WWE Smackdown Live Results Jan 8th 2019 Highlights Video from Smackdown Live

Smackdown Live Results

Smackdown Live Results

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from Jan 8st, 2018. You will get Smackdown live Results, Video, and Highlights here from 08 Jan 2019. This Episode of Smackdown Live The Miz and Shane McMahon Challenged The Bar At Royal Rumble 2019 as this Episode of Smackdown comes from Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL.

Daniel Bryan was within the venue as SmackDown began and went on a rant concerning fast food. Bryan took a hot dog from a fan’s mouth then threw it at another fan’s face. Bryan called the fans weak, submissive, impotent and demanded that they modify themselves. He told that AJ styles filled the void for thirty seconds which he can trash that void.

Bryan was attacked by R-Truth WHO came out of obscurity. Bryan was thrown into the barricade, even before their regular match started.

Daniel Bryan Vs. R-Truth

It was frantic and fast up to now. Truth went for the pinfall when a kick to the face of the champion howeverBryan kicked out. Bryan landed a number of kicks to the back and sternum of Truth.

Back from the break, R-Truth and Bryan were facing off. R-Truth tried to counter however was stricken down and Bryan landed additional kicks; Truth finally countered and landed a jawbreaker, however Bryan yet again kicked out. Daniel Bryan landed a running knee and got the pinfall.

Smackdown Results:  Daniel Bryan def. R-Truth

As Bryan created his way to the rear, he was attacked by AJ Styles; he was control back by security before Bryan ran away to the room.

Rey Mysterio & Mustafa Ali Vs. Samoa Joe & Andrade Cien Almas

Back from the break, we tend to saw Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali kicking things off. Samoa Joe tried to dominate however Ali got the counter with a number of punches. Joe shoulder barged Ali to the ground and landed punches.

Ali countered with a dropkick and tags Mysterio as they double dropkicked. Almas was then labeled in and therefore the 2 traded fantastic, active moves. Almas landed a huge kick and went for the pinfall, howeverMysterio simply kicked out. Joe tags in and tossed Mysterio and landed punches before he tags in Almas all over again.

Almas was thrown to the ground, face 1st by Mysterio as each man were down. Ali tags in by Rey Mysterio, he landed a hand scissors takeover, before landing a kick to the face and drove Almas’ face to the ground. Almas countered and Joe tags in. Ali landed a dropkick on each Joe and Almas; he was caught by Joe on the outside and thrown onto the announce table.

Back from the break, Ali was hanging from the ropes and acrobatically threw Almas; each man were down and looking out for a tag. Mysterio tags in and also the action picked up. He landed a seated senton on Joe and went to work on Almas. Ali landed a 450 on Joe. Ali all over again took out Joe and Mysterio went for the 619 however Almas countered and landed a lock DDT and got the 3 counts.

Smackdown Results: Samoa Joe & Andrade Cien Almas def. Daniel Bryan and Mustafa Ali

Backstage, Carmella puffed up her triple threat to the match against Becky Lynch and Charlotte flair, with the winner facing Asuka at Royal Rumble.

The Miz wasn’t happy concerning The Usos obtaining an attempt at The Bar and not him and Shane McMahon. however Shane same there aren’t any shortcuts which they’re going to got to train and scout challengers before they’ll insert themselves into the tag team picture.

Rusev Calls Shinsuke Nakamura

The United States Champion Rusev was within the ring and did not look terribly happy when Nakamura hurt his woman Lana last week. He called out Nakamura to the ring and told him that he can break every single bone in his body and crush him. US Champ. Nakamura was within the TV truck and showed a video package that showed that it had been Rusev’s fault that Lana got wounded and not Nakamura’s.

Rusev same if Nakamura did not come back to the ring, he can head to Nakamura to seek out him however Nakamura attacked the U.S.A. Champ backstage and landed a Kinshasa.

The Usos Vs. The Bar

If The Usos Win this match, they will get a Smackdown live tag Team title opportunity at Royal Rumble 2019.

The match began with Sheamus and Jey Uso, as Jey worked on Sheamus’ hand. Jey landed a dropkick and went for the pinfall however Sheamus kicked out and tags Cesaro. Jimmy tags in too. Cesaro went out of the ring before Jey tags in, landing a forearm punch to Cesaro’s face. Sheamus tags in and therefore the 2 punches.

Jey landed a large blow to Sheamus with a rope and went for the pinfall however Sheamus kicked out. Back from the break, Jey tried to urge the tag, however Sheamus was so much too powerful; Cesaro tags in and landed a large elbow drop from the top rope, however Jey kicked out.

Sheamus tags in and went to work on Jey’s shoulder. Jey landed a large boot to Sheamus’ face, and got the tag, whereas Cesaro additionally tags in. Jimmy landed a Samoan Drop on Cesaro and so went for the pinfall, however Cesaro kicked out. The Usos went airborne and Cesaro was even thrown into the crowd. Jimmy visited the highest rope and landed a crossbody on Cesaro however Cesaro kicks out.

Sheamus tags in. Jey tags in and landed a superkick on Sheamus however he simply kicked out. Back from the break, Jey was placed in a very sharpshooter by Cesaro however Jey has to be compelled to the rope to interrupt the submission. Sheamus landed a knee however Jey kicked out all over again.

Jey tried to fight back with a number of headbutts on Sheamus. Jey climbed to the highest ropes howeverSheamus landed a knee and place Jey on his shoulder however Jey got out before superkicked Cesaro and Sheamus. Jey was interrupted by Mandy Rose, wearing a towel. She aforesaid she needed Jimmy’s facilitate, which he had left one thing in “their” bedroom. The distraction helped Cesaro land a Neutralizer on Jey and find the pinfall.

Smackdown live Result: The Bar def. The Usos

The Miz created his way to the ring and congratulated The Bar. The Miz needed The Bar to place their SmackDown tag team titles on the road against him and Shane McMahon at Royal Rumble.

Sheamus landed a brogan Kick on The Miz, and that they then accepted the challenge place forth by The Miz. It’s about to be The Bar facing off against Shane McMahon and therefore the Miz at Royal Rumble for the SmackDown tag team titles.

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch Vs. Carmella

This match was for the WWE Smackdown live Women’s Championship as the winner of this match will face Asuka in Royal Rumble 2019.

Carmella went for AN early pin on Charlotte as Becky Lynch was sent outside however the Queen kicked out. Becky recovered and exhausted each contestant on the outside as we tend to head for commercials. we came back to see Becky hit a kick on Carmella within the ring and so toss flair on high of Carmella.

Becky and Charlotte square off within the ring before Carmella took them each out. Charlotte hit huge boots to each superstar and came upon each for a double moonsault and landed it. Becky tried to interfere however was kicked within the face, hard. Carmella dropped Charlotte from the highest rope after another break and landed an enormous dive on Lynch.

Charlotte hit a moonsault on the surface however nobody was home. A Bexploder from Lynch saw Carmella tired. Becky tried for the disarm her however Charlotte came in with the action and all 3 were down. Charlotte went for the Figure eight and Becky hit a leg drop followed by the disarm her on flair however Carmella kicked Beckysquare within the face. many seconds later, Becky locked within the disarm her on Carmella and got the win.

Smackdown Result: Becky Lynch def. Charlotte & Carmella

Asuka created her entrance and had a staredown with Becky Lynch. What AN finish to SmackDown Live!


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