WWE Smackdown Live Results: Becky Lynch Slaps Triple H on Smackdown live

WWE Smackdown Live Results

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from Feb 05th, 2019. You will get Smackdown live Results, Smackdown live Video, and Highlights here. This Episode of Smackdown Live comes from Angel of the Winds Arena in Everrett, WA.

Tonight’s Smackdown live Started Out Smackdown With the Previous Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, as a Video of Becky Lynch’s Attack on Stephanie Mcmahon From wwe raw results last night on the Titantron. Charlotte Aforesaid That Her Rogue Behavior Resulted in Her Obtaining Suspended. Becky Tried to Interfere However Was Stopped by Referees. Triple H Entered the Ring and Said That Becky Was Suspended and She Wasn’t Imagined to Be There.

He Then Ordered Charlotte to Go Back to the Room Because It Didn’t Concern Her. Triple H Aforesaid That the Only Approach She May Get Her Suspension Reversed Is That if She Visited the Doctor and Got Medically Cleared. He Ordered Her to Travel Home, and Before He May Leave the Ring, Becky Asked Triple H However His Wife, Stephanie Was When Obtaining Punched Within the Face on Monday Night Raw.

Triple H Told Becky Lynch That She Wasn’t “the Man”, However Was Simply Dangerous. He Then Aforesaid That Becky Had Tried to Be a “Martyr” Which She Clawed Her Way to the Wrestlemania Chance However Currently Was Attempting to Wriggle Out of the Rousey Match. He Even Accused Her of Faking Her Knee Injury

Triple H Then Said That Becky Was Afraid That Ronda Rousey Could Expose Her for the Fraud That She Is. Lynch Had Enough and Slapped Triple H, and Therefore the 2 Stared One Another Down Before Becky Smiled and Walked Off From the Ring.

Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Luke Gallows & Carl Anderson

The Match Started Out With Nakamura and Gallows Before Karl Anderson  Tags in. Nakamura Landed a Kick to Anderson’s Face Before Rusev Tags in. Anderson Landed a Blow Before Going Over the Highest Rope to Land on Both Rusev and Nakamura, as We Headed Into an Advertisement Break.

Nakamura Had Anderson  Headlock; Anderson Countered With Many Chops Before a Blow on the Former Us Champion. Anderson Then Landed a Spine Buster and Got a Tag, Whereas Rusev Was Additionally Tags in. Gallous Landed a Giant Boot; Each Man Then Clotheslined One Another, as Lana Ordered Nakamura to Get Up and Return to the Ring to Help Rusev.

Anderson and Gallows Went for the Magic Killer, However Nakamura Disrupted the Move. All Four Men Were Within the Ring Before Rusev Landed a Matchka Kick on Anderson and Got the Win.

Smackdown Live Results: Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev

Randy Orton Vs. Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali Landed Many Shots and Kicked However Randy Orton Hit a Large Clothesline Followed by Stiff Kicks. He Threw Ali on the Ropes Then Onto the Comment Table. Orton Landed a Powerslam on Ali However Kicked Out Once Orton Went for the Pinfall. Orton Landed an Enormous Superplex However Ali Just Barely Kicked Out.

Ali Landed 2 Superkicks on Orton, Who Tried to Counter However Ali Landed a Kick to the Side of Orton’s Head. He Went for the Pinfall However Orton Kicked Out. Ali’s Eye Was Swollen From Orton’s Attack. That Did Not Stop Him as He Landed a Ddt on Orton, However Orton Kicked Out. Orton Then Countered With a Rko From the Top Turnbuckle and Got the Win.

Smackdown Live Results: Randy Orton Def. Mustafa Ali

From Apparently Nowhere, Samoa Joe Appeared and Place Ruttish Orton in a Very Coquina Clutch Then Kicked Ali Out of the Ring.

Daniel Bryan Complaints About WWE

Daniel Bryan was within the ring and got a large standing ovation from Everett, Washington as he excited a face flip. Bryan told the those that he was fighting AN uphill battle with those who don’t seem to be environmentally friendly. He was aforesaid that the “suits” backstage did not like him to be the champion which was the sole reason he had been placed in an exceedingly match just like the Elimination Chamber.

Bryan aforesaid that everybody required him as the WWE Champion, also because the planetary champion, as he puffed up his Elimination Chamber match. If you question me, he is been looking too many Captain Planet reruns.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy was being interviewed and before he may end, AJ styles asked Hardy if he was really the most effective person to represent the heritage of the WWE Championship, along with his ahem.. ‘checkered’ past.


Carmella & Naomi Vs. Sonya DeVille & Mandy Rose Vs. The IIconics

Carmella and Sonya started the match and Mandy Rose was tagged in right off the bat. Naomi and Kay were within the ring once we headed for commercials. we came to see Royce on top of things against Carmella and Kay was tagged in again. Mandy stole a tag ANd caught Carmella in an abdominal stretch.

Naomi came in and clean house before that specialize in Mandy. Royce interfered and took a rear read from Naomi. Rose hit her finisher on the distracted Naomi and picked up the swift Win.

Smackdown Live Results: Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

An unsuccessful effort for the new tag team of Carmella and Naomi.

Andrade and His Manager Zelina Vega Appeared Backstage and Vulnerable to Finish Rey Mysterio’s Career.

Jeff Hardy Vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan Started Off Sturdy With Immense Kicks to the Face Within the Corner and Went for the Painful and Complicated Submission Sequence However Jeff Wriggled Away. Jeff Hardy Was Getting Destroyed as We Came Back From Commercials However Turned the Tide With an Inverted Atomic Drop and a Low Dropkick However Did Not Get the Pin.

Hardy Sent Daniel Bryan Bloody Outside and So Dove at Him Over the Ropes. Hardy Took the Ropes to the Face and Was Fazed for Many Seconds Before Bryan Hit the ‘yes’ Kicks. Hardy Hit the Twist of Fate and So the Swanton Bomb However Rowan Dragged Hardy From Below the Ropes as He Was Going for the Pin.

Smackdown Live Results: Jeff Hardy Def. Daniel Bryan via Dq

Hardy Was Caught During a Painful Hold However Samoa Joe Appeared Once More and Took Out Rowan Before Lockup Within the Coquina Clutch on Bryan. Turned on Orton and Mustafa Ali Joined the Brawl and It Changed Into a Complete War. Aj Styles’ Music Hit and Therefore the Slaying Continued.

Hardy Cleansed House as Bryan and Rowan Walked Up the Ramp and Created Their Approach Backstage Solely to Prevent and Stare at Aj. Backstage, Bryan Was Furious Regarding the Interruptions and Screamed His Head Off Because the Show Came to End.


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