WWE Smackdown live Results: Highlights and Winners from November 27

Becky Lynch


The Man “Becky Lynch” Opens up the WWE Smackdown live as she Returns after Survival Series Sneak attack led by the Man On “WWE Monday Night Raw“. She joined WWE Smackdown live General Manager Paige in a squaded Circle and does a little Chit chat with him.

Later then he discussed to fight with “Round Rousey” and then she calls “THE QUEEN- Charlotte Flair” out.

The Man – Lynch started to insult the Queen- Flair about coping the style of her. The Seven Time Champ Flair replied to his question. After that WWE Smackdown General Manager Paige Announces a WWE  pay per view “Tables-Ladders-Chairs” match between The Man- Becky Lynch and The Queen – Charlotte Flair.

Mandy Rose, iiconics and Zelina Vega interrupted them saying that they might have beaten “Badest Women on Planet – Rounda Rousey ” and they were also interrupted by Asuka, Carmella, Naomi, and Lana. WWE live General Manager Paige announces a WWE Women’s Battle Royal Match between them and ended the segment by saying they will be added in Lynch-Flair  WWE  pay per view “Tables-Ladders-Chairs” match.

THE Bar Open Challenge

The Usos answered The Bar “WWE Smackdown live” Open Challenge which ends up with a hotly Contested match between The Bar and Usos.

Jey and Jimmy started the Match with good hands but Cesaro distracted the referee long enough for Sheamus to hang up on a top rope.

The bar beats Jimmy until a tag made to Jey. Sheamus tried to attack with knew and ground them but he recovered and hits him with a superkick.

The whole match was worth to watch as “The Usos” won the Non-title match.

AJ Style promises to Daniel Brian for Tables-Ladders-Chairs Match

AJ Styles returns after the loss just before the WWE pay-per-view “Survival Series” where he lost to the newly turned WWE Smackdown live heel “Daniel brian”. He promises to his fan that he will win the “WWE Championship” back from Daniel Brian after giving a Painful Reminder for his life.

He talked about Daniel Brian turning heel to win the WWE Championship. He also criticizes Brian for turning heel as he respects him. he told Brian to come at TLC Pay Per View which is Happening on 16th December where he will regain his title.

RUSEV vs Shinsuke Nakamura Match

The Match has been set up by Smackdown live general Manager Paige, as United State Champion Shinsuke Nakamura attack Rusev before the scheduled match.

This match ends with No Result as Shinsuke Nakamura leveled Bulgarian brute with his Finishers. WWE trying to create Hype before the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match between them.

WWE Universes and Jeff Hardy Celebrates his 20 Years in WWE

WWE Smackdown live Michale Cole introduces Jeff Hardy asking about how he feels as he Completes his 20 Years in WWE. After that, a video is aired paying the Tribute to WWE Champion them as he gets emotional and watching with his Painted face.

A short time later, he cut a promotion expressing gratitude toward the fans and family. Subsequent to vowing this isn’t a retirement discourse, he begged the group of onlookers to go on whatever remains of his voyage together.

Samoa Joe intruded on the procedures and instantly pursued the low-hanging natural product, making a break about Hardy’s history by saying having a container of champagne around him is likely an awful thought. He said Hardy was most likely excessively garbled, making it impossible to recollect quite a bit of his vocation and conceded the platform Hardy is put on by such a large number of is sickening to him.

Joe kept on tearing Hardy down yet the night’s honoree said he was in regards to making minutes and offered to do only that with Joe today around evening time.

The Miz Vs Kofi Kinston 

Two of the longest-tenured “WWE Smackdown live Superstars” in squared off in a singles coordinate made after a backstage experience prior in the show as Kofi Kingston struggled The Miz one-on-one.

Late in the match, Kofi Kingston scored a close fall that left him, Xavier Woods and Big E jaw-dropped at ringside. Miz caught up with a spike DDT for two that almost scored him the win.

Baffled, The Hollywood A-Lister uncovered the turnbuckle and endeavored to utilize it. Huge E cut that endeavor off and Kingston moved Miz up for two.

Miz wiped Woods out at ringside and endeavored to control the circumstance to his support. Huge E seized a seat, keeping him from utilizing it. Paralyzed, Miz strolled directly into Trouble In Paradise and Kingston scored an uncommon singles triumph.

Randy order Address the WWE Universe for Mask removal of Rey Mysterio


Randy Orton addresses Tuesday night Smackdown live with his assault on Rey Mysterio and the burglary of his veil.

Orton called the experience euphoric, conceding he couldn’t care less about the history or notoriety of the cover. He promised to make Mysterio the most recent of his long queue of exploited people.

The Master of the 619 hindered and Mysterio surges the ring donning a neck support.

He persevered through an ambush because of The Viper yet battled back and landed two 619s.

Orton battled back, conveyed two hanging DDTs and wrapped up by folding a seat over his adversary’s head and sending him into the steel steps.

The fans booed as authorities kept an eye on Mysterio.

WWE Smackdown live Women’s Battle Royal – Winner 

The result of the night’s opening section, the WWE Smackdown live Battle Royale to figure out which lady would join Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair at “WWE pay-per-view Tables-Ladders-chairs” Match on December 16 featured Tuesday’s show.

Vega was dispensed with first and turned her disappointment on Lana, assaulting her at ringside. The IIconics asked the Ravishing Russian to leave for the good straightaway.

Asuka sent Kay and Royce to the floor while Rose and Deville collaborated.

Carmella leveled Asuka with a major kick at one point however The Empress of Tomorrow wiped out the previous SmackDown ladies’ hero.

The last four contenders were Asuka, Deville, Rose, and Naomi.

Naomi disposed of Rose and Deville gave back where its due, conveying the match down to Deville and Asuka.

The Superstars conveyed their battle to the ring cover, each prodding disposal until The Empress of Tomorrow destroyed Deville with a knee to the face, thumping her to the floor and anchoring the triumph.



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