WWE Monday Night RAW Results: Raw winners, video & highlights

Monday Night Raw Live Results

WWE Monday Night RAW Results: Raw winners, video & highlights

We Welcome you to the Monday Night Raw Live Results. You will get Raw Results, Raw Video, and Raw Highlights here from Mar 04th, 2019. This Episode of WWE Raw Live comes Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In Today’s Episode of Monday Night Raw Live Roman Reigns begins the show after his return.

RAW began with Roman Reigns walking up to the ring with a roaring reaction from the crowd. He got on the mic and mentioned the Universal Title which Seth Rollins stands in his approach. He known as Rollins out and he showed abreast of cue. Rollins united that Roman deserves the Universal Title shot the maximum amount as him however Reigns told him that he had one factor to mention to him: ‘good luck’.

Roman instead asked Rollins for a favour which was to reunite the shield. Rollins aforementioned he may do ‘anything however that’ however the crowd roared in Reigns’ favour.

Rollins and Reigns called composer to affix them within the ring however even as Dean was close to begin talking on the ramp, Elias showed up behind him and smashed him with a guitar. Dean’s former brothers ran certain the save however Ambrose was already down. Dean got up and left while not speech communication something as we stone-broke for commercials.

Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre Vs. Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman began the match against Baron Corbin and also the Monster sent Corbin outside right off the bat. Corbin came back to the ring and tags in McIntyre before Finn Balor tags in too. Balor cleared house and went for multiple suicide dives however Lio Rush grabbed him by the foot and dropped him.

Corbin was the legal man and hit a Deep Six on Balor and tags in McIntyre. Angle came in and hit Suplex once Suplex on McIntyre before going for the ankle lock. Lashley came in with a distraction and Mcintyre hit the Glasgow Kiss.

Braun tags in and hit the running powerslam on Corbin before Balor hit the coupe DE Grace. Lio stone-broke up the count and Finn pursued once him. Braun took out Rush however Lashley got the pin on Balor within the ring with a spear.

Monday Night Raw Results: Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, & Drew McIntyre

The heels attacked the losing team and sent Angle into the steel steps and centered on Balor. McIntyre hit a Claymore and also the alternative 2 hit Balor with a powerbomb into the steel.

Natalya Vs. Ruby Riott

Natalya hit a discus cord so locked during a Sharpshooter however Ruby Riott squirmed out of the hold somehow.

Ruby tried to urge a roll up straightaway when however Natalya reversed the pin and got a astonishingly fast end with the three-count.

Monday Night Raw Results: Natalya

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon was talking with the two SNL hosts, WHO were disclosed to be special guest correspondents for WrestleMania. Triple H was out next to handle what Batista did to Ric flair last week.

Triple H address Attack of Batista

Dave Batista showed up during a Twitter video speech that he will not be at RAW tonight as a result of he unloved Philadelphia. He then same one thing cryptic regarding enjoying by his rules before Triple H started speaking. H recalled his moments with Richard Flair and not Ric flair, for whom he was there last week.

He recalled the time once flair was sick and poor into tears as he recalled however he thought they might lose him. He then nearly swore at Batista WHO wished Hunter’s attention. Hunter then invited Dave to fight him anyplace before storming out.


Backstage, Stephanie McMahon aforementioned that Charlotte Flair was being a touch assumptive in thinking that she would get the title.

She mentioned Becky Lynch’s suspension was raised however she should sign a hold-harmless agreement – stating that if she gets hurt at Fastlane, WWE will not be accountable. Becky lynch can challenge Charlotte flair for the vacant RAW Women’s Championship at Fastlane.

Ambrose was still fuming backstage once Reigns came to him and aforementioned he may discuss with him regarding something however Dean aforementioned he had to induce prepared for his match and left.

Gauntlet match  – Heavy Machinery vs. The B Team, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder &  The Ascension

Otis and Axel started the match and Axel started flossing that pissed off Otis like kings. Dallas was within the method of the Machinery and took 2 large double team move and was eliminated via pinfall.

The Ascension were next and Konnor came into the ring because the team managed to cover Tucker WHO was in hassle. Konnor was drained and Viktor took a splash from Otis and was eliminated.

Hawkins and Ryder came in last and Otis took out Hawkins with a giant slam. Otis did the caterpillar and got the pin, winning the Gauntlet match.

Monday Night Raw Results:  Heavy Machinery

Dean Ambrose Vs Elias

Ambrose was still backstage once Rollins tried to convert him that they could have fought before as a result of that is what brothers do. He invited him to rejoin the defend however Ambrose aforesaid, “No will do” because he was “preoccupied”

Ambrose came in guns blazing and bashed Elias’ head on the barricades because the match headed outside. Ambrose broke the count on every occasion because the one-sided match went on. we came back from commercials to examine Elias hit AN old-school and so a giant dropkick.

After a couple of minutes of back and forth, Elias caught Dean with a giant knee and picked up the win with the three-count.

Monday Night Raw Results: Elias

Reigns and Rollins came out after the match and was still making an attempt to convert Ambrose to reform the defend however Dean started walking out on them. Baron Corbin and his crew arrived to mock the 2 defend brothers.

McIntyre challenged them to a match right then and it broke into a brawl and Ambrose came into the ring and fought the attackers off because the crowd musical “Shield” over and over. The 3 men raised their fists once more and therefore the crowd went whacky.

Sasha Bank Vs. Tamina

Sasha Banks fought back and used her quick pace to do to outdo the ability of Tamina. She evaded a significant superkick and additionally another charge. She rolled her into the bank statement however Nia Jax force Tamina out of the means. Bayley tried to induce concerned however was thrown away by Nia.

Sasha Banks hit the flying knee on Nia Jax so Tamina threw her into the ring, just for Sasha to spin and kick her within the face. Nia all over again interfered once the referee wasn’t trying and Tamina hit a superkick for the win.

Monday Night Raw – Tamina

Backstage, one among the SNL guys bumped into Braun Strowman WHO upraised him up and control him by the collar for some minutes before spoken language, ‘see you guys at WrestleMania’.

Ricochet & Aleister Black Vs. The Revival

Dawson ANd Black began the match and therefore the former tag champs Chad Gable Roode created an look at ringside seat. we came from commercials to examine Ricochet take a tag and wipe out the competition before striking a Hurricanrana on Dawson.

Roode and Gable attacked Dash Wilder WHO was outside and therefore the official referred to as off the match.

Monday Night Raw: Aleister Black & Ricochet

The challengers were upset and Roode and Gable went into the ring to face them. the 2 groups fought for a second before the previous champs people.

Stephanie Address WWE Universe About WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Stephanie McMahon was out next and gave US a recap of what happened last week once Ronda Rousey gave up the RAW Women’s title so referred to as Charlotte Flair to the ring.

Charlotte stepped up to the ring for the signing of Becky’s hold- harmless agreement. Becky lynch arrived together with her crutch and climbed up onto the ring with some problem.

Becky and Charlotte shared some harsh words and Stephanie handed her the documents expression that if she did not sign them, Stephanie would need to hand Charlotte the title then and there. Becky was signing the document once Ronda Rousey showed up to stage and walked up to the ring.

Rousey came out and asked Stephanie what she was doing. She needed her title back and Stephanie was sceptical however gave the belt back either means. Stephanie then declared the terms of the match. If Becky lost against Charlotte at Fastlane, she would quit WWE however if she won, Becky are else to the title match at WrestleMania.

Rousey then started shouting at Stephanie and so the crowd before offensive Becky. Rousey hit the armbar and so dud on lynch. Charlotte was on the point of enter the ring however stepped back as Rousey stepped on Becky’s face together with her boot.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon mentioned that Ronda was brainsick and that is what she had been telling US right along.


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