WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Battle Royal,Seth Rollins New Side

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

We Welcome you to the WWE Monday Night Raw Results. You Will get Raw Results, Video, and Highlights here from 31st December 2018.  As Tonight WWE Raw Live Comes from the little Caesars Arena in Detroit. as Michael Cole welcomes us to WWE Monday Night Raw Live. You can also watch WWE Raw Live Stream at WWE Network.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Dolph Ziggler

The road to Royal Rumble began with the New Year’s Day Eve special episode of Monday Night RAW. the 1st match of the night was a steel cage match between former teammates as this match was Announced on Last Episode Of Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler, each of whom has come back to hate one another in recent weeks.

Ziggler landed a blow on McIntyre and tried to urge out of the cage however was brought back within. The Scottish psychoneurotic landed a large chop and so a vertical suplex. McIntyre dominated at the beginning however Ziggler countered with a pleasant DDT and each man were down.

Ziggler tried to require control with some punches, however, McIntyre landed a large headbutt as Ziggler went down. McIntyre tried to flee the steel cage however Ziggler followed him and tried to bring his opponent back within. the 2 then changed some punches before Ziggler threw McIntyre’s face into the cage, as we tend headed into a chance.

Ziggler landed a headbutt on McIntyre and another time tried to urge out through the door. McIntyre pushed the door onto Ziggler’s head as each man were down. Ziggler tried to crawl out of the door, however, McIntyre rushes to grab Ziggler and convey him back to the center of the ring. Ziggler landed another Famouser and McIntyre kicked out another time.

Ziggler climbed up to the top of the cage, however McIntyre followed him and landed a large superplex from the top. McIntyre threw Ziggler face 1st into the cage as he another time went on to taunt Ziggler and so fling him onto the cage as he demanded a fight. Ziggler countered somehow with a ZigZag.

Ziggler tried to line up a superkick, however McIntyre landed a large Claymore Kick and loved what he’d done to Ziggler, smiling devilishly. He then landed another Claymore Kick before obtaining the 3 counts and also the win.

Ziggler asked McIntyre “is that is all you got”, to that McIntyre came back to the ring with a steel chair, putting it between Ziggler’s face and also the cage. He landed another Claymore Kick to Ziggler’s face.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Drew McIntyre Def. Dolph Ziggler

McIntyre got on the mic and same that the Ziggler “chapter” was over. He else that he’s the King of RAW which he can become the King of the WWE once he wins Royal Rumble, and so win the Universal Championship. McIntyre came back to the ring another time to land the fourth and final Claymore Kick on Ziggler.

Triple H Confronts Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins created his way to the ring and aforesaid he wasn’t keen on New Year resolutions. He aforesaid that he needed his Intercontinental Championship to repeat against Dean Ambrose, however rather than Ambrose, it absolutely was Triple H WHO created his way to the ring.

The Game aforesaid that nothing was planned to be handed to anyone, from now on in WWE. Triple H added that his automatic repetition for the Intercontinental title isn’t planning to happen, and told Rollins that he did not be a repetition.

Triple H aforesaid that he believed in Rollins as a result of the created him to believe it, and asked wherever that guy is. Rollins aforesaid that he has been carrying WWE for the last twelve months and told Triple H that he needed to earn his opportunities.

Triple H declared a match between Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley for later within the night. Rollins aforesaid he would take down anyone WHO came in his means, as well as Triple H and his family. Shane McMahon came in to take the situation. Shane proclaimed a “fresh begin battle royal” match, and therefore the winner was to face Dean Ambrose on an equivalent night.

Fresh Start Battle Royal

We had a bunch of RAW Superstars within the ring, together with Baron Corbin, WHO was the last man to enter the ring. Corbin and Balor were at it; Apollo Crews eliminated Viktor and No way Jose before landing a number of dropkicks on Konnor.

The B Team tried to eliminate Finn Balor, however Balor fought back. Zack Ryder made his commencement on RAW in 2018 on the last show of the year. Titus O’Neill was eliminated by all 3 members of the Lucha party.

Back from the break, the Lucha party were eliminated by Finn Balor. Corbin went head 1st into the ring post. Apollo Crews eliminated each member of the B Team followed by Konnor then mojo Rawley. Tyler Breeze was eliminated by Crews.

Balor was thrown out by Corbin; Ryder, Corbin, Hawkins, and Crews were the remaining four during this battle royal. Ryder was currently eliminated by Corbin, like Hawkins, Crews, and Corbin were the remaining 3.

Hawkins was mocked by Corbin and virtually eliminated him, however, was thrown out by the previous RAW GM-elect. Crews and Corbin were the final 2 during this battle royal. Crews landed AN Enzugiri that threw Corbin out of the ring.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Apollo Crew

In the ring, Baron Corbin aforesaid Apollo Crews’ win wasn’t honest and went on to talk concerning the boos that he got each week which his job as RAW gm was exhausting. Elias interrupted Corbin and aforesaid Corbin’s time was up.

Elias sang his usual song, however Corbin was irritated once hearing it for a short while. Elias and Corbin attacked one another, disorderly within the audience space. Corbin rushes backstage following his brawl with Elias.

Bayley, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon Vs. Riott Squad

The Riott Squad start on Bayley landed a crossbody and tagged Banks, WHO went for the pinfall, as Sarah Logan had simply kicked out. Banks landed Logan’s head on the turnbuckle; Bayley was tagged in so emberMoon was tagged in.

Ruby Riott tagged in and Moon visited work with some fast moves followed by a dropkick. Moon place Riott during a lock, whereas liv Morgan tagged in and went for the pinfall on Moon, WHO kicked out.

Logan tagged in and Ruby was then tagged in. All 3 works on Moon with some kicks. Bayley and Banks entered to retaliate. Back from the break, Bayley used AN arm drag to require Ruby Roitt down. Riott countered however Bayley landed kicks to the face of Riott. Morgan was currently tagged in, and Banks and Moon changed tags.

Banks went for the cover however Morgan kicked out. A distraction from the Riott Squad helped Morgan to takes advantage. Ruby Riott went for the pinfall on Banks, however she kicked out. Sasha was isolated by the Riott Squad as they double teamed her, however she still kicked out. Logan landed a running knee on Banks and looked to be down and out, however almost kicked out.

Morgan was tagged in and threw Banks’ face head 1st. She tried to travel for the pinfall thrice, however Banks kicked out. Banks countered with a kick to the face of Morgan, WHO tagged in Logan, however Banks could not get the cover. Another distraction helped Riott Squad benefit. Bayley tagged in and landed a large elbow from the highest rope and got the pinfall.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Bayley, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon

Bobby Lashley Vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins landed a dropkick and a couple of punches on Lashley at the beginning of the match before he was thrown to the bottom. Rollins landed a couple of chops then a kick to Lashley’s head before he kicked him outside then hit an ideal crossbody.

Lio Rush tried to distract Rollins, that allowed Lashley to take advantage. Lashley landed a couple of elbows on Rollins; he then got a cord as Rollins was thrown out.

Lio Rush threw Rollins into the ring post as Lashley distracted the referee, as we tend to headed into a break. Back from the break, Lashley was up to speed however Rollins fought back. Lashley used his unbelievable power to throw Rollins into the turnbuckle, and he went for the pinfall, however Rollins kicked out.

Rollins countered with a couple of chops and punches, then a Slingblade; he then landed 2 suicide dives on Lashley, on the surface. He went to the highest rope to land a flying cord, then a kick to the middle. Rush control onto Rollins’ leg which nearly helped Lashley win the match.

Rollins got a roll-up cowl, however Lashley kicked out; he then landed a kick to the neck of Lashley. Rush tried to interfere another time and this point Rollins followed him and threw him into the barricade. The distraction another time helped Lashley attacks Rollins. AN angered Rollins attacked Lashley with a steel chair, disqualifying itself.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Bobby Lashley Def. Seth Rollins

Rollins landed blow when blow with a chair on Lashley’s back and even hit Rush with the chair. Rollins stood faithful his word of being merciless another time.

John Cena Will be back on Next Episode of WWE Monday Day Raw and Tomorrow Smackdown Live.

Heath Slather and Ryhno Vs. Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal

Slater kicked things off with Jinder within the three on two handicap match against the Singh brothers and also the maharajah.

Slater landed a couple of punches, however Mahal hit a cord. The Singh Brothers listed tags and visited work on woodlouse. Rhyno was tagged took down each brother with an enormous double belly to belly suplex before Jinder tags himself in and caught a spinebuster. one in every one of the brothers distracted the referee whereas Jinder hit the Khallas on Rhyno within the middle of the ring and got the 3 counts.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Jinder Mahal and Singh Brothers Def. Rhyno and Slater

Dena Ambrose Vs. Apollo Crew – Intercontinental Championship

Apollo started on the offense and unbroken the warmth up till Dean Ambrose was knocked outside. Crews then hit a giant flip from the apron. we came back from commercials to see Ambrose with a rest hold barred in on Apollo.

Apollo hit a standing shooting star press and Dean was stapled however it absolutely was a 2 count. Apollo tried for a pin once more when a couple of massive moves however bishop found a very small rope. Ambrose hit the dirty deeds and somehow rolled himself over for a pin and got the win.

Quite an unimaginable showing for Apollo Crews. The commentators place him over massive.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Dean Ambrose Def. Apollo Crew.

Alexa bliss praised herself in a very backstage section over the task she had worn out her temporary run managing the women’s division. She declared a brand new show “Moment of Bliss” that begins next week. Her 1st guest? Ronda Rousey.

Rounda Rousey and Natalya Vs. Nia Jax and Tamina


Ronda and Nia started off the match and Ronda went for the armbar right out of the gate. Natalya was tagged in once Nia freed herself and Tamina was in trouble now. Nia was seating and dragged Tamina out of the ring before Ronda tagged in and hit a large dive on the 2 girls.

After the break, Natalya was in bother within the ring as Nia concave out her usual sort of hard-hitting offense. Tamina was tagged in once more and she or he got a chin lock in before they each hit one another with a crossbody. Rousey got the tag ANd Nia came in similarly and got a large right so an elbow strike before falling over.

Nia dropped Rousey once sick so went for a Samoan drop from the center rope before Tamina tagged in. Rousey hit the armbar and Nia hit a leg drop to separate the 2. Natalya got concerned and Tamina went up to the top however Nia got her feet up. Rousey followed up with AN armbar on Tamina for the win.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results:  Rounda Rousey and Natalya def. Nia Jax and Tamina


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