WWE Smackdown Results: New Champion Crowned, Aj Attacks McMahon

WWE Smackdown Results

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Live Results from December 25th, 2018. Today  Christmas Night of  Smackdown live comes from Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA.

The Christmas special began with R-Truth dressed as Santa Claus ANd Carmella dressed as an elf. R-Truth and Carmella tried to spread Christmas cheer however were interrupted by WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

Bryan objected to “Truthy Claus”, i.e. R-Truth, and aforesaid he is not the real Santa Claus. Bryan aforesaid that the fabric wishes of people have caused damage to the world, similarly because the glaciers melting and ocean levels rising.

Daniel Bryan tells that in twenty years there’ll be no North Pole or Santa Claus. R-Truth aforesaid that Bryan “better watch out”, speaking about how he is Number 30 at Royal Rumble; and after winning the Rumble, he might face Bryan at WrestleMania, if he is still a champion.

Bryan asked Truth however he may win the Rumble if he couldn’t even count to 30. Truth began to count to thirty, and Truth and Carmella stop for a dance break, that incenses Bryan, WHO assaults R-Truth. Bryan then places R-Truth in the LeBell Lock before attacking him even more.

Andrade Cien Almas Vs. Mustafa Ali

Almas went to work straight away with a large dropkick. He then landed another kick to the side of Ali’s face. Ali fought back, however, was pushed from the top rope to the surface by Almas, as we headed to an ad break.

Back from the break, Ali had the advantage and went for the pinfall, however Almas simply kicked out at 2. Ali then landed a kick to Almas’ face, whereas Almas himself landed a huge right, and went for the pinfall, however Ali kicked out.

Almas stomped with each foot on Ali’s body and Almas once more went for the pinfall, however Ali kicked out another time. Almas went for the double knees, however Ali touched away; Ali landed a DDT and also the 054, obtaining the pin.

Smackdown Results: Mustafa Ali Def. Andrade Cien Almas

SanitY & The Bar Vs. The Usos & Anderson and Gallows

The New Day made their thanks to the ring spreading some Christmas cheer ringside seat to look at the 8-man tag team match at commentary. Anderson and Sheamus began the match. Sheamus landed an enormous kick and tagged in Cesaro, whereas Jey Uso was tagged in.

Jimmy tagged in and therefore the Usos double teamed. Cesaro tagged in Wolfe and Dain was currently tagged in. Jimmy landed some chops whereas Dain ran through Jimmy Uso. Back from the break, Killian Dain landed a variation on  Jimmy Uso. Wolfe was tagged in and landed a standing moonsault.

Cesaro was tagged in because the tag team champion landed blows to Jimmy Uso’s chest. Anderson landed a neck breaker; Cesaro was thrown out of the ring. Sheamus tagged in and therefore the tag team champions double teamed. The Usos landed superkicks all around; Cesaro landed a Brogue Kick. Anderson and Gallows got the Magic Killer and also the 3 counts.

Smackdown Results: Gallows, Anderson and The Usos def. Sheamus, Cesaro and Sanity

Backstage, Mustafa Ali was congratulated by all of the 205 Live Superstars and was welcomed to the SmackDown roster list by Shelton Benjamin, before being attacked from behind by Daniel Bryan after he pinned WWE Smackdown live WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in last Smackdown live episode.

Shane McMahon as Special Guest for Miz Tv

Next, we move to had a special edition of the Miz TV, hosted by Miz, with Shane McMahon as the guest. The WWE World Cup trophy, the tournament that was won by Shane McMahon, was within the ring. Shane said that the McMahon family are paying attention to all the fans. Miz said that currently that Shane had time on his hands, he should be liberal to become his tag team partner.

The Miz disclosed that his dad is that the reason why he needed Shane McMahon as his partner. The Miz then aforementioned despite all his achievements, his dad wasn’t happy with him and his accomplishments.

He then aforementioned that his dad may be a fan of Shane which he asked him to tag team with Shane. The Miz then asked the crowd if they need to see Shane McMahon and also the Miz tag team, and got a convincing ‘yes’.

Shane told The Miz, “you higher not screw me” and that we had a new tag team – Shane McMahon and therefore the Miz. The Miz looks to currently be a face on SmackDown.

Jeff Hardy Vs. Samoa Joe

Jeff Hardy started off sturdy and hit a large dropkick on Joe within the corner. Samoa Joe took control with a number of stiff hooks and locked in an abdominal stretch. Joe went for a roll-up however Hardy kicked out and hit the atomic drop followed by a dropkick for a close to fall.

Hardy hit the whisper within the wind however Joe kicked out once more. Hardy then hit the twist of fate however Joe extended of the ring before the finisher. Hardy instead leaped at Joe on the skin and used the barricades to interrupt down Joe. Hardy threw Joe over the announce tables however Joe latched within the coquina clutch because the match was referred to as in Joe’s favor via DQ.

Smackdown Results:  Samoa Joe


United States Title match – Rusev Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Rusev started off strong and took the champ to the corner for some massive lariats. Nakamura realized he was in hassle and tried to lock within the Triangle lock as we heads into commercials. Rusev hit a giant suplex as we came back and also the crowd chanted ‘Rusev Day’.

Shinsuke hit knees to the middle of Rusev and locked in an armbar and so a triangle however Rusev got out. Rusev went for a superplex from the apron however Nakamura kicked him within the head creating Rusev fall off the apron. Rusev was being choked out by Nakamura however the Bulgarian got a second wind and hit the spin kick for a close to fall.

Rusev hit another huge kick and Shinsuke sent him into the steel steps outside. Nakamura then set Rusev abreast of the apron and hit a knee drop to the rear of the top. Rusev got the Machka kick once dodging the Kinshasa however it absolutely was 2 count. Nakamura locked within the triangle however Rusev upraised him and dropped the champ.

Rusev finally connected with the Machka kick and got the 3 counts turning into the new WWE United States Champion.

Smackdown Results: Rusev def. Shinsuke Nakamura

Backstage, Mr. McMahon stabbed AJ Styles to get bring out the monster, Vince McMahon then punched AJ styles in the face and AJ becomes wild, hitting the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and takes him down before crew member drags him away.


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