WWE Smackdown Live Results Jan 15th, 2019 Latest Highlights Video from Smackdown Live

WWE Smackdown Live Results
WWE Smackdown Live Results
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Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from Jan 15st, 2018. You will get Smackdown live Results, Video, and Highlights here from 15 Jan 2019. This Episode of Smackdown Live starts with Becky Lynch as she heads to WWE Arena this Episode of Smackdown comes from Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama.

SmackDown Live began with Becky Lynch incoming in her car backstage. the crowd chanted for Becky and she was stopped by Kayla Braxton. She aforesaid she’s about to answer the question of whether or not she’s prepared for Asuka in the ring.

Becky saw heavy Machinery and also the New Day backstage. heavy Machinery place pancakes, whole eggs and ground it in an exceeding mixer. They drank it whereas The New Day were sick of.

Becky Lynch took a sip of it too. She went to the ring and also the crowd erupted. Becky started talking concerning the promotion and the way everyone’s been attempting to be a bad**s. She talked regarding however Asuka’s hype died down at WrestleMania.

Asuka came out and mentioned one thing concerning stinging like a bee. The Iiconics came out and interrupted them, trashing each of them before claiming they go to win the Rumble and also the women’s tag titles. Becky challenged them to a match.

Becky Lynch vs. Peyton Royce

Becky punched Peyton within the throat right off the bat and Royce fell out of the ring. Becky went for a disarm her early however Royce managed to get away. Royce took control and caught Becky with some kicks within the corner before going for a lock. Becky hit a dive from up high and Royce kicked out after a pin try. after a break, Royce went for a canopy however Becky kicked out. Becky locked within the disarm her and got the simple win.

Smackdown Results: Becky Lynch def. Peyton Royce

Asuka came in mic in hand, screaming in Japanese after the match and ran once Billie Kay WHO was at ringside seat. Turned out, she challenged Kay and also the bell rang right after to begin the match.

Asuka vs. Billie Kay

Asuka went for her own version of the disarm her on Kay once dragging her into the ring. Kay reversed it, however, The empress locked within the Asuka Lock for the win in below a second, from what it appeared.

Smackdown Results: Asuka def. Billie Kay

AJ styles appeared right as the match between Asuka and Kay concluded and even if he wasn’t regular to indicate up, he climbed over the barricades and walked up the aisles as we headed for commercials.

When we came, AJ was handing out merch to the fans within the arena and Daniel Bryan attacked him from the gang. They brawled for a bit and Bryan was sent through a table till security stepped in and dragged them apart.

Backstage, Jimmy Uso got a rose and a motel key and Jey scan the letter that aforementioned that it had been from Mandy Rose and not Naomi like they’d at the start though. EC3 was backstage as Samoa Joe got able to step within the ring.

Still backstage, Andrade and Zelina were being interviewed and Vega aforementioned that Andrade would beat Rey Mysterio later in the night likewise because the Royal Rumble and eventually the WWE Championship.

It’s also official that Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas is currently going by the name of simply Andrade.

Samoa Joe Vs. Mustafa Ali

Samoa Joe attacked Mustafa Ali before the match even started whereas Ali was making his entrance. Joe sent him blinking outside the ring and therefore the officials instructed him to go back to the lockers. Joe gave the impression to obey then again ran back and flung Ali at the turnbuckles before walking out. Ali wasn’t in an exceedingly condition to compete and therefore the match was referred to as off. Joe came back another time and sent Ali into the barricades before the phase was over.

It looks like Ali vs Joe is that the new feud beginning off!

Smackdown Results: Samoa Joe vs. Mustafa Ali was called off

Backstage, Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille were discussing if it absolutely was okay for Mandy to offer Jimmy her hotel key. Sonya was opposition the concept saying it absolutely was too ‘scandalous’. Mandy told her that she extremely hates Naomi and therefore the best way to go back to at her would be to interrupt up her wedding with Jimmy Uso.

Sonya still looked on, giving a glance of disapproval.

Andrade Vs. Rey Mysterio

Both men showed nice gracefulness countering every other’s moves before Andrade was caught with AN arm drag by the veteran. Mysterio caught Andrade in an exceeding lock however got flipped, landing on his back. Andrade dodged a 619 and Rey countered the lock DDT and so sent Andrade over the ropes whereas still latching on to his shoulders together with his legs. Andrade recovered and hit a large powerbomb on Rey outside as we headed to commercials.

Rey Mysterio sent Andrade into the turnbuckles and so sent him outside before jumping off the ropes and onto his opponent. Back within the ring, Mysterio hit a high rope move however Andrade caught him with a dropkick. Andrade hit a moonsault however another time Rey kicked out. Andrade blocked a 619 however Mysterio hit a crucifix bomb and so the 619. Vega interfered and Andrade took down Mysterio before hit the lock DDT for the win.

Smackdown Results: Andrade def. Rey Mysterio

Jimmy Uso Meets Mandy Rose in her hotel room

Jimmy Uso came across Mandy Rose’s hotel room during a short phase and knocked before walking in. Mandy was in a lounging robe and called Jimmy in. Uso said they should not be doing this however Mandy told her to prevent enjoying hard to get before taking off the gown and revealing black nightclothes. Before Jimmy Uso may say something, an artist ran in, clicked photos of them and ran away.

Mandy finally disclosed to Jimmy that the important target wasn’t him, however his wife Naomi. Jimmy smiled and walked out of the hotel room, sending Naomi in. Naomi was carrying a bright yellow jumpsuit and straightaway attacked Mandy, taking her down on the hotel room floor before Rose ran away screaming.

Jimmy Uso came in finally to assist his wife up and it had been clear that Mandy’s plans were disappointed long before Jimmy set foot within the hotel room because of the segment all over.

Shane McMahon’s  Birthday hosted by the Miz

The Miz introduced the birthday boy Shane McMahon WHO came into the ring and we see that the Miz had ordered not one, however 2 cakes from Shane’s favorite shop. He then handed Shane his birthday gift and it absolutely was a pair of Jordan 33’s that he needed Shane to wear for their Royal Rumble look. Then the Miz showed off a video package he had a place along on the Titantron showcasing his career and their relationship.

The Bar came bent wreck the party and noted however Vince did not care enough to be there. Shane calls as out Sheamus and Cesaro and said one in any of them should face the Miz tonight. Miz said he wasn’t in his gear however Shane said it absolutely was birthday want thus Miz could not say no.

Sheamus Vs. The Miz

Miz was wearing a suit and sent Sheamus outside early. Sheamus wraps Miz’s shirt off because the match came to the ring however Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale and missed. Sheamus was sent into the ring post however managed to hit a lariat causing Miz to the mat. Cesaro came in with a distraction however Shane sent him through the table with the cakes on that. Miz took the chance and got the rollup and therefore the 3 counts.

Smackdown Results:  The Miz def. Sheamus

Sheamus attacked Miz after the match and Shane came to the rescue. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale and that they set Sheamus up for the Coast to Coast within the corner that Shane accomplished with the remaining cake ahead of Sheamus’ face. the 2 finally raised the best within the World trophy over their heads and celebrated because the show came to a end.


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