WWE PPV Fastlane Results: Fastlane Matches, FastLane Results & Highlights

WWE PPV Fastlane Results

WWE PPV Fastlane Results: Fastlane Matches, FastLane Results & Highlights

Welcome to WWE PPV Fastlane Results. As this is the Last WWE Pay-per-view before Wrestlemania 35. Kickoff pre-show opens live from the The Q Arena in Cleveland, OH.

The New Day defeated Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev on the pre-show before Fastlane began from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

The WWE Title would get on the road later within the night as Kevin Owens was set to come when months however the first match of the day started out with none delay.

The Miz & Shane McMahon Vs. The Usos – Smackdown Tag team Championship

Shane started the match off with a kick to the body of Jimmy Uso and so a stiff punch to the face. He hit a Russian aspect leg sweep and tagged within the Miz. Miz and Shane used The Hart Attack on Jey Uso who had simply tagged in. The Usos took the control of Shane and slowly began to dissect him.

The crowd booed The Usos for exploitation good tag team ways and taking The Miz out. Jimmy dragged Shane near to his corner and tagged Jey in. The champions were analytic Shane McMahon.

The Miz finally got the new tag in and he sent Jimmy face-first into the canvas. He hit the “It” kicks and a couple of running knees. He hit his signature offense and so leaped on Jimmy and Jey from the highest turnbuckle.

Miz’s pa was seen cheering him on. Shane urged for the tag in however The Usos took  the control back. The Miz virtually went for the skull-crushing finale however The Usos regained the  control once more and hit a superkick on his next plan to leap off the highest turnbuckle. Shane McMahon stony-broke up the try and therefore the chaos shortly saw Shane go down.

The Miz hit the bone crushing finale however didn’t get the pin. Jimmy Uso had The Miz on his shoulders and that they looked to end The Miz however he on the loose and sent Jimmy right into Jey, WHO was able to jump.

Shane McMahon was on the highest turnbuckle able to go coast-to-coast, however Jey was on the highest turnbuckle of the opposite finish. They each jumped at an equivalent time and Shane hit a dropkick to the knee. The Miz, on the urging of his father, went to the highest turnbuckle and tried to hit a frog splash, however Jey’s knee was raised up and he rolled him over for the win.

Fastlane Results:  The USos Retains Smackdown Tag Team Titles

As The Miz and Shane were having a post-match speak, they visited The Miz’s father and Shane raised The Miz’s hand. As shortly because the Miz turned to run, Shane McMahon attacked him.

For the first time in over ten years, Shane McMahon turned heel. He grabbed Miz’s dad’s face and vulnerable him. He sucker punched The Miz and went for a triangle choke to end him off.

Mandy Rose Vs. Asuka- WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Asuka started off sturdy however Mandy Rose displayed her strength and drop her on the opposite aspect of the ring. Asuka caught her in AN ankle joint lock. Sonya DeVille distracted Asuka and Rose hits a knee to the face.

Asuka lost her charge on Rose and got unfree within the ropes, and Rose slammed her face with a knee. Rose looked to hit her finisher, however Asuka escaped.

Sonya DeVille upraised the ring apron to require out a kendo stick. Mandy Rose slipped on the tip of the apron that was raised up, and Asuka hit an attractive spinning kick on Mandy Rose, finishing her off permanently.

Fastlane Results: Asuka Retains Smackdown Women’s Championship

Sonya DeVille tried to apologize for her mistake once the match however Rose was livid.

Backstage, Kofi was met with Mr. McMahon together with the remainder of the New Day and that they pleaded Vince to allow Kofi an effort at the WWE title. Vince agreed to form it a triple threat and added that the title match was right up next.

The Bar Vs. Kofi Kingston – 2 on 1 Handicap Match

We were putting in place for Kofi to join the WWE title match however it absolutely was declared at the last second that he would face The Bar during a handicap match instead. The Bar came in guns blazing ANd destroyed Kofi early however Kofi fought back finally and sent Sheamus into the ring post before taking an blow from Cesaro within the ring. The Bar hit double team moves off the rope so Sheamus hit a brogue kick because the crowd chanted ‘this is boring’.

The New Day came bent on facilitate their associate however Rusev and Nakamura took them out before they might reach the ring. The Bar hit a double white noise on Kofi for the three-count.

Fastlane Results: The Bar Deft. Kofi Kingston

Backstage, Shane McMahon was asked regarding his attack on the Miz earlier however he turned US away while not a word.

Ricochet & Aleister Black Vs. The Revival Vs.  Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Gable and Ricochet started off the match and Gable was in control timely however Ricochet hit a Hurricanrana followed by a dropkick before Wilder was labelled in. Ricochet was in hassle for a small amount with a close to fall. Gable was back in an exceedinglynd had Ricochet in a hold before Dawson labelled in, continued the assault on the initiate.

Black tags in and went for a Black Mass however Roode came in with a spinebuster. Gable and Roode hit a double team move before Black replied with a Meteora. Ricochet hit a Hurricanrana on town off the highest rope on the remainder of the contestants wiping everybody out. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Gable within the ring for the three-count.

Fastlane Results: The Revival Retains Raw tag Team Championship

After the match, the complete brawl continuing till Ricochet and Black hit their finishers and were the last men standing.

Rey Mysterio Vs. Samoa Joe Vs Andrade Vs. R. Truth

Samoa Joe dominated the match early and hit a suicide dive on all 3 opponents. Truth caught Joe by the feet whereas Andrade kicked him into the steps. Rey Mysterio hit a Hurricanrana on Truth and Andrade at a similar time without work the ropes. Joe hit a double lariat on Truth and Mysterio claiming back his momentum.

Andrade and Mysterio were within the ring and also the veteran was in hassle before R Truth came in with a kick to the face of Andrade. The match went outside and Vega and Carmella got into a fight with one another. Back within the ring, Truth hit a five Knuckle Shuffle on Joe however didn’t capitalize. Mysterio hit a 619 on Joe however the champ bolted within the Coquina Clutch creating Rey pass out.

Fastlane Results: Samoa Joe Retains United States Championship

Nia Jax & Tamina Vs. Bayley & Sasha Bank – WWE Women’s Raw Tag Team Championship

Bayley and Nia started out the match and Sasha was tagged in early. Nia came in and she threw Sasha onto Bayley sort of a piece of cardboard. Bayley hit a running knee within the corner and so sent Nia into the ring post.

Sasha came in with a Meteora before she leapt outside at Tamina. Nia went outside and Bayley hit a suicide dive taking everybody out. Bayley came to the ring and hit a high rope go Nia before managing to roll her into a pin for the three-count.

Fastlane Results: Sasha Bank and Bayley Retains Women’s Raw Tag Team Champion

Nia and Tamina attacked the champions once the match and took them out before beth Phoenix stepped out of the announce table. She attacked Tamina and Nia attacked her from behind. Nia hit a leg come by the ring on Phoenix before Natalya came out for the save. The officers had to prevent the slaughter when Nataly too was overwhelmed down by the pair.

Mustafa Ali Vs. Daniel Bryan Vs. Kevin Owens – WWE Championship

The crowd chanted ‘We need Kofi’ before the match even began and booed because the bell was rung. Bryan was babbling as Kevin Owens and Ali took him out before facing one another within the ring. KO was dominating right out of the gate and took out Daniel all over again as he came to the ring.

KO dropped Ali on the apron before striking a missile off the apron. Bryan dropkicked Ali off the highest rope and into the barricades and hit the ‘it’ kicks on KO within the corner. KO recovered and hit each opponents with the missile. Owens hit a double senton once taking a superkick and also the crowd chanted ‘K-O’!

Ali hit AN inverted Hurricanrana on KO and a Spanish fly off of the highest however Owens hit the stunner. KO hit a pop-up powerbomb on Bryan however it had been solely a 2 count. Ali and Owens took out rowan with a large set of moves. Ali hit a large DDT off the highest to the skin however KO hit Ali with a powerbomb on the apron. rowan tired Owens and Ali kicked out from Bryan’s pin throughout the commotion.

Daniel Bryan caught Ali with a running knee in mid-air and got the 3 count against all odds.

Fastlane Results: Daniel Bryan Retains WWE Championship

  • WWE Made An Announcement that Finn Balor Will Defend His Intercontinental Championship Against Bobby Lashley in Next WWE Monday Night Raw.
  • Dave Batista Will Come Face to Face  with Triple – H on Tomorrow Episode of Monday Night Raw.

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch

Becky was hopping round the ring as Charlotte took her down simply and went on to interrupt down her injured opponent. Becky managed to realize some momentum by pull Charlotte down and so putting her with punches however flair got out of it. She continued her unmerciful assault for a short time before causing Becky into the barricades and so into the ring.

Becky managed to drop Charlotte off the highest rope however flair beat the count. Becky hit the disarmher however flair went for the Figure Four however Ronda Rousey came in and punched Becky inflicting the match to finish in Becky’s favor.

Fastlane Results: Becky Lynch Wins By DQ

Elias was within the ring and Lacey Evans showed up for an instant before Randy Orton hit a surprise RKO on Elias. AJ styles came out and took out The viper and it seemed like they were putting in for a WrestleMania match.

Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley Vs. The Shield

The full-scale 6-man brawl began before the bell rang. Lashley and Rollins started off the match and Corbin tags in before long once. Ambrose was labelled in and quickly labelled Rollins in WHO tags in Reigns whereas McIntyre was within the ring.

The match went outside and Rollins was sent over the barricades by Corbin and Lashley. McIntyre hit the Glasgow Kiss to Ambrose causation him outside. Ambrose skint the count however was at bay by the 3 heels within the ring. Dean hit an enormous suplex on McIntyre however did not choose the tag. Lashley came in and took a neckbreaker before tagging in McIntyre.

Roman and Corbin were legal and Reigns hit an enormous boot followed by a drive by. Ambrose & Rollins hit the double suicide dive however Corbin hit the Deep Six on Roman. the 2 listed blows and Corbin hit the Chokeslam. the opposite four men were fighting among the group and Rollins leaped off the barricades and onto the opposite 3.

Roman Reigns hit a Superman punch and also the teams came back back to seating. The heels cleared the announce table however the protect fought back. Rollins stomped Lashley’s head on the table and Roman hit a spear on Corbin. They hit the triple powerbomb on McIntyre through the table and also the crowd went whacky. The protect at bay Corbin within the ring and hit their finisher before Reigns got the pin.

Fastlane Results: The Shield Def. Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre.


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