WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Highlights: Jan 28th 2019 WWE Raw Results

Monday Night Raw Live Results


We Welcome you to the Monday Night Raw Live Results. You will get Raw Results, Video, and Highlights here from 28th Jan 2019. This Episode of WWE Raw Live comes from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix.

In Today’s Episode of Monday Night Raw Live Seth Rollins Choose Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania 35 for WWE Universal Championship as he wins the WWE Royal Rumble 2019.

Fans chant “burn it down!” as Rollins hits the ring. He takes the mic and brags on the Royal Rumble win and attending to WrestleMania 35 to the Main event. Fans chant “you deserve it!” currently. Rollins secure he would not do that however he needs to now – he points up at the WrestleMania 35 sign hanging high. Rollins mentions WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and fans chant “take his belt!” currently. Rollins says his WrestleMania opponent is going to be a really tough call and he can like it slow to think about it. The music interrupts and out comes Triple H.

Triple H says Rollins must create his call tonight. Triple H says the machine moves quickly in order that they got to grasp WHO it’ll be. He offers Rollins till the end of the night. Triple H says Lesnar and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan can each be here tonight. Triple H wants Rollins to inform him who’s ass he’s going to kick at WrestleMania. Fans chant “slay The Beast!” currently.

Ambrose hits the ring and has words with Triple H and Rollins, calling Rollins a suck-up and a kiss-ass. Ambrose hopes Rollins wins at WrestleMania and says the one person Rollins cannot beat while not help is him. Ambrose needs a match with Rollins tonight. He calls Triple H “chuckles” and tells him to create the match for now. Triple H goes to go away however Ambrose stops him, asking if he must go get permission from his father-in-law 1st. Triple H stops as a “yes he does!” chant starts up. Triple H demands a referee and we have the match.

Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins unloads on Dean Ambrose however Ambrose fights out of the corner. Rollins drops him and keeps the offense going. Ambrose goes to the ground for a breather. Rollins dropkicks Ambrose through the ropes, causing him into the barrier. Rollins follows and launches Ambrose into the barrier once more.

Ambrose sends Rollins into the crowd however Rollins leaps off the barrier and takes Ambrose down on the ground. Rollins brings it back in and springboards however Ambrose kicks him in mid-air.

Ambrose drops Rollins for one more pin attempt. Rollins tries for a suicide dive however Ambrose decks hi at the ropes. they create it back in and Ambrose blocks a Slingblade and drops Rollins once more

Rollins brings it back to the ring however misses a Frogsplash as Ambrose rolls out of the manner. Ambrose with a two count. Rollins blocks Dirty Deeds. Rollins goes on and hits the Ripcord knee. Rollins goes for a Buckle Bomb. Rollins drops Ambrose to 1 knee with a kick. Rollins cranks up for the Stomp as fans chant “burn it down!” currently. Rollins nails it and covers for the pin to win.

Monday Night Raw Results: Seth Rollins

Back from the break and Dean Ambrose is sitting in an exceeding chair in the ring. Outcomes Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka as we see highlights from Jax’s look within the men’s Royal Rumble match.

Jax faces off with Ambrose and that they criticize. Ambrose turns to go away however Jax nails him from behind to send him out. Referees hold Ambrose back as Jax taunts him from the ring. Ambrose gets on the apron however backs off as Jax laughs.

Nia Jax & Tamina Snuka Vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

The bell rings as we tend to see the titles on show at ringside seat. Snuka starts off with bliss. They shove one another. walking on air smacks her. Snuka sends walking on air to the mat. they’re going at it and trade moves. bliss kips up and goes for the standing moonsault. bliss with a two count.

Bliss finally makes the tag. Mickie comes in and kicks Snuka, then flies off the highest to take her backtrack. Mickie with right hands in the middle of the ring. Snuka shoves her down. Mickie with the hurricanrana out of the corner. Mickie keeps control and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Jax tags in and sends Mickie to the corner however misses a splash. Mickie kicks Jax however Jax tosses her tot he mat. Jax scoops Mickie on her shoulders however bliss goes to the corner. Jax gets each opponent on her shoulders currently. Jax with a double Samoan Drop. Jax covers Mickie for the pin to win the Elimination Chamber spot.

Monday Night Raw Results: Nia Jax & Tamina Snuka

Baron Corbin Vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is out. Corbin takes the mic and puts Angle over. Corbin says he is aware of Angle believes he has an additional nice run in him, another nice match. Corbin says the individuals create Angle believe one thing that is not true. He says the individuals do not care concerning Angle and will not be there for him once he hurts him. Corbin says he is going to humiliate… Angle interrupts him with a giant right hand. The bell rings and Angle ducks an effort, firing back with strikes. Angle with a German suplex.

Corbin nails Angle and runs out, then back certain an enormous clothesline. Corbin with a two count. Corbin puts boots to Angle currently and beats him around. Corbin stands tall over Angle and plays to the crowd for boos. Corbin with AN elbow and a submission within the middle of the ring. Angle fights back and moves from the corner, forcing Corbin into the turnbuckles. Angle with a trio of German suplexes for a two count. Angle goes for the Angle Slam however Corbin slides out and levels him with a giant boot for a close two count.

Angle comes back and hits the Angle Slam for a close pin try within the middle of the ring. Angle drops the traps and applies the ankle lock currently. Corbin powers out and hits Deep Six for the pin to win.

Monday Night Raw Results: Baron Corbin

Balor Talks About Brock Lesnar

Balor talks regarding taking it to Lesnar and says he can create on excuses, Lesnar beat him. and so Lesnar beat him once more. Balor says he ne’er felt speed am fond of it, power like it, definitely ne’er saw it combined like that. Balor says today he’s hurt, however he is not out here along with his head held low. he is out here along with his head held high as a result of last night, Lesnar beat him and so beat him once more, as a result of he createdLesnar believe. The music interrupts and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush.

Rush takes the mic and says it is a disgrace that a twirp like Balor got a title shot against Lesnar. Rush says we all apprehend Balor nearly beat Lesnar last night however Balor would not stand a chance at beating Lashley. Rush says Lashley is bigger, quicker and stronger than Lesnar can ever be. Fans offer the “what!?” treatment to Rush. Rush says last night’s beating is nothing compared to what Lashley would do to Balor. Balor taunts Lashley for his fast Rumble match look. Lashley decks Balor and chokeslams him into the mat. Lashley stands over Balor and drives him down once more. Lashley drops Balor a 3rd time. Lashley raises the title and stands tall over Balor to finish the segment.

The Revival Vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

We move to the ring and therefore the Revival’s Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are within the ring. A version of Zack Ryder’s previous theme song hits and out he comes with Curt Hawkins. Cole shows US the history between Ryder and Hawkins, the previous Major Brothers and Edgeheads.

Hawkins starts off with Wilder and that they go at it. Hawkins takes it to the corner and Ryder tags in for the double team. Ryder drops Wilder on his face. Dawson runs in however they take him out moreover. Ryder clotheslines Dawson over the top to the ground with Wilder. Ryder runs and flies out, taking The Revival down. Ryder brings Dash back in however Dash scoops him for the double team as Dawson tags in. Dawson with a two count on Ryder. Dawson drops headbutts on Ryder. Dawson with a back suplex. Wilder tags in for another double team for a two count.

Wilder keeps Ryder grounded currently. Ryder counters a suplex and drops Wilder with a neckbreaker. Hawkins and Dawson tag in at an equivalent time. They unload on one another. Hawkins with a dropkick. Wilder runs in and Hawkins dropkick him. Hawkins with AN enziguri to Dawson as fans chant his name. Dawson drops Hawkins and knocks Ryder off the apron. Hawkins rolls Dawson up for a two count. Wilder tags in and that they hit the Shatter Machine on Hawkins for the pin to win.

Monday Night Raw Results: The Revival

We see WWE Champion Daniel Bryan walking with rowan backstage. Charly Caruso stops them for comments. Charly brings up rowan serving to Bryan at the Rumble and asks Bryan if he has what it takes to beat Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. Bryan says he would’ve defeated AJ styles last night, Rowan’s facilitate or not. Bryan accuses Rollins of celebrating pollution once he “burns it down” nightly. Bryan says if Rollins picks him, he will not wait till WrestleMania, he can finish Rollins’ hope tonight. rowan tree and Bryan walk off.

Elias is within the ring along with his guitar.

Fans pop for him. Elias says they have to do better and find quicker with the ovation. Elias says they’re within the presence of greatness. Fans chant “we’re not worthy!” and Elias agrees. Elias says he cannot write songs for the fans, from currently on the songs are for him.

Elias says he features a new song currently. He asks everybody to shut their mouths however the music interrupts and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett with a guitar of his own. Jarrett calls Elias Slapnuts and brings up however Elias smashed him with a guitar within the Rumble match last night. Jarrett says Elias higher not worry concerning having a tangle with the fans as a result of he is got a problem with Double J. Jarrett spells his name out and walks down the ramp. The music hits and outcomes “Road Dogg” Brian James, The Roadie. he is carrying a Becky lynch T-shirt.

Dogg speaks from the stage with Jarrett and says Elias should play with himself on his own time. And if you are not down with that, we got 2 words for you… the crowd finishes it for him with a “suck it!” Fans chant “holy s–t!” currently and Dogg asks them to stop as a result of this can be a family show. Dogg needs the music to hit in order that they will perform the classic “With My Baby Tonight” single. Dogg heads to the announce table thereforeRenee can dance. Dogg and Jarrett head to the ring currently, singing their song. Elias looks on from the ring. Elias leaves the ring and drops Dogg at a ringside seat. Elias enters the ring and meets Jarrett, unloading on him. Jarrett fights back. Jarrett grabs a guitar however Elias decks him and smashes a guitar on him.

Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan Vs. Dana Brooke & Natalya

We head to the ring and each group is already out as the bell hits. Natalya starts off with Sarah Logan. Dana Brooke comes in however Logan kicks her off. liv Morgan tags in and unloads on Dana however gets sent out of the ring. Ruby Riott comes over to visualize on liv once Dana drops her with a cord on the ground.

Dana and Logan go at it within the ring now. Logan pulls her into the turnbuckles. Logan and liv double team Dana. liv covers for a two count. liv prevents Dana from tagging. Natalya tags in and levels liv. She then knocks Logan off the apron. Ruby grabs Natalya’s leg from the ground, permitting liv to roll her up from behind. Natalya drops liv and applies the Sharpshooter. Ruby gets on the apron however Dana shoves her off. Logan shoves Dana into the Sharpshooter. This results in Natalya obtaining pinned by liv for the win.

Monday Night Raw Results: Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan

Ronda Rousey came out and recounted the events of last night before the group started booing her. Ronda keeps AN open challenge and Bayley was the one to answer the decision as she came the ring and therefore the match began quickly.

Rounda Rousey Vs. Bayley- WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Ronda Rousey seemed like she wasn’t in her best kind once last night and Bayley took full advantage of that, driving her into the corner then stretching her knees out exploitation the ropes before dropping her to the ground outside. Ronda regained some momentum with some martial art throws and went for the armbar however could not lock it in.

Bayley locked in an exceedingly painful knee stretch and Ronda squirmed in pain before rolling away. Bayley was manhandling Rousey ANd got a close to fall before hit an elbow drop. Rousey hit a slam from the ropes then locked within the armbar creating Bayley tap out.

Monday Night Raw Results: Ronda Rousey def. Bayley

Rousey extended her arm to Bayley and helped her up before the 2 shook hands out of respect and Becky Lynch appeared at the entrance ramp!

Becky Lynch arrived on RAW and same that as the winner of the Royal Rumble, she would really like to face Rousey at WrestleMania for the RAW Women’s title. the 2 hyped their match and Rousey shared the actual fact that she may kill Becky along with her bare hands. Rousey mentioned that whereas Becky was still training, she was main eventing during a sport that ‘didn’t even need women.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Braun Strowman

McIntyre landed a number of chops so an enormous boot. Strowman shoulder barged McIntyre to the ground. Strowman followed McIntyre to the skin, however some sensible thinking by McIntyre place Braun head 1st into the barricade on the outside.

Baron Corbin interfered and therefore the match led to a DQ before Braun sent Corbin into the steel steps and steamrolled Drew. He then raised part of the steps and bounced Corbin’s head on that. McIntyre hit the claymore and helped Corbin up. the 2 chokes slammed Braun on the steps before leaving.

Monday Night Raw Results: Braun Strowman By DQ

Seth Rollins Chooses Opponents for Wrestlemania 35

The announcers were introducing Seth Rollins however they were interrupted by Brock Lesnar’s entrance. Heyman went on his usual control before Rollins came in and attacked Brock.

Rollins hit many kicks and took and F5 before he was knocked out. Brock Lesnar went for a second F5 and also the Beast appeared a little upset regarding last night’s beating. a 3rd and a fourth F5 later, Rollins wasn’t even moving. Brock hit a fifth and on the title belt now before

Rollins screamed from the corner, “Is that all you got?” as Brock came in with a sixth F5 because the cameras cut out. The show over and Daniel Bryan did not even show up within the ring. Rollins can possibly opt to face Brock after the events of tonight and that we can for sure resolve in the next episode of RAW.

Do let me know in Comments Section whom you want to fight Seth Rollins in Wrestlemania 35 Main Event.


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