WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Stephanie McMahon invites Becky Lynch on WWE Raw Live

WWE Monday Night Raw Result

We Welcome you to the Monday Night Raw Live Results. You will get Raw Results, Raw Video, and Raw Highlights here from 04th Feb 2019. This Episode of WWE Raw Live comes from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.
In Today’s Episode of Monday Night Raw Live Stephanie McMahon Invited Becky Lynch to Know about his Wrestlemania 35 for WWE Universal Championship as he wins the WWE Royal Rumble 2019.

The Show Begins With Stephanie Mcmahon Standing in The Middle Of The Ring And Welcoming Us To Raw. Before She Will Continue, Becky Lynch’s Music Hits And She Walks Right Down To The Ring. Lynch Is Actually Selling Her Knee Injury As She Hobbles Up The Steel Steps. The Crowd With Some Loud “Becky” Chants. Stephanie Introduces Lynch To The Crowd Then Introduces A Replay Of Lynch Difficult Rousey Throughout Raw Last Week. Steph Tells Lynch That She’s Ne’er Seen Anyone Simply Smile In Ronda’s Face Like That. Lynch Asks Her Why Would Not She Be Smiling.

Stephanie Says That Nobody Desires To See Lynch Slap Rousey’s Leave Over Her When Last Year’s Wrestlemania.

Stephanie Points Out Lynch’s Knee Injury And Asks Lynch If Her Knee Is Alright? Lynch Says She’s Fine, However Nonetheless, Steph Shows Replays From The Rumble Wherever Lynch Blistered Her Knee However Still Won. Steph Says That Is What She Will As A Result Of She’s All Heart However She Cannot Keep Refusing Medical Attention. Lynch Says She Won The Rumble On One Leg And She Or He Does Not Need Doctors Concerned. Steph Says She Understands And Remembers Once She Refused Medical Attention Throughout The Invasion Of Raw, Once She Bust Her Face. She Says That In Spite Of What, Lynch Simply Wished To Keep Fighting. Mcmahon Is Aware Of She Is Going To Do Something To Fight For This Moment However She Cannot Let Lynch Contend In An Exceedingly Match If She’s Not Cleared By The Wwe Doctors.

Steph Says Everybody Desires To See The Match However She Should Be Cleared. She Begs Lynch To Travel See The Doctor And Tells Her It’s Nothing To Try And Do With Tricks. Lynch Tells Steph That She’s Not Taking Her Moment Faraway From Her. Steph Says That, If Kill Does Not Go See A Doctor, She Is Going To Got To Suspend Her.
Lynch Refuses And Steph Says, As Of This Moment, Becky Lynch Is Suspended From Wwe.

Becky Lynch Loses Her Cool And Begins Assaultive Steph. She Nearly Gets Within The Dis-arm-her However Gets Separated By Refs And Trainers. Individuals Try And Pull Her Away However She Continues Going When Stephanie McMahon Whereas The Crowd Rallies. Steph Escapes Up The Ramp As Lynch Nurses Her Blistered Knee And Exits The Ring. Lynch’s Music Plays And She Exits. Turning Out Next, Ronda Rousey Takes On Liv Morgan.

Back From the break, Lynch is Walking Through The Backstage Space Enclosed By The Refrees And Trainers. Lynch Sees Rousey And Also The 2 Return Face To Face. Rousey Tells Becky That She Tests The Boundaries Of Her Expertise Anytime She Sees Her.

However She Is Going To Keep Her Cool As A Result Of She Has Matches And Ppvs To Sell. She Asks Lynch If What She Did Tonight Is Gonna Facilitate Sell Their Ppv Match Currently That She’s Suspended, As A Result Of She’s Robbed Everybody Of Their 1st Main Event At Wrestlemania.

Liv Morgan Vs. Rounda Rousey

Rousey Goes After Liv However Liv Escapes to the Surface Straight Off and Jumps Around With the Riott Squad. Liv Nearly Enters the Ring However Jumps Down Back to the Surface. Liv Comes Back in However Rolls Out of Rousey’s Grasp and Taunts. Rousey Finally Gets Her Hands on Liv and Drives Her Right Down to the Mat. Logan Tries to Urge Involved on the Outside, Permitting Liv to Make the Most the Distraction. Rousey Still Goes for a Swing, Liv Goes into a Bridge, So Rousey Strikes Her Abdomen. Rousey Continues With Multiple Punches So Applies the Armbar for the Tapout.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Rounda Rousey

Rousey Grabs a Mic When the Match and Yells Regarding the Fans Booing Her and Therefore the Riott Squad Obtrusive at Her. She Tells Somebody That They Have to Try and Do One Thing Regarding It if They Need a Drag. She Challenges Sarah Logan Which makes Another Match-up.

Sarah Logan Vs. Rounda Rousey

Logan Goes Right After Rousey and Tackles Her into the Corner Turnbuckles. Logan Picks Her Up Once More However Rousey Rolls Through into the Armbar. The Riott Squad Pull Her Out of the Ring as We Move to Commercial. After We Come From the Break, Rousey Has Logan During a Triangle Choke. Logan Picks Her Up and Slams Her into the Turnbuckles to Flee and Stomps Her Within the Corner. Rousey With a Couple of Strikes and a Toss. She Follows It Up With a Series of Punches and an Armbar for the Tapout.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Rounda Rousey

Heavy Machinery Vs. Lucha House Party Vs. The B-Team Vs. The Revival

Gran Metalik at Once Rolls Up Curtis Axel However Solely Gets a Fast Count. Axel Gains the Advantage With One or Two Right and Taunts to the Group. Metalik Off the Ropes With an Acrobatic Stunt, a Kick and a Dropkick Off the Second Rope. Constellation Comes in and Starts Cleaning House, Rolling Up Wilder in a Hurricanrana Pin for a Pair of Count. Constellation With an Arm Drag and an Armbar. Gable and Roode Look on as Wilder Switches Things Up and Gets an Armbar of His Own. Knight Tags in and Goes When Wilder, Using a Couple Gutwrench Slams and a Front Facing Lock. Dozovic Tags in and Heavy Machinery Uses a Tandem Headbutt for a Pair of Count.

Dawson Knees Dorado Within the Abdomen However Dorado Comes Back and Uses a Double Stunner on the Revival. Dozovic and Bo Dallas Are the Legal Men However Everybody Starts Rushing the Ring and Obtaining Taken Out. Otis Comes in With a Double Shoulder Tackle on the B- Team. He Hits an Enormous Splash on Bo Within the Corner Then the Caterpillar for a Pair of Count. Knight Delivers a Suplex to Axel and Dozovic Slams Bo. Dawson Tags in and Tries to Pin Bo for a Two. Wilder Tags in and That They Hit the Shatter Machine for the 1-2-3!

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: The Revival

Backstage, Zack Ryder Greets Curtis Hawkins and Tells Him That Eventually, They’re Going to Be Out There as #1 Contenders. Hawkins Reminds Ryder However Toxic He’s With All of His Losses. Ryder Tells Hawkins That Wwe Spelled Their Name Wrong After They Entered the Ring Last Week. He Says That His Purpose Is, He Is a Loser Similar to Him. He Says That It Will Not Be for Long as a Result of They Were the Tag Team Champions Once. Ryder Says That They Are Gonna Finish Hawkins’ Losing Streak Along.

Kurt Angle future Announcement

Angle is walking within the arena and superstars are greeting him as we move to commercial.

Kurt Angle enters to his usual, “You Suck!” chants. Angle grabs the mike and tells the audience that over the past twenty years, he has accomplished everything that he is wished to accomplish.

Angle says that the opponent he cannot defeat is father time. he is interrupted by Baron Corbin. Corbin asks Angle what he is doing this for. He says he did this to himself and he ought to have made this speech at the Hall of Fame 2 years past. Corbin tells him that he ought to have simply created matches as head and not be in them. Corbin tells him that he is weakened and a shadow of a person. Angle says that this “shadow” of a person can break his ankle.

Drew McIntyre enters on the ramp. McIntyre tells Angle that he can not help himself, he is close to settle for his fate and move then he says he’ll break the ankle of the man that beat him last week.

He says that Angle has no quit in his body and he is gonna keep showing up till someone does something forceful. He tells Portland to shut their mouths and acquire their cameras prepared as a result of it’ll be the last time Angle is ever in a very WWE ring.

McIntyre and Corbin surround the ring however Braun Strowman enters and makes a charge for the ring. within the ring, Angle hits Corbin with some rights and so sends him over the highest rope. Meanwhile, Strowman sends McIntyre face-first off the steel ring post. Strowman chases once Corbin ANd throws a chair at him. McIntyre and Corbin jump into the audience and escape to the backstage space. The announcer’s mention however Angle was making an attempt to retire however we still do not know what he was about to say.

Nikki Cross & Alicia Fox Vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley

Alicia Fox went for AN early pin on Bayley however it had been a 2 count. Sasha looked injured as she anticipated a tag and her opponents hit a double team advance Bayley.

Nikki and Alicia changed tags oftentimes before Cross sent Bayley flying out of the ring. Cross charged at Bayley and Sasha sent her into the ring post instead. Fox sent Nikki into the ring and Bayley got a fast pin with the cradle and gets the win.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Road Dogg came out and introduced Jeff Jarrett as the Hall of Famer created his entrance. They started singing their duet before Elias interfered. Elias talked some trash concerning the couple and Jarrett aforesaid, ‘Bring it, Chico’. Jarrett challenged Elias to a match and he had no alternative however to just accept.

Elias Vs Jeff Jarret

Jeff Jarrett hit a giant hip toss however took a knee to the face because the match started. Elias mocked JJ’s strut and Road Dogg was furious.

Elias latched in an exceedingly lock and hit a vertical suplex for a 2 count. Elias kicked Road Dogg within the face WHO was at a ringside seat and JJ hit a giant kick. Road Dogg took another kick to the face before Elias got the pinfall.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Elias

Road Dogg Attacked Elias After the Match and Jj Stone-broke His Guitar on Elias Before the WWE Hall of Famers Created Their Exit.

Finn Balor came resolute face Lashley however bobby instead told Balor he had to face Lio Rush 1st before he would get a title shot.

Lashley was fast to attack Balor before the match began and demanded the bell.

Lio Rush Vs. Finn Balor

Rush started off robust and Finn Balor was at half steam at the best. Balor dropped Rush on the mat and hit a dropkick to the face of Rush sending him outside.

Bobby Lashley interfered once more and therefore the officials sent him backstage by force. Rush hit a suicide dive as we tend to heads to commercials. Balor hit a sling blade as we came followed by a coupe DE Grace and got the pinfall.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Finn Balor

A Moment of Bliss

Another episode of a moment of bliss embarked on with EC3 as of the special guest. Alexa asked EC which brand he most well-liked once Nia Jax & Tamina interfered the ‘blind date’. Nia was expression one thing regarding her convince Alexa and Mickie once Dean Ambrose interfered.

Dean Ambrose claimed that Nia Jax had a crush on her and told her to remain away. Then Ambrose asked EC3 WHO was so asked the real queries like wherever was EC1 and 2, if he was a Creed fan, and WHO did his hair. EC3 was getting ready to speak however punched Ambrose instead and headed to the ring. This was virtually the funniest section on RAW up to now this year. Also, Ambrose showed babyface tendencies. perhaps he is turning back once more shortly.

Dean Ambrose Vs. EC3

Ambrose sent EC3 into the corner and hit a series of kicks. He then caught the debuting maven during a lock however took a flurry of massive moves from the newcomer.

EC3 hit a roll-up countering what seemed like a powerbomb from Ambrose and got the fast win.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: EC3

Baron Corbin & Drew Mcintyre Vs. Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman

Angle Hit a German Suplex Right Off the Bat as We Headed for a Break. Back to the Match, Corbin Had Kurt in an Exceedingly Hold Before He and Drew Double Teamed the Hof’er. Drew Mcintyre Hit the Anglelock on Kurt and He Was Almost to Tap However Created the Tag Instead.

Braun Strowman Steamrolled Although Drew and Corbin Took the Tag and Attacked Stowman on the Surface, Causation Him Into the Ring Post So the Barricades. The Heels Double-teamed Braun Multiple Times However Could Not Get the Pinfall.

They Tried to Induce a Double Suplex However Braun Instead Hit a Double Suplex on Them Before Tagging in Angle. Kurt Angle Hit German Suplexes on Each opponent So an Angle Slam on Corbin. Braun Came in in Spite of Not Being the Legal Man and Took Out Baron Against the Referee’s Directions, Inflicting a Disqualification.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result: Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin.

Braun Was Taken Out by Mcintyre So the Heels Sent Angle Into the Steel Steps. They Brought the Steel Steps Within the Ring and Was About to Put Angle Through It However Braun Came Back and Also the Babyfaces Sent Them Into the Steel Instead


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