WWE Smackdown Live Results: Daniel Bryan interviews on Miz TV

WWE Smackdown Live Results
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Welcome to the WWE Smackdown live Results from 04 December 2018. As tonight show comes from Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas.

Today around evening time’s WWE SmackDown Live opens up with a video bundle on what happened a week ago with the ladies’ division and the Battle Royal.

  • We’re live from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas as Tom Phillips invites us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.
  • SmackDown General Manager Paige is in the ring for an agreement marking section. We see tables, stepping stools and seats all around the ring. Paige invites us.

WWE Smackdown live General Manager Paige says SmackDown is the brand that leaves a mark on the world and she’s upbeat to bring the first-historically speaking ladies’ TLC coordinate. We additionally observe the WWE SmackDown live Women’s Title hanging over the ring. Paige presents WWE Smackdown live superstar Asuka first and out she goes to a pop. Charlotte Flair is presented straightaway.

Paige presents “The Man” Becky Lynch straightaway and out comes the SmackDown Women’s Champion to a pop. Becky gazes toward her title hanging over the ring. Becky takes the mic and discussions about how she will take the necessary steps to succeed at TLC, she couldn’t care less on the off chance that you earned your title shot or not. Pizazz says Becky can turn her title shot anyway she needs yet she’s the person who got the ball Becky dropped and beat up RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, with a kendo stick. So envision what she will do at TLC with tables, stepping stools and seats. They continue contending until Asuka intrudes. Asuka says Becky previously beat Flair however not her. Asuka says she would have crushed Rousey and she will beat Becky at TLC. Pizazz insults Asuka for how she finished her streak at WrestleMania. Asuka says Flair got fortunate one time. They all contend and Paige intrudes. Becky says none of them could beat Rousey or her. Becky signs the agreement and leaves as fans serenade her name.

Style says Becky can leave since she’s everything talk nowadays in any case. Energy says she will beat Becky and Asuka, once more. Energy tosses a “wooooo!” at Asuka. Asuka fires back in Japanese. Pizazz advises her to stop since she officially broke Asuka’s persona at WrestleMania and will presently complete her at TLC. Paige gets in the middle of them and instructs them to quiet down. They sign the agreement. Asuka needs to battle at the present time. Mandy Rose’s music hinders as she turns out with Sonya Deville. They cut promotions on Flair and Asuka. Deville says Asuka’s Battle Royal win was a fluke a week ago however she guarantees she won’t get captured like that once more. Rose says if Paige needs to see fire and want, she’s taking a gander at it. Fans give her the “what!?” treatment. Rose miracles what occurs if Flair and Asuka don’t make it to TLC. Paige says they are past inert dangers. She makes a label group coordinate for the time being. Energy’s music hits as they all prepare for the match. We go to business.

The Miz asks answer from Shane Mcmahon

Once again from the break and SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon is in his office with the World Cup trophy. The Miz strolls in and needs to realize why he’s facilitating MizTV with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan this evening. Shane says in light of the fact that he is the host of that appears. Miz goes on and needs them to end up the best label group on the planet, what they were destined to do. Shane is stressed over Miz finding the essential solutions out of Bryan today around evening time. Miz says on the off chance that he gets those answers, Shane owes him. Shane says he doesn’t owe Miz anything.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose Vs. Asuka and Charlotte Flair

We go to the ring and Asuka begins off with Sonya Deville. They return and forward. Deville maintains a strategic distance from the Asuka Lock and grounds Asuka. They exchange kick endeavors and Asuka obstructs a takedown. Asuka with an armbar now. Deville keeps control and in comes Mandy Rose for the twofold group. Ascended with a 2 tally.

Asuka battles back with strikes. Rose counters however Asuka drops her for a nearby 2 check. Asuka insults and labels in Flair. Asuka holds Rose while Flair snatches her for a takedown. Style with a kick to the back. Energy sends Rose into the corner yet keeps running into an elbow. Energy scoops Rose however she slides out and sends Flair to confront first into the center turnbuckle. Rose talks some waste at this point. Style drives her off and hits an overhead toss. Charlotte kips up and kicks Deville as she keeps running in. Energy with an overhead toss to Deville. Rose and Deville move to the floor to regroup. Style dispatches herself over the best rope and takes out the two rivals on the floor. Asuka watches from the cover as Flair focuses at her and afterward swaggers. Becky comes strolling down the incline and postures to a pop. Charlotte talks some waste as Becky looks on and fans serenade her name. We go to business.

Once more from the break and Rose overwhelms Asuka, dropping her for a nearby 2 check. We see Becky watching the match from ringside now. Ascended with another 2 check. Deville labels in and they step away on Asuka while she’s down. Deville with more offense and another 2 check. Rose returns and conveys a firm knee to the essence of Asuka for a 2 tally. Rose keeps control and hits a clothesline. Asuka battles out of a major hammer and hits a jawbreaker.

Charlotte and Deville tag in the meantime. Charlotte empties and thumps Rose off the cook’s garment. Charlotte cleaves away on Deville as the group “wooooo!’s” with her. Style with a midsection to-back suplex and another kip up for a pop. Deville rocks Flair yet Flair returns appropriate with a Spear. Rose keeps running in yet Flair hurls her to the floor. Rose pulls Asuka off the cover. Rose rocks Flair from the cook’s garment yet Asuka pulls her to the floor. Charlotte pivots and dismisses Asuka from the cover with a major boot, evidently thinking the shot originated from her. Deville moves Flair up for a 2 check. Asuka returns and drops Flair with a sliding knee. Deville exploits and gets the stick on Flair for the win.


Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

Jey Uso Vs. Xavier Woods vs. Cesaro

We go to the ring and out first comes The New Day – Xavier Woods with Big E and Kofi Kingston. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar are out straightaway – Cesaro with Sheamus. Out last are The Usos – Jey Uso with Jimmy Uso.

The chime rings and they alternate on Cesaro, at that point hurl him out of the ring. We see Kofi and Big E at their custom report table. Woods and Uso go at it now while The Bar watches and talks at ringside. Woods and Cesaro exchange stick endeavors, at that point complete a show of regard. Cesaro keeps running in and they deck him, hurling him ideal retreat to the floor. We go to business.

Once again from the break and Cesaro dropkicks Woods from the smock to the floor. Cesaro ascensions to the best on Jey however gets sent down. Cesaro nails Jey in mid-air with a major uppercut for a nearby 2 tally. We perceive how Cesaro dismantled The New Day’s declare table amid the break. Uso winds up getting Woods in a major Samoan Drop now. Cesaro and Woods are down in inverse corners now as Jey hits Woods with a Rikishi sprinkle. Cesaro moves to the floor however Jey jumps out to bring him down.

Jey goes to come back to the ring however Woods stops him and conveys him out to the floor with a major tornado DDT. Cesaro and Woods go at it in the ring now. Woods counters and pummels Cesaro confront first on the tangle for a nearby 2 consider Sheamus looks on. Fans rally for Woods now. Cesaro obstructs the Honor Roll and slams Woods once more into the corner. Jey kicks Cesaro in the head from the cook’s garment. Jey goes to the best for the enormous Uso sprinkle however Cesaro gets his knees up for a 2 check. Woods comes taking off the best onto Cesaro for a 2 consider Jey splits the stick up.

Uso and Woods exchange shots amidst the ring now. They exchange big cheeses and counters, propelling at one another. Cesaro comes in and goes for the Cesaro Swing on Uso. Woods rushes to stop it however Cesaro puts Woods on his shoulders. Cesaro does the Swing to Uso while Woods is on his shoulders. Cesaro with the Sharpshooter to Woods now amidst the ring. Cesaro and Jimmy look on from ringside. Jey keeps running in and Cesaro obstructs his superkick however Jey nails an enziguri. Woods with a 2 depend on Cesaro. Woods winds up getting sent to the floor as Jey drops Cesaro for the stick to win.


Jey Uso

Rusev Will Feast on Shinsuke Nakamura as he Promises with Lana

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Lana and Rusev. She demonstrates to us how Rusev versus Shinsuke Nakamura never happened a week ago in light of the fact that Nakamura assaulted Rusev before the match. Rusev says Nakamura assaulted him since he’s unnerved of him. Rusev boasts on how fit as a fiddle he is. Rusev says he’s ravenous, yet not for an entire chicken or yogurt or cheddar, he’s eager for his WWE United States Title, which Nakamura is clutching like a young man with a toy. Rusev goes on and says Nakamura won’t have the capacity to keep away from him whenever he gets his hands on him. Rusev says he will devour Nakamura amid the best occasion of all… Rusev Day!

Still to come, Orton versus Jeff Hardy and MizTV. Back to business.

– Back from the break and the hosts lead us to a “coming soon” promotion for Lars Sullivan of WWE NXT, considering him one of the most sultry free operators. Tom noticed that Shane and RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon are both attempting to sign him.

Styles Crashes Bryan in Interview at Mizz TV

We go to the ring and The Miz is holding up as Greg Hamilton presents him. Miz invites us to another must-see version of MizTV. He’s immediately hindered via Carmella and R-Truth.

Carmella and Truth stop on the stage and require a move break. The music hits and they begin moving. Truth says “as you were” and they go to the backstage zone. Miz proceeds and invites us once more. Miz discusses how WWE Champion Daniel Bryan has showed up on MizTV a few times throughout the years however today around evening time is uncommon in light of the fact that he’s the boss. Miz advises everybody to get up out of their seats and welcome the new Daniel Bryan. The music hits and out comes the WWE Champion. We perceive how Bryan as of late swung foot sole area to win the title from AJ Styles.

Bryan sits down and Miz discusses his adjustment in demeanor. Miz says Bryan at long last understood that Miz had been correct from the start. Bryan discusses how he wasn’t that shrewd before on the grounds that he minded what the fans thought. Bryan never again thinks about the fans. Bryan goes on and says the fans are all sheep. He discusses the new Daniel Bryan being considerably more risky. Bryan winds up lashing out at the fans for how they devastate nature and how they add to environmental change each and every day. Bryan says in the event that you need to discuss sins, he kicked one man in the crotch on one day however these individuals carry out endless barbarities against the Earth and future ages each and every day, month and year. Tally the wrongdoings, he says. Fans boo.

Miz wouldn’t like to hear it. He requests that Bryan answer a certain something – did he progress toward becoming WWE Champion since he tuned in to what Miz had said. Truly or no? Fans break out in “yes!” and “no!” drones. Bryan says yes… no. Truly, no, truly, no, indeed, no, truly, no, truly, no… it doesn’t make a difference, Bryan says. He says the main thing that issues is that the old Daniel Bryan is dead, the Yes Movement with these logos, dead. He takes his “yes!” custom title plates off the side of the belt. Bryan says Miz and every other person can do nothing about this – here is our new WWE Champion, the new Daniel Bryan. Bryan raises the title and begins reciting “whimsical!” at individuals once more. The music hinders and out comes AJ Styles to a pop.

Styles walks to the ring and Bryan withdraws. AJ enters the ring and Miz snatches his leg yet AJ kicks him off. AJ winds up pursuing Bryan back in the ring yet he empties on Miz. Bryan fights against eminent loss and assaults Styles for the twofold group. Miz digs out from a deficit and drops AJ with a Skull Crushing Finale as Bryan watches from the slope.

Randy Orton Vs. Jeff Hardy

We go to the ring and out comes Jeff Hardy first. Randy Orton is out straightaway. We get a sidebar video from prior today with Orton taking shots at Hardy and Rey Mysterio, still possessing Rey’s veil.

The chime rings and Hardy empties however Orton wards him off. Orton goes for the ear again yet Hardy stops him. Solid with a jawbreaker. Solid thumps Orton out of the ring and leads an “erase!” serenade. Strong pursues to the floor and sends Orton into the steel ring post. Orton turns it around and goes to hammer Hardy over the declare table yet Hardy rapidly turns it back around. Solid works Orton over and hammers him over the table. Solid comes back to the ring and leads another “erase!” serenade while Orton comes in agony over the declare table. Back to business.

Once more from the break and Orton has commanded Hardy since we went to business. Orton keeps Hardy grounded amidst the ring now. Solid battles up and out, interfacing with a kick to the gut. Orton keeps running into boots in the corner. Solid goes to the best for Whisper In the Wind yet Orton kicks out at 2. Strong with a couple of his mark moves for another stick endeavor amidst the ring. Solid requires another “erase!” serenade. Orton hinders a Twist of Fate and interfaces with an elbow to stagger Hardy.

Tough battles in from the cook’s garment yet Orton goes for the second rope hanging DDT, nailing it. Orton drops to the tangle and flags for the RKO. Solid hinders the RKO. Orton hinders the Twist of Fate. Solid obstructs the RKO. Solid goes to the best yet Orton rocks him with a correct hand to the face. Orton rocks Hardy again and ascends for a superplex. Solid battles back and slides under Orton. Solid sends Orton confront first into the turnbuckles. Solid with a Twist of Fate. Fans pop and serenade “erase!” as Hardy returns to the best. Orton moves to the floor yet Hardy conveys a kick to the face through the ropes.

Strong dismantles the report table and pummels Orton’s face onto it. Solid hammers Orton over the table. Solid returns in the ring and ascensions to the best. Samoa Joe shows up on the extra large screen as fans boo. Joe is at a neighborhood bar, revealing to Hardy he’s working to perfection, to keep it up. Joe appears to have drinks with individuals at the bar. Orton comes back to the ring and exploits the diversion, dropping Hardy with the RKO. Orton covers for the stick to win.


Randy Orton

Aj Styles Vs The Miz

We go to the ring for today’s headliner as The Miz advances out. AJ Styles is out straightaway.

The camera slices backstage to Kayla Braxton drawing nearer WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Braxton asks Bryan for what reason he’s still here after it showed up he was leaving before. He says the new Daniel Bryan does not run and all that he does, he does with a reason. Bryan says he will do editorial. Bryan strolls off and we return to business.

Once more from the break and Daniel Bryan is on analysis. The match begins back and forward between the two. AJ winds up leveling Miz and gazing out at Bryan. Styles goes on and dispatches himself over the best rope from the smock, dropping an elbow on Miz for a 2 tally. AJ with hacks. Miz turns it around and drops Styles as Bryan tirades about the earth on editorial. Bryan says Byron is an appalling human and ought to be embarrassed about himself. Miz with a jawbreaker and a knee to the gut, and more offense. Miz keeps AJ grounded amidst the ring now.

Miz with a Reality Check for a nearby 2 depend on AJ. Miz beats on AJ while they’re both on the tangle, talking some junk. Miz hopes to rally from the corner with a clothesline yet AJ close him down with a superkick. They go head to head with AJ on the cover. AJ interfaces with a lower arm however Miz thumps him down to the floor. We go to business with Miz recuperating in the ring while AJ is down outwardly.

Over from the break and we get promotions for today’s Mixed Match Challenge scene on Facebook Watch. We come back to the ring and Bryan watches from the declare table as Miz and AJ are both getting to their feet. They exchange strikes. AJ empties with strikes and clotheslines Miz to the tangle. AJ flies in and thumps Miz back on the tangle. AJ with a flying clothesline in the corner. AJ drops Miz’s neck over his knee and spreads for another 2 check. Miz hinders a Styles Clash and sends AJ into the corner. They exchange more counters and finisher endeavors. Miz drops AJ with the enormous DDT however he kicks out at 2. Miz demonstrates some dissatisfaction now.

AJ maintains a strategic distance from a kick and hurls Miz out of the ring to the floor. AJ dispatches himself over the best rope for a lower arm crush on the floor. Fans boo as Bryan gets up and gradually approaches AJ. Bryan offers his hand for a shake however Miz fights against eminent loss, exploiting the diversion and dropping AJ. Miz brings AJ again into the ring and drops him with a Skull Crushing Finale. AJ kicks out at 2. Miz and Bryan can’t trust it.

Miz chips away at the leg now. AJ obstructs a Figure Four endeavor and sends Miz bear first into the turnbuckles. Bryan goes for AJ while the ref is keeping an eye on Miz. AJ decks Bryan and sends him back. This prompts AJ countering Miz and folding him into the Calf Crusher.


AJ Styles

After the match, AJ celebrates as his music hits however Bryan enters the ring and takes his knee out. Bryan hauls AJ to the corner over and over pummels his knee into the ring post. Bryan hauls AJ out and sends him confront first into the ring post. Bryan hammers AJ’s face into the declare table presently, taunting him. Bryan folds AJ again into the ring and tails him, stalking him from the corner. AJ gets up yet Bryan takes his knee out from behind again with a running shot. Bryan applies his Heel Hook accommodation now as AJ shouts in torment. The official endeavors to motivate Bryan to break it however he won’t. More refs rundown and the hold is at last broken. Bryan stands tall as fans boo. AJ hopes to get up however Bryan nails a kick to the head. Bryan steps away on AJ now. Bryan runs a triumph lap around the ring as the boos proceed. Bryan steps away on AJ’s head now. Bryan leaves the ring and gets his title. He heads toward Hamilton and menaces him into declaring him as our WWE Champion, the new Daniel Bryan. Bryan remains on the report table and raises the title as the boos proceed. Bryan takes the mic and inquires as to whether they don’t endorse for sure. Whimsical. The general population don’t cheer? Whimsical. The general population don’t love the new Daniel Bryan? Whimsical. Whimsical. Flighty. Bryan continues reciting “whimsical!” as AJ gradually gets up in the ring. Bryan keeps running once again into the ring and assaults AJ some more. Bryan applies the Hook again as AJ shouts out in agony, saying he surrenders. SmackDown runs off the air with refs attempting to inspire Bryan to break the hold.


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