WWE Smackdown Live Results Jan 22nd, 2019- Orton Returns on Smackdown Live

Smackdown Live Results

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from Jan 22nd, 2018. You will get Smackdown live Results, Video, and Highlights here from  Jan 22nd, 2019. This Episode of Smackdown Live comes from Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita.

Becky Lynch began SmackDown Live and aforesaid it wasn’t too way back when people did not care concerning what she said. currently, people care what the person says or will. She said that she ought to be main eventing WrestleMania and whereas Asuka is also one in every of the best within the world, she’s better. The Empress created her way out in no time and hey had a staredown before Charlotte flair interfered.

Charlotte told that she was getting to win the Rumble and talked concerning however she finished Asuka’s streak, whooped Ronda with a kendo stick and beat Sasha Banks such a large amount of times that she did not even keep in mind. She declared that she was the main event. Asuka attacked Becky from behind and also the brawl began. Referees and officers came bent separate them and Becky was sent into the barricade and Asuka, over the announce table. once the commercials, the 2 were still fighting backstage.

Naomi Vs. Mandy Rose

Naomi went outside the ring and attacked Mandy Rose before the bell rang. She brought her in and also the bell finally rang. Mandy went within the corner against Naomi. She hit her with a series of strikes however Naomi jumped on the top rope and kicked Mandy Rose arduous in an exceedingly great counter.

A very aggressive Naomi brought the fight like ne’er before and jumped to the opposite side of the ropes before Mandy Rose “accidentally” virtually knocked off the referee. Sonya DeVille force her leg when she jumped and Naomi got pushed into the ring post before Mandy Rose got the pin and also the 3 counts.

Smackdown Live Results: Mandy Rose Deft. Naomi

Backstage, Rey Mysterio cut a promo concerning his 2006 success. He aforesaid that last week he was gaining respect for Andrade until he took a cutoff success. now they will not be able to try this because Zelina Vega was prohibited from ringside for his or her 2-out-of-3 falls match.

Cesaro vs. The Miz

Cesaro tried to gain the first advantage with a series of uppercuts before speed down and had The Miz in a lock. Miz charged at him and he got caught mid-air and was slammed down. Miz countered Cesaro and started a Figure-4 leg-lock. Sheamus force Cesaro’s hand to the ropes so force him out of the ring. Miz fell through the mid-rope and attacked Sheamus, permitting Cesaro to blow him.

The Miz was in control after the break and he was striking the dropkicks like Daniel Bryan. He got Cesaro down ANd jumped from the highest turnbuckles however took an uppercut. Cesaro tried to use his legs on the ropes however Shane McMahon pushed it away. Sheamus ran in and shoved Shane into the barricade. The Miz tried to get a fast pin however wasn’t able to and took a neutralizer, permitting Cesaro to get the win.

Smackdown Live Results: Cesaro def. The Miz

After the match, Shane attacked Sheamus and Cesaro. He set the table up and put Cesaro thereon thus he jumped from the top turnbuckles, however Sheamus shoved him away. Sheamus hit the shoe Kick whereas The Miz additionally got destroyed. Miz tried to shield Shane however wasn’t able to. They sent Shane McMahon onto The Miz and through the table.


Vince McMahon Comes face to face for Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles

Mr. McMahon came out and introduced AJ styles and Daniel Bryan, WHO created their thanks to the ring. AJ got within the ring and Bryan refused to get into the ring with a psychopath, relating styles. after a monologue about however he’s using the title for the bigger smart whereas AJ used it to urge fame, Bryan claimed he was the complete planet’s champion.

AJ then called Bryan fickle and same he was afraid to urge within the ring with him. once some more banter, Vince got tired and ordered Bryan to get within the ring. Daniel Bryan referred to as McMahon and everyone the baby-boomers parasites and continued his monologue. Vince growled that he wasn’t gonna raise once more and repeated himself. designs were disgusted it too as he went out the ring to face him and that they broke into a brawl.

Bryan was sent into the ring by AJ WHO went for the outstanding forearm however Bryan pushed Vince within the method. AJ stopped himself however took a running knee before Daniel Bryan fled the scene.

Charlotte Flair Warns Carmella Before Royal Rumble 2019.

Mustafa Ali Vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe started off with a stiff strike to the face then chest slapped Mustafa Ali outside the ring. He talked trash and threw him into the ring post, however Ali jumped and climbed the highest turnbuckle before jumping on Joe. Ali started going at Joe sharply however the officials stopped him. Joe used the instant to land a chest slam on Ali and take hold.

Ali caught Joe with a shot to the face however got shoved down. Joe continued to dominate with his terrific energy. Ali managed to flee Samoa Joe’s charge and hit a swift kick to push him away. He hit the facebuster and got valuable time on his hands to recover.

Ali sent Joe out of the ring and launched himself sort of a missile. Joe was rocked and Ali was trying to capitalize. Joe looked away, however by the time he looked back, Ali had already jumped the barricade and onto Joe. Joe sent him into the ring however by the time he got back, Ali hit one or two of superkicks. He hit a crazy spinning DDT before attempting for the 054 however Joe got up on time and wrapped his arms around Ali’s neck. He got the Coquina clutch and had him down within the middle of the ring, creating him tap.

Smackdown Live Results:  Samoa Joe def. Mustafa Ali

The New Day Aren’t Revealing This Year Royal Rumble Strategies.

Rey Mysterio Vs. Andrade 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Andrade caught Rey Mysterio once he tried a Hurricanrana and he stood up on the highest turnbuckle and power bombed him, obtaining the first fall of the match.

Andrade 1-0 Rey Mysterio

Andrade caught Rey in a powerbomb position, slammed him against the ropes and rebounded into a powerbomb. Mysterio kicked out. Rey countered another powerbomb and spiked Andrade’s head with a Canadian destroyer, obtaining a pinfall.

Andrade 1-1 Rey Mysterio

Andrade was sent to the surface once missing a charge on Mysterio. He fell beneath the ring and Andrade virtually caught him. Had Mysterio not fought out, he would are spiked with a DDT to the mats. Andrade hit the lock DDT within the ring and Rey got his foot on the ropes to interrupt the following pin.

Mysterio got the 619 in however before he may finish Andrade off, Samoa Joe attacked him and locked within theCoquina Clutch in the ring.

Smackdown Live Results: Rey Mysterio def. Andrade via DQ

Joe takes the mic and says he warned everybody that he came to create a statement. Joe says what we see within the ring tonight is precisely what he can do to the other 29 WWE Superstars within the Royal Rumble on Sunday. as a result of his name is Samoa Joe… turned on Orton comes flying in out of obscurity with a giant RKO outta obscurity. Fans pop as Orton gets hyped up. we visit replays as Randy Orton’s music hits. Orton poses within the corner as the final SmackDown before the Royal Rumble pops the air.


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