WWE Smackdown Live Results: Charlotte Flair Address WWE Universe on Smackdown live

Smackdown Live

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from Feb 12th, 2019. You will get Smackdown live Results, Smackdown live Video, and Highlights here. This Episode of Smackdown Live comes from Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio.

Charlotte Flair Began Smackdown to a Mixed Response From the Crowd Once a Recap of Last Night’s Proceedings. Charlotte Told Us That She Wasn’t Picked by Mr. Mcmahon as a Result of She’s His Favorite However as a Result of She Was a Winner.

 She Swore That a Similar Crowd Booing Her Would Be Singing ‘this Is Awesome’ at Wrestlemania. The Crowd Chanted ‘you S*ck’ However Charlotte Shrugged It Off Before Inform to the Wrestlemania Sign and Walking Off.

Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille Vs. The IIconics Vs. Carmella & Naomi

Carmella Began the Match With Royce However the Latter Quickly Tagged in Mandy Rose. Carmella and Naomi Hit a Double Team Move Mandy Then Targeted on Deville. Naomi Was Prying for a Tag and Before She Might, Mandy Rose Knocked Naomi Down With an Elbow. She Took Time to Pull Deville to Her Corner, Not Realizing That Naomi Had Gotten Up Right Away.

 Rose and Naomi Tagged in at Identical Time. Naomi Attacked Rose and Threw Deville Out of the Ring, Permitting Carmella to Kick Her Down. Naomi Hit Her Finisher and Pinned Rose, Obtaining the Win.

Smackdown Live Results: Carmella Def. Mandy Rose and Also the Iiconics

The Iconics Attacked the Winning Couple From Behind After the Match.

 It’s Was made Official That Mustafa Ali Wasn’t Clear Medically to Compete and a Member of the New Day Can Replace Him Within the Elimination Chamber.

Usos as Special Guest on Miz TV

The Miz and Shane McMahon were out for a “McMiz TV” episode, with The Usos as special guests. The Usos refused to require a seat. The crowd started singing for them and that they aforesaid that they see a new tag team making an attempt to be The Usos. McMahon aforesaid that they are not attempting to be The Usos, however they’re the most effective Tag Team within the World.

 The Usos place them through a “tag team test”. that they had to guess what every other’s favorite colours, favorite food, etc were. The Usos did not appear to buy the credibility of McMahon and also the Miz. The A-Lister wished to vary the topic to Mandy Rose.

Things presently got tense and also the Usos imitated The Miz, refusing to let him speak and even gave him a mic drop. Shane McMahon aforesaid the sole factor that was real was the SmackDown tag titles. The Usos seemed able to retreat however they hit the champions with dual superkicks and walked away.

Daniel Bryan addresses WWE Universe

Daniel Bryan was telling about regarding however he should not be a part of the Elimination Chamber once the New Day interfered. The trio hinted that Kofi Kingston would take Mustafa Ali’s place within the Elimination Chamber also the gauntlet match that was up next.

Gauntlet Match – Kofi Kingston Vs. Daniel Bryan

Kofi started off robust as he and Daniel listed submissions before obtaining caught in a very painful hold. Bryan hit AN inverted board however Kofi free the hold and Bryan ran outside and voiceless one thing in Rowan’s ear. Kofi hit many arm-drags however took a running knee.

 Kofi sent Bryan through the ropes and hit a large dive over the ropes as we tend to headed for a break. rowan interfered and big E stepped up to aide Kofi by putting off rowan. The official sent E and Xavier to the lockers and once rowan sent Kofi into the timekeeper’s space, he too was sent off. Daniel was argument with the official once Kofi hit the trouble in paradise and got the pinfall.

Smackdown Live Results: Daniel Bryan Eliminated

Gauntlet Match – Kofi Kingston Vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy came in third and hit a Swanton Bomb at once however Kofi extended in time. Hardy took Kofi to the highest rope however he fought back and hit a crossbody on Hardy WHO nearly turned it around and incomprehensible the trouble in Paradise.

 He hit the SOS and pinned Jeff Hardy.

Smackdown Live Results: Jeff Hardy Eliminated

Gauntlet Match – Kofi Kingston Vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe came in in fourth place and place the pressure on Kofi WHO had been within the ring for nearly forty minutes. Joe hit a large lariat once each competitors were in danger of being counted out. Joe threw Kofi off the ropes and he was almost to be eliminated however Kingston managed to beat the count.

 Joe barred within the Coquina Clutch however Kofi turned it into a cover and got the 3 count.

Smackdown Live Results: Samoa Joe was eliminated

Joe dropped Kofi exhausting and hit the Coquina Clutch on the ground as the officers tried to separate them.

Gauntlet Match – Kofi Kingston Vs. AJ Styles

AJ styles ran in and took on Joe rather than his actual challenger as we go for commercials over again. after we came, AJ tried to persuade Kofi to prevent the match however Kofi took an effort at the previous WWE Champion. AJ hit a large backbreaker and went for a submission move the proper knee of Kingston.

 AJ sent Kofi into the post and rolled out however beat the count all over again. AJ went for the Calf crusher and Kofi tapped out finally. the crowd gave him a credit as he limped off to the lockers.

Smackdown Live Results: Kofi Was Eliminated

Gauntlet Match – Randy Orton Vs. AJ Styles

Randy Orton’s music hit and whereas AJ was distracted, Orton came out of nothing and hit the RKO. AJ went down right then and there as Orton got the 3 counts with only one move.

Randy Orton Vs. AJ Styles

Smackdown Live Results: Randy Orton won the 6-Man Gauntlet and can be the last entrant within the Elimination Chamber on Sunday.


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