WWE SmackDown Live  Results: Latest SmackDown winners and highlights

WWE SmackDown Live  Results

WWE SmackDown Live  Results: Latest SmackDown winners and highlights

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from Mar 05th, 2019. You will get Smackdown live Results, Smackdown live Video, and Highlights here. This Episode of Smackdown Live comes from the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

SmackDown Live began with the ‘new’ Daniel Bryan, WHO had a brand new Titantron video, complete with the utilization logo. Bryan aforesaid that he remained silent last week once individuals were gushing over Kofi Kingston. He was even silent once Kevin Owens was proclaimed as a replacement. the crowd chanted for “Kofi” and Bryan says that it is the crowd’s intercommunicate keep one’s mouth shut. rowan told everybody to shut up and open their ears as a result of Bryan was near to enlighten all of them. Bryan trashed on Kofi WHO was in India for a promotional tour and Owens for a small amount before KO walked out.

KO aforesaid that it absolutely was exhausting to look at everybody do what he likes to do, aside from Bryan – because he was awful. KO then vowed to be the one to shut Bryan’s loud mouth. the 2 listed additional rude words as rowan confronted him and KO sent him outside. Bryan and KO began the brawl however rowan came to the ring and slammed him down. Bryan stands tall when the ordeal.

Jey Uso Vs. The Miz

The Miz was on top of things and hit a splash on Jey. Jey nearly countered with a roll-up however Miz on the loose and landed a DDT. Miz Ate a Samoan drop and went to the highest quickly. The Miz was fast to place his feet up however Jey had it scouted.

Jimmy tried to assist Jey pin The Miz however Shane interjected and affected him down with a cord outside. Jey Uso then looked away momentarily, just for The Miz to catch him within the skull-crushing finale before obtaining the 3 pin.

Smackdown Live Result: The Miz def. Jey Uso

Charlotte flair was backstage talking regarding Becky lynch and their match at Fastlane. She invited Becky to SmackDown to speak to her regarding her ‘physical and mental capabilities’.

R-Truth came out ANd aforesaid he wished to be like his childhood hero John Cena however he did not apprehend Cena issued an open challenge each single week, and he was uninterested in it after only one week. Samoa Joe, Andrade and Rey Mysterio were out and that we were having a Fatal 4-Way title match!

Rey Mysterio  Vs. Andrade Vs. R-Truth Vs. Samoa Joe – United States Championship

Andrade and Mysterio were going at it and R Truth interfered and was caught in an exceedingly roll up by Andrade as Mysterio delivered an enormous crossbody to Joe from up high, taking him out. Mysterio sent Andrade into the corner and hit a giant move. Andrade hit the splash however Joe stone-broke up the pin on Rey. Truth was on top of things and drop Mysterio on Joe WHO was already down. Truth hit a double 5-Knuckle Shuffle on the 2 however Andrade broke the subsequent pin. Joe latched within the Coquina clutch on Truth however Rey hit a 619 on Joe.

The match spilled outside as Selina Vega and Carmella got involved. Joe hit a senton then a giant go Andrade within the ring, obtaining the 3 count.

Smackdown Live Result: Samoa Joe – New United States Champion

The Bar Vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet

The Bar trashed on the rookies a touch before the match began with Ricochet and Sheamus within the ring. Ricochet hit AN early shooting star however Sheamus knee’d him within the head causing him outside. Black tags in and hit a moonsault off the ropes however Cesaro bust up the pin.

Cesaro took the tag and Ricochet tags in further as Black exhausted Sheamus on the surface with a suicide dive. Ricochet hit the 630 and got the 3 count.

Smackdown Live Result:  Ricochet and Aleister Black

After the match, Nakamura and Rusev attacked the winning team from behind and also the Hardy Boyz came out for the save. The Hardys, Ricochet & Black fought off the attackers in an exceedingly spectacular fashion before celebrating within the ring along.

Mandy Rose vs. Naomi

Naomi was distracted by Sonya DeVille and Mandy finished off Naomi inside seconds.

Smackdown Live Result: Mandy Rose

Asuka attacked Mandy and DeVille on the ramp when the match and kicked DeVille’s head in and threw her against the screen on the ramp. She did a similar to Mandy Rose, creating a statement.

Aj Styles answers Randy Orton

AJ styles was being interviewed and aforesaid that what happened with Kofi Kingston was a blunder. Randy Orton once more interjects and asks him whether or not he is seriously talking regarding somebody else obtaining a title shot.

He takes an attempt saying “No surprise it took you fifteen years to induce here”.

Kevin Owens Vs Rowan

Rowan drop kicked blow, causing him out of the ring. Bryan was talking all styles of trash regarding blow, and he wasted no time to attack the champion. rowan stopped it and sent him into the steel steps before flattening the champion. Bryan started offensive him too and it had been an immediate DQ.

Smackdown Live Result: Kevin Owens

Charlotte Flair Talks About Becky Lynch

Charlotte Flair was out next and had some words to share with Becky lynch. She showed US a recap of last night’s brawl between Becky and Rousey. After that, she created the crowd chant Becky to create her show up. lynch showed up and aforesaid she was in Charlotte and Rousey’s heads. She admitted that she could also be broken however added that broken people don’t have anything to lose

Charlotte went once Becky and stretched the injured knee of Becky, asking her to fight. Becky somehow managed to crawl concerning and hit the Disarmher on Charlotte and screamed that she was getting to rip her arm off before the officers came resolute separate the 2. Becky screamed from the ring, “I’ll see you at Fastlane”, as Charlotte walked off to the lockers. Becky stood up and also the 2 women gave one another stern stares from across stage as the show cut out.


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