WWE Monday Night Raw Results Jan 7th 2019, Highlights Video from Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw Results

Monday Night Raw Results

We Welcome you to the WWE Monday Night Raw Results. You will get Raw Results, Video, and Highlights here from 07th Jan 2019. This Episode of Monday Night Raw is the first Episode for WWE Raw Brand as this Episode of Monday Night Raw comes from Amway Center in Orlando.

The show began with a brawl between Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins.

All of an unexpected, John Cena came out. Cena began hyping up the Road to WrestleMania and declared his entry into the Rumble match before being interrupted by Drew McIntyre. McIntyre told that he had waited for this moment for years.

McIntyre talked regarding however Vince McMahon himself was known as John Cena the best of all time – and he agreed. He did not care regarding WHO he shared the bed with, what his haircut is, or the rest. He cared regarding his sixteen world championships.

Cena talked regarding however he is heard identical promo weekly. McIntyre aforementioned the distinction is they all speak -.and that he’ll show him. They got prepared for a brawl and Lio Rush interrupted speech”We’ve got a situation”.

He started protestant regarding Seth Rollins. Lio Rush demands a professional person, however, he got Rollins instead. Rollins attacked Lashley however was then attacked by Dean Ambrose. Cena went for the save however was attacked by Drew McIntyre.

Dean Ambrose, Bobby Lashley & Drew McIntyre Vs. John Cena, Finn Balor & Seth Rollins

Drew McIntyre started sharply pushing Finn Balor and taunted him whereas Rollins and Cena pushed Balor on. McIntyre taunted Cena and tagged Lashley in before all of them started engaged on Balor. Lashley hit Balor with AN elbow and took his time, however, Balor tried to flee.

Lashley controls him back along with his power and threw him into his corner. Balor upraised his legs up and attacked McIntyre and Ambrose before making an attempt to leap to his aspect for the tag however he got delayed once more. Ambrose got labeled during this time.

Balor finally labeled in Cena, who knocked Ambrose down. He had Ambrose au fait his shoulders and therefore the Lunatic labeled in McIntyre before obtaining hit with AN AA. McIntyre entered and knocked Cena down with a headbutt. McIntyre dominated Cena and control him down with the spine buster. Ambrose tagged in and had Cena barred in a sleeper hold. Ambrose continuing to dominate Cena as RAW rolled on.

Back once the break, Ambrose was still up to a speed of John Cena. they’d been analytic John Cena, who was making an attempt to induce the tag. Cena tried to power his means through and labeled Rollins, however Ambrose raked Cena’s eyes and shod Rollins out. Balor urged the group to tag Balor in.

Balor finally labeled in and he was all dismissed up. He started to knock Ambrose down and hit a sling blade on Lashley. Balor countered the Dirty Deeds and stomped Ambrose’s chest before landing the coup-de-grace. He tried to travel for the pin however McIntyre hit the Claymore.

They each went for the tag and Rollins was finally in. it absolutely was Rollins vs McIntyre. He took McIntyre down and even hit a moonsault on Lashley outside. Rollins started along with his transitions and countered McIntyre to require him down. He started pumping the group and feeding off their energy.

He hit a superkick however McIntyre countered at once. Cena took McIntyre ANd hit an AA before feeding a spear from Lashley. Rollins super-kicked Lashley and realizing that McIntyre is that the legal man, brought him within the ring. McIntyre evaded a frog splash and Ambrose labeled in. Rollins evaded the Dirty Deeds and counters it into a stomp before promise the Intercontinental Champion.

Monday Night Raw Results:  John Cena, Finn Balor & Seth Rollins

Rollins checked out the Titantron and Triple H was rebuke Sasha Banks and Bayley. He visited confront Triple H, who told him that he has earned a title match. Triple H created a Falls Count anyplace match for the Intercontinental title within the main event of the same night. Triple H additionally told Rollins “Welcome Back”.

Hulk Hogan Returns and Tribute to Mean” Gene Okerlund

A 10-Bell Salute and silence followed up to honor the late, nice “Mean” Gene Okerlund. Hulk Hogan entered to an enormous pop and began with “Let ME tell you one thing, brother!” Hogan aforesaid that Mean gene loved amusive and that is why he came in character. Hogan signaled for a video package. He was clearly overwrought and on the verge of tears.

Hogan’s eyes were puffy because of the video package all over. He told Mean gene that everybody admired him. He started blockading a touch and told him that he lost him. the crowded musical “Thank you Mean Gene”. He cut a classic Hulk Hogan promo as if Mean gene were there. He born the mic and also the “Real American” song because the crowd gave him AN standing ovation.

Up next, the lumberjack match was set to create its return to WWE because the team of Bobby Roode & Chad Gable faced The Revival to defend the RAW Tag Team Titles.

Lumberjack match – The Revival Vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Scott Dawson started the action with Chad Gable. Gable managed to counter each Dash and Dawson and took them down alongside Roode. The Lumberjacks threw them back in and also the Revival got knocked out once more and before they got sent back in and Gable jumped on them from the highest rope. The champions were in advantage.

The champions were still on top of things after the break and Dawson was in a very precarious scenario on the surface. Dash tagged in whereas Gable hit a suplex on Wilder. Dash splashed on Gable however it had been a 2count. Gable and Dawson were back at it and it absolutely was counter vs counter. Roode assisted Gable together with his roll up. Dawson’s leg was clearly below the ropes however the referee’s view was barred.

Monday Night Raw Results: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Elias was within the ring talking regarding his huge successes in 2018 so confirmed which will be within the Royal Rumble. He then started trashing on Baron Corbin and referred to like him a joke. He was getting ready to start singing the song he wrote for the previous gram once Corbin interrupted.

Corbin claimed nobody got his genius which he wasn’t going away; he was a connection the Royal Rumble instead.

Elias Vs. Baron Corbin

Elias dominated too soon and sent Corbin out of the ring before bound off the top rope and wiping him out. when a chance, Corbin was up to speed and went for a pin however it had been close to fall. Corbin was mad at the referee whereas the crowd chanted ‘you got fired’. Elias hit a flying knee from the highest and a swinging neck breaker for a close to fall of his own.

Corbin hit the top of Days And picked up a fast success when Elias virtually bumped into the referee when an Irish whip.

Monday Night Raw Results: Elias

Braun Strowman return and Calls Brock Lesnar

Braun Strowman was back after he recovered from his injury and showed up within the ring. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came on the Titantron and aforesaid that the card at Royal Rumble was subject to alter since Lesnar did not would like another victim.

Braun taunted each of them for concealment backstage behind a screen and told that if he comes near to the ring, he would not build it to the Royal Rumble. Brock hand Heyman the belt and headed to the ring against the most effective manager of his advocate.

Braun Strowman taunted each of them for concealment backstage behind a screen and aforesaid if he came down to the ring, he would not build it to the Royal Rumble. Brock handed Heyman the belt and headed to the ring against the most effective judgement of his advocate.

Lesnar created his entrance then again turned before he entered the ring. Braun caught up Brock and told that once the Royal Rumble, people will call Strowman the Universal Champion.

Lesnar simply turned and checked out him, flashing his evil smile.

Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox Vs. Apollo Crews & Ember Moon

Apollo Crews and Jinder Mahal started off the match and Apollo hit some fast moves before sending him over the highest rope and jumping onto him, putting off the Singh Brothers additionally. Alicia came in with the tag and ember joined her within the ring, The Phenom hit the Eclipse right out of the gate obtaining the win inside a moment of stepping within the ring.

Monday Night Raw Results: Ember Moon and Apollo Crew

Alexa bliss was shocked that it wasn’t her. Nia Jax came out and created a projection noise. Nia Jax asked for a repeat however Rousey indicated that she’s not about to get wise. Sasha Banks then came out. Banks told Rousey that she was honored, and would like to face her for the title so as to show her the way to lose with dignity. Rousey laughed however appeared hospitable of the challenge.

Sasha Banks referred to as Nia a “b***h” and challenged her to a match, with the winner changing into #1 challenger for the RAW Women’s title. She stormed to the ring and Nia Jax Sat down, calling herself “The b***h, not a b***h”.

The match was sanctioned during the break and that we came to visualize each woman within the ring because the match taken off.

Sasha Bank Vs. Nia Jax – No. 1 Contender for Raw Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks started off on the offensive and went for a crossbody on the surface however was caught by Nia Jax. Tamina came out to interfere however Bayley came to the aide of Sasha. Banks got thrown on the boxes outside throughout the match whereas Bayley was taken down by Tamina. Nia Jax tried to pin Sasha early however failing. Nia missed the Samoan drop from the top rope, however, dropped Sasha on the ropes throat 1st.

Outside Bayley managed to send Tamina into the barricades whereas Sasha was exhausted once trying to drop Nia on the canvas. Sasha got in before the ten-count and locked within the Banks statement, makes the submission.

Monday Night Raw Results: Sasha Bank

Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose – Intercontinental Championship – Fall Count Anywhere

Seth Rollins attacked Dean Ambrose as he was creating his entrance and therefore the match did not officially begin till the 2 brawled their way to the ring. Rollins sent Dean over the barricades and therefore the match proceeded to the backstage space.

Rollins sent Ambrose into a ladder and nearly took his head off with a shovel. Rollins sent lighting rails blooming towards his former mate however he got out of the means. Ambrose went for a pin on high of a road case however Rollins kicked out.

Ambrose attacked Rollins with a ladder and went for a pin however once more it had been close to fall. we came back from commercials to see Rollins leap off the rails and opt for a pin on the ground however Ambrose kicked out.

The fight came back ringside seat and Ambrose was sent repeatedly into the barricades. Ambrose fought back with a steel chair so peeled off the artifact from the cement floor. Rollins dropped Ambrose back 1st on the concrete and therefore the hit a superplex and a buckle bomb followed by a kick to the face.

Rollins hit the stomp however bobby Lashley dragged him out of the ring to hit his inverted drop and a spear within the ring before Dean crawled certain the cover and got the win.

Monday Night Raw Results: Dean Ambrose


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