rollins cleared the house and delivered their finishers on Dean’s attackers before walking off.

Bayley Vs. Nia Jax

Bayley Hit an Enormous Hip Toss on Nia Early, on Obtaining the Favorable Position as We Headed for Commercials. We Came to Check Bayley Scurry Out of an Enormous Move and Spear Nia Within the Corner. Nia Charged at the Tag Champ and Hit a Devastating Lariat. Nia Went for a Submission Hold However Bayley Got Out of It.

Nia Set Bayley Up Within the Corner, the Wrong Way Up, and Hit an Enormous Splash. Tamina Went for the Interference However Banks Sidestepped. Jax Grabbed Sasha Banks’ Hair and Also the Distraction Helped Bayley Land an Elbow From the Highest Rope to Get the Win.

Monday Night Raw Results: Bayley

Ric Flair 70th Birthday Bash

Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon Came Out and Introduced Our Guests, Hbk Shawn Michaels, Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Boat, Kurt Angle and at Last Sting, All of Whom Came Resolute the Ring. They Unveiled a Novel Golden Wwe Championship Belt That Was a Present for Flair.

Rick Flair’s Music Hit However Nobody Showed Up. Dave Batista Was Seen Backstage Going Into Ric’s Room and So Drag Him by the Collar Out Onto the Ground Backstage. Triple H Straight Off Ran Resolute Facilitate and That They Found Flair Nearly Unconscious, Lying on the Bottom Because the Show Cut Out on It Strange Note.


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