WWE Smackdown Live Results: Battle Royal Winner, Royal Rumble Match

WWE Smackdown Live Results

WWE Smackdown Live Results

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from Jan 1st, 2019 as John Cena Returns. Today  New Year Night of  Smackdown live comes from PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh.

The New Day began their New Year Celebrations once officially declaring themselves as a part of The Royal Rumble. They mocked Steiner maths from the TNA section. They mentioned they aimed to become the WWE Champions and so took an effort at Brock Lesnar for not showing to work. The New Day create a tragic announcement: no a lot of pancakes. Doctors orders; apparently.

Big E was taking out pancakes from his diaper and throwing it to people; I found myself very hoping they did not eat it. big E proclaimed a Fatal-5-Way to see Daniel Bryan’s opponent at Royal Rumble. there have been progressing to be a qualifier to see the fifth opponent. it had been Joe vs Hardy.

Samoa Joe Vs. Jeff Hardy

Joe started off with a couple of stiff jabs and a kick to the calves of Hardy. He went for a leg lock directly and therefore the referee separated the 2. Joe continued to press till Hardy countered. He started slamming Joe’s legs on the ring post. Hardy elbowed Joe’s knees and went for a leg lock however Joe rolled out.

Back from a really brief break, Joe was up to the mark, talking a bit of trash. Hardy went for the Whisper of the wind and caught him. Hardy adorned the wrong way up and Joe hit an occasional dropkick, coming back near to a pin. Hardy caught Joe and hit the atomic drop. He hit the twist of fate before going for the Swanton Bomb and he landed it, however Joe unrolled of the ring.

Hardy rolled outside and Joe locked the coquina clutch. Joe created it in time however the referee restarted the count for a few odd reasons (a botch from his finish, most likely). Hardy created it in before ten however Joe instantly bolted within the Coquina Clutch for the win.

Smackdown Results: Samoa Joe Def. Jeff Hardy

AJ Styles were backstage wherever Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon were sitting. styles did not even check out Vince and aforementioned that perhaps he ought to apologize, however, he will not. He told Vince that tonight within the Fatal-5-way match, he is aiming to see the real AJ Styles.

He even excited assaultive Vince once more, however, Shane stood up able to retaliate. Vince stopped him and AJ walked out. Shane McMahon asked if Vince extremely wished to examine the important AJ styles and Vince smiled and says yes. Shane told him to take care what he wanted for.

Shinsuke Spoils Rusev Day

Rusev was out, being interviewed. He talked concerning defensive the United States of America title with honor and pride, whereas additionally being a bit crummy with Lana. He circled and gives a Kinshasa out of obscurity. Lana tried stopping Nakamura with a Rear Naked Choke and Nakamura fell right on high of her. He hit another kick so a Kinshasa on Rusev.

A concerned Rusev checked on Lana, WHO was still down.

Naomi Vs. Mandy Rose

Naomi Vs. Mandy Rose
Credit WWE

The referee had to carry Naomi back before the bell rang as a result of she simply could not wait to induce her hands on God’s Greatest Creation. Mandy Rose walked out of the ring and therefore the bell rang. Sonya DeVille was within the ring instead. The match began finally however it had been not the match that we were prepared for.

Naomi Vs. Sonya Deville

So a last-second modification of plans saw DeVille take Mandy’s place. DeVille virtually knocked Naomi out, however, the previous champion kicked out. DeVille had her fast in and Rose took the mic. She came that he could not facilitate however think about her husband and showed an image she sent him. it had been her carrying simply a towel. Naomi got distracted and DeVille hit a brand new finisher that was a DDT reversed by Naomi. Confusing.

Smackdown Results: Sonya Deville Def. Naomi

John Cena aforementioned it’s been one hell of a year. He bought a price tag to WrestleMania and regretted having those beers before his match against The Undertaker. He wrote a children’s book, spent six months in China and even created fun of his own hairstyle.

John Cena kept repetition “Why” before asking “Why am I here?”. He did not have a reason. He even documentedNikki Bella going away him and asked for therefore someone’s music to hit so he contains a reason. Becky Lynch answered the decision.

Beck Lynch asked however it felt, expecting a person, however obtaining a solution from the person. She somewhat whereas it’s nice to be back, it absolutely was not therefore easy any longer. She came that she wasn’t to overtake Charlotte on the posters, however him too.

She same that she was The person to require his role. She then another that if he had a problem, Nikki Bella would not be the sole one to drop him. They were then interrupted by Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and Zelina Vega.

Vega said 2019 was Almas’ year and Cena wasted no time difficult them to a Mixed Tag match when expressionthat Becky may kick Vega’s a** herself.

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas & Zelina Vega Vs. John Cena & Becky Lynch

Becky asked to begin the match and Zelina was in trouble right off the bat. Cena required a tag and Becky begrudgingly let Cena within the ring. Zelina and Almas hit the Tranquilo taunt however John wasn’t affected. Almas caught Cena in a very lock.

Vega had John Cena secured along with her legs on the ropes whereas the referee looked away. Becky Lynch started talking trash to Almas, urging him to tag Vega in. Almas went for the double knees and Cena moved. He finally got the prospect and tagged Becky lynch in. the new tag saw her slam Vega down and unrelentingly press against her with kicks and uppercuts. She hit the Bexploder, many rags dolling Vega.

Becky went for the disarm her however Almas interfered. Cena hit the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and therefore the new weird finisher of his, however Almas escaped the ring. Becky came in with the disarm her on Vega for the win. once the match, Cena wished to recognize with Becky however she waved, doing the ‘you cannot see me’ and left.

Smackdown Results: John Cena & Becky Lynch def. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas & Zelina Vega

Backstage, Miz was pitching thought art for matching outfits to Shane, currently that they are a tag team. They were all awful designs and Shane did not wish any a part of that before the screaming segment over.

Asuka was confronted by Triple H, WHO praised her for being on a roll. Charlotte, Carmella, and Becky be part of them, stern a trial at Asuka’s title.

Fatel-5 Royal Battle WWE Title Contendender – Royal Rumble

Ali went straight for Joe and styles hit a backbreaker on Rey before taking overturned on. AJ sent Ali into the ring post however was taken out by Orton from the apron right after. Mysterio sent AJ to the surface before we saw a flurry of attacks performed one by one by our competitors within the ring. we came back from the short break to ascertain turned on Orton and Rey Mysterio bully off within the ring. AJ and Mysterio sent Orton outside before AJ threw Mysterio out too.

AJ styles was sent through a table by Samoa Joe. Orton and Joe excited teaming along however had a staredown. Ali took out Joe and Mysterio took out Orton. Mysterio and Ali were the only 2 men standing.

They had a play in the ring and Mysterio offered a handshaking. Mysterio quickly took Ali’s back and that they had a series of counters, obtaining the higher of 1 another.

Ali got the higher of Mysterio so Samoa Joe. He came on the brink of beating Joe with the 054 however Joe captive and bolted in the coquina clutch. He pressed him against the ropes and since there is no DQ, there was no rope break.

Mysterio hit Joe with a 619 so Ali with a 619. Orton hit AN RKO on Ali and Mysterio then got Orton with a 619. Joe cleared Mysterio from the ring and designs took advantage and hit a springboard 450 on Orton to urge the pin.

Smackdown Results: Aj Styles

Now Aj Styles Will face Daniel Bryan At Royal Rumble 2019.


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