WWE Smackdown Live Results: Jan 29th, 2019 Smackdown live Results

WWE Smackdown Live Results

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from Jan 29th, 2019. You will get Smackdown live Results, Video, and Highlights here from  Jan 29th, 2019. This Episode of Smackdown Live comes from Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix.

As Tonight’s Smackdown live opened with Becky Lynch 2019 Royal Rumble Performance and her Confrontation to WWE Raw Women’s Champion.

Becky takes the mic as fans chant her name. Becky talks regarding however things did not work out for her at the beginning of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view however she went back out and won the women’s Rumble on one leg. Fans chant her name once more. Becky goes on regarding being on the pre-show last year and says she’s going to be the main event this year. Fans chant “you deserve it!” and she thanks them. Becky says she’s going to break Rousey’s arm before of the whole world, and she is going to be carried out knowing that if she does not walk into WrestleMania believing it. The music interrupts and out comes Charlotte Flair.

Flair congratulates Becky on making it off the Kickoff. flair mocks Becky a touch and fans chant for Becky in response. flair says she’s pleased with Becky too. flair says Becky wasn’t even within the Rumble however somehow she got herself in and won. flair says perhaps Becky learned one thing from her. flair says Becky grew into the person by learning from The Queen. flair says it absolutely was she WHO brought Becky to the main event. flair says she’s therefore happy she might do all of this for Becky – the main event, the fans. Becky drops flair with a punch. Becky exits the ring as her music hits. flair runs out of the ring and drops Becky from behind on the ramp. flair unloads however Becky fights back.

Flair sends Becky knee-first into the barrier. officials are intent on breaking them up however they keep fighting. Fans chant “let them fight!” currently. Becky breaks free and takes flair down once more at ringside. Fans chant “Becky’s awesome!” as officials break them up once more. Becky’s music hits as they need words.


Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. R-Truth – WWE United States Championship

Back from the break and out comes R-Truth with Carmella. we see however Nia Jax stole the #30 men’s Royal Rumble spot from Truth on Sunday. Truth says he got jacked up due to Jax. Carmella says they worked hard to win Mixed Match Challenge and Truth merited to be within the Rumble. Truth says he would’ve won if she did not attack him, we all are aware of it and then do the McMahons, that is that they’ve given him this title shot. Out next comes new WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

The bell rings and Nakamura instantly levels Truth. Nakamura with a reverse exploder suplex currently. Nakamura charges for a Kinshasa however Truth goes for a lie detector, barely connecting. Nakamura rolls to the ground for a breather as we return to business.

Back from the break and Nakamura has Truth within the corner. Nakamura places him over the highest turnbuckle and delivers a high knee, and another. Nakamura with another knee for a 2 count. Truth counters a move and rolls Nakamura up for the pin to win the title. it’s like they’ll have botched the pin there.

Smackdown Live Results: R-Truth and the New United States Champion

After the match, Nakamura argues with the referee as there’s some confusion. Truth is declared as the winner and therefore the new champion. Carmella enters to celebrate with Truth and Nakamura cannot believe it. Rusev and Lana interrupt the celebration. Fan chant “Rusev Day!” currently. Rusev says none of this is often right. He took the title from Nakamura previously as a result of the title deserved better, and if it deserved higher than Nakamura then it positively deserves higher than Truth. Rusev proposes they need a match right away if Truth is not too tired. Carmella and Lana argue. Carmella shoves Lana to the mat. Rusev and Truth face off within the middle of the ring. They shove one another. Truth grants Rusev the title shot. we head to commercial.

R-Truth Vs. Rusev – WWE United States Champion

Back from the break and Rusev has R-Truth grounded within the ring. we see however Rusev nearly got the pin during the commercial break.

Rusev keeps control and takes it to the corner. Truth counters and rolls Rusev up for the pin to retain.

Smackdown Live Results: R-Truth

once the match ends, Shinsuke Nakamura drops Truth at the ringside seat and rolls him back in. Rusev stares at Truth and starts stomping on him. Nakamura and Rusev double team Truth within the middle of the ring currently. Rusev with an enormous Machka Kick whereas Nakamura holds Truth. Fans boo. Nakamura with a Kinshasa to Truth.

Back from the break and R-Truth is within the trainer’s area getting frozen. He says he is smart. we return to the ring and out comes Zelina Vega. Vega says she is aware of Rey was accountable for having her prohibited from ringside seat last week for the match against Andrade. Vega goes on talking trash to Rey till Andrade attacks Rey from behind. Andrade beats Rey down and hits the 3 Amigos suplexes like WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. Rey turns it around and goes for 619 however it’s blocked. Andrade stomps away as Vega barks orders from a ringside seat. Andrade with the lock DDT within the middle of the ring. Andrade and Vega create their exit.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson confront Rusev backstage, asking what the hell happened out there. they’re not happy with however Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura beat R-Truth down. Rusev tells Anderson to travel back to catering and take his girlfriend gallows with him. Anderson says Nakamura and Rusev would not do therefore well against a few of good brothers. Nakamura seems and accepts the challenge. gallows and Anderson walk off. Rusev gets in Nakamura’s face and says he can team with him just once, however Nakamura higher not screw him over. Rusev walks off.

We head to the ring and out comes new SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Miz and Shane McMahon.

Shane offers a shout-out to Phoenix for a pop. Fans chant his name. Fans chant for Miz currently. Miz points to however there is no champagne or balloons. He says they are in Phoenix and Phoenix is prepared to party with the champs. Shane says they do not want champagne, paper or streamers as a result of he has one thing way larger planned for Miz. Shane thanks Miz for Sunday and says he is been thinking of however he will pay Miz back. Shane guarantees Miz can always remember this moment for the remainder of his life. Shane shows US a video package he had a place along, showing their journey along to the win on Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

Shane has one thing else Miz can keep in mind for the remainder of his life. Shane introduces Miz’s dad and out he comes, George Mizanin. Shane and Miz raise his arms within the air as he enters the ring. Fans chant “Mr. Miz!” now. Miz says he thought his dad was flying out this morning. Shane says he known as him and asked him to be an area of this. Shane says George has one thing special to mention. George tells Miz he loves him and is extremely happy with him. They hug within the middle of the ring. Miz thanks, Shane. Shane says he is obtaining a bit emotional however they even have to target some business. Shane wonders WHO they’re going to defend their titles against. He says there’ll be a four-way elimination match to crown the new #1 contenders.

Back from the break and Kayla Braxton approaches Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose backstage as a result of they need one thing to share. They declare their spots for the Elimination Chamber match to crown the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Rose talks regarding however it is not straightforward being her. Rose gave Kayla footage of Naomi, Sasha Banks and Tamina Snuka on the WWE Tough Enough season that Rose was on. Naomi called Rose weak. Kayla asks if that is why Rose tried to finish Naomi’s wedding. Deville says it’s quite that and Rose hasn’t been similar since then, we did not see what Naomi same when the cameras ended. Deville says she is going to always remember it and it created Rose cry. Rose says she cried till she developed a complex and her fellow drop her. Naomi ruined her relationship therefore she tried to ruin hers. Rose says this may never finish however right away she is concentrated on the Elimination Chamber. Rose says once they win the titles, Naomi will be the final thing on her mind.

The Bar Vs. The New Day Vs. The Usos Vs. Heavy Machinery

Kofi Kingston and Big E are on the apron whereas Xavier Woods watches from ringside seat. Kofi comes in and goes at it with Otis. Otis drops down on Kofi and keeps him down. big E tags in and meets Otis within the middle of the ring They hit the ropes and hit clotheslines. big E goes for the abdominal stretch however Otis fights him off. They collide once more. big E charges and Otis catches him for a scoop slam. Tucker tags in and that they double team big E. They clear the ring and that we visit commercial.

Jey comes in and faces off with Tucker. Jey sends Otis off the apron then dumps Tucker to the ground. The Usos run the ropes however Cesaro tags himself in. Jimmy leaps out and takes heavy Machinery down. The Bar double groups Jey at ringside seat} and tosses him over the barrier into the timekeeper’s area. we visit commercial.

Tucker tags back sure the double team however Sheamus grabs his leg from the ground. They still manage to double team Cesaro however Sheamus breaks the pin up. Sheamus sends Otis to the ground. Tucker sends Sheamus to the ground. Cesaro with a boot to Tucker. Jimmy tags in and flies off the highest for a crossbody to Tucker for a two count. Otis catches Uso’s superkick however gets dropped off the apron with AN enziguri. Sheamus forces Jimmy out with a tag. Sheamus with a brogan Kick to Tucker for the pin. heavy Machinery has been eliminated.

Jimmy lands up nailing an enormous dive to Cesaro on the ground. Jey flies off the top and pins for a win.

Smackdown Live Results: The Usos

Daniel Bryan Addressed WWE Universe

Daniel Bryan showing off the new WWE Title?

Daniel Bryan New Eco-friendly Title

Daniel Bryan made his thanks to the ring next and talked regarding however one man came bent to support the ’cause’ at Royal Rumble before introducing rowan. Bryan aforesaid the massive Red was his intellectual peer and was able to see through AJ Style’s facade. Bryan then admitted that he was a trickster for carrying the WWE title and same however the belt stood for excess.

Daniel named the cow that was killed to make the belt daisy and dropped the belt in an exceeding trash can that was dropped at the ring. He same they needed a brand new image to change the world and took out a brand new belt, product of oak, hemp, and small colored pebbles.

AJ Styles came out and same he should be crazy and should have preserved the prototype of the belt to passes thrown the WWE title within the trash. Orton interfered at that moment and therefore the 3 argued before Mustafa Ali came out followed by Samoa Joe WHO trashed on all of them before a brawl broke out and Bryan stood on the announce table and same that he will be champion forever.

Triple H came informed the Titantron and proclaimed that at Elimination Chamber, Daniel can defend his strap against all 5 Superstars. The brawl continued and Daniel escapes backstage because the cameras cut out.


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