WWE Smackdown Live Results : Main Event will Shock You

WWE Smackdown Live Results
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Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from December 18th, 2018. Today Smackdown live Comes from  Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA.

The show began with a backstage section where Shane McMahon was giving a little talk to the SmackDown Superstars concerning however things are getting to change in WWE. He called Paige to talk and it gave the impression of she’s going to no longer be General Manager though Shane mentioned she’s going to be around in some capacity.

Becky Lynch walked up to the ring and began expressing her anger at WWE Monday Night Raw Champion Ronda Rousey for costing her the title on Sunday at Tables-Ladders-Chairs. Charlotte followed her out and made her claim.

Asuka came out next and said that she is Smackdown Live Women’s champion and there was nothing they can do. Vince McMahon showed up as a surprise and asked Asuka if she needed to place her title on the road and she agreed. Before Vince may choose an opponent, Naomi came out and Vince set she should get the title shot.

Naomi Vs. Asuka – Smackdown Women’s Championship

The two started off even, with Naomi getting a bit offensive before Asuka neutral her. Naomi kicked her back and tried once more, however, Asuka caught it and locked her in an ankle lock. Naomi created a comparatively straightforward escape and slammed Asuka down.

Back when the break, Asuka threw Naomi back within the ring. She hit a dropkick to her back and therefore the former champion Naomi rolled out once more. The Empress began to push Naomi’s face together with her boot. She pushed Naomi towards the barricade however Naomi jumped onto the barricade to hit an Enzugiri.

Asuka and Naomi were going counter after counter before Naomi kicked Asuka within the head. Naomi virtually landed a moonsault however Asuka raised her knees and went for the Asuka lock. Asuka managed to lock it in however Naomi escaped. Naomi hit a rear read however it absolutely was a close to fall.

Naomi goes for a springboard splash but Asuka gets a codebreaker. Asuka takes advantage of it and locked in Naomi with the Asuka lock in the middle of the ring and Naomi tapped out.

Smackdown Results: Asuka

Backstage, The Miz talks to Vince McMahon and spoke regarding his “rough patch” with Shane McMahon. He asked Vince McMahon for his “Blessing” and Vince McMahon tells that he does not believe blessings. He gave The Miz an opportunity to prove himself tonight and asked him to search out himself a partner. Then he told him that he really includes a partner in mind for him. McMahon slammed the door and Miz looked confused.

Samoa Joe-Jeff Hardy
Credit WWE

Jeff Hardy came to ring to hear “Samoa Joe’s apology”. Samoa Joe came out and told jeff hardy that it wasn’t AN apology however an intervention. Hardy fired back and said that the additional he reminded him of his demons,  a lot of he accomplished that he wasn’t going back. He further that he and his demons might see throughout Joe.

Hardy told Joe that he was projecting his insecurities on him and asked him whether or not it is the undeniable fact that he hasn’t won one title on the most roll in 2 years. Joe went for the attack however Hardy hit a Twist of Fate then left.

R-Truth & Carmella Vs. Miz & Mandy Rose

Miz and Rose got cleared from the ring early and Truth and Carmella followed it up with a Dance Break. Mandy Rose interjected and Carmella sent her crashing outside. The distraction led the Miz to hit the bone Crushing Finale on R Truth and got the win.

Smackdown Results: Miz and Mandy Rose

Carl Anderson

The Usos were out next and were talking regarding how they still ran SmackDown Live. gallows and Anderson came back and reminded US that we’ve not seen them since August. The Usos welcome them to the penitentiary and aforesaid that it wasn’t their fault that they slipped through the cracks.

The Usos Vs. Carl Anderson & Gallows

Karl Anderson started things off with Jimmy Uso and he tagged in gallous, WHO elbowed Jimmy’s shoulders. gallows caught Jey in his tracks however the Usos created the tag and cleared gallous from the ring. Anderson, meanwhile, tags himself in. Jey went for a giant jump outside the ring however Anderson intercepted and caught his head with a kick.

Gallows got hit with a superkick to the chest however managed to prevent Jimmy once he climbed the highest turnbuckle. Anderson tagged in and Jimmy Uso cleared gallous before striking a splash on Anderson.

Jimmy got able to end it however The Bar came out for the distraction. He did not waste any time and hit the splash but Eric Young, Alexander Wolf and Killian Dain from sanity broke the pin and it absolutely was a DQ.

Smackdown Results: The Usos

AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali Vs. Daniel Bryan & Andrade Cien Almas

Almas and styles began the match and also the announcers mentioned that Mustafa Ali was currently a permanent member of the SmackDown roster. styles hit a large dropkick before tagging in Mustafa Ali WHO hit an arm drag off a counter to Almas. Bryan was tagged in ANd he instantly took control of the match and locked in an abdominal stretch.

Daniel Bryan was sent outside right before a poster break and that we came to see Ali in an exceeding submission move from Almas. Bryan was tagged in and he hit his yes kicks before locking in a Dragon Sleeper hold. AJ was tagged in and took down Bryan in a moment. styles hit a forearm and a neck breaker before obtaining a close to fall.

Styles hit a reverse DDT within the corner before creating the tag. Ali hit a DDT and styles cleared out Almas with a springboard forearm. Ali hit his finisher the 054 and got the win. Ali pinned the WWE Champion in his second week on SmackDown. feels like huge things are coming!

Smackdown Results: AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali


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